Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

A New Day in Autumn

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The parking lot was dimly lit. How long had he been traveling the potholed roads? Craig felt the slow passage of time, it ate at him; the constant grind was wearing him down. Having spoken to thousands over the past year, bringing truth - a reality to replace their stifling illusion, unwinding years of carefully crafted meaningless words steeped in lies, this was his passion, what kept him going.

Had it really been five years?

Tangling head-on with the powerful forces that breathed corruption had cost him his job early on - the power of the written word was his to command, this terrified the castle dwellers especially when people started to listen. Words were his weapon, his friend, and an acknowledged threat to the status quo.

With the revolution sweeping past the crafty onslaught of spin, disregarding the careless meaningless words from their enemy he was able to finally get out amongst the many, his folk - the forgotten citizenry - a raging mad hellcat tearing the imposters to bits.

Why wouldn't they be angry, both political parties had milked them dry, turning a once vibrant nation into a decaying hulk no longer capable of existing - a transformation was in order?

Armed insurrection was raging across the dirty broken down landscape. Pent up forces were finding the culprits, their oppressors, those anointed elites who'd stolen their future and were burying them deep - a purging, the cleansing had begun.

A blood red sky had ushered in a revolution to disentangle the prisoners from their barbed wire.

Special candidates from both parties had been chosen by the few months ago but had stopped infecting the airwaves with their poison. At some point they realized that no one was listening. The many had moved on, were pondering an honest future.

Millions, billions, and a few trillions of treasure had been blown on the care and upkeep of the special few - all of it gone, flushed down insatiable guts, floating on oceans, flying in the sky, rising in elegance on seashores, collecting dust in cavernous garages, most of it seldom used - an expression of gluttonous waste.

A new day dawned, a crisp cool morning in autumn. The story of a great nation was finally beginning.