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AIG Raids U.S. Treasury Lobbyists Work Pays Off

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Duplicity, hypocrisy, injustice, these are just some words swimming to the forefront of a government knee deep in a cesspool of corruption that is flowing through our totalitarian economic society. The 'free' market hypocrites have been sending their legions of lobbyists to swarm down upon their body snatched governmental stooges to have them open up the U.S. Treasury for yet another raid by their thieving parasite elite masters who've been hard at work propagating their slanted lassie faire capitalist rubbish. Don't forget the business elite bathe in the holly water of unfettered markets and are therefore insulated from all risk.

It's amazing how quickly their government lackeys snapped too in order to bail out Bear Stearns a few months ago. What did the taxpayers get for their hard earned taxes; absolutely nothing. Then we heard the gnashing of teeth and witnessed the wringing of hands over the possibility of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac failing - once again the government came to the rescue of the wealthy few, with our tax money. We now wait in fear while the incompetent CEO's of Fannie and Freddie slither towards millions of citizen invested dollars in order to continue their lives in opulent luxury maybe on some private islands in the Caribbean or in possibly 1 of 7 homes that resemble castles - they have no concerns for they've alighted early on upon their thrones.

Forget it. Don't consider for a minute that our tax money will be used to actually buy something - this will never transpire for our corpulent worthless government just hands our money out like candy. Strike from your mind completely the word nationalize for it should only be spoken in the company of those who still believe their government should represent the interests of the majority of its citizens not the select few who regularly carry bags of loot to the Capital in order to keep the sewer of favors flowing back towards their worthless companies.

Tonight the U.S. Treasury is once again being raided by business elite scoundrels who believe they are above risk - for that matter their even elevated above their own gospel of 'free' market crap - it can't apply to these chosen anointed few who regularly ship our jobs overseas and lower our wages - don't you know they've raised themselves above everything even decency.

With the vaults of the U.S. Treasury thrown wide open their stocking masked hoodlums are now grabbing $85 billion dollars of our money to give to an insurance company called AIG who just today had their former CEO, Maurice R. "Hank" Greenberg (who by the way is under investigation for accounting inaccuracies) lamenting about the downfall of the company he founded. He was practically choking up over the demise of his global insurance empire that has been seeping toxic debt onto Wall Street over the past few days - but wait here comes his government servants with a platter of capital that will be a short term bridge loan that only provides us insignificant taxpayers with only an option to buy the company's stock.

With $85 billion dollars the American people should get a controlling interest in this teetering skunk of an entity. In fact, if our government is dead set upon draining our Treasury for their corrupt business elite controllers we should at least own this scummy insurance company - nationalize it and throw out all the worthless board of directors and senior executives. If the business elite want to extend their bloated greedy hands with tear-filled eyes in front of our government's Treasury they should realize that in the real world there are costs associated with incompetence and frivolous investing of investors' hard earned money in filthy stinking debt.

Just remember your wages can keep declining to support the business elite but heaven forbid they should lose any money even when it's backed by reams of poisonous financial paper debt that in all probability depopulated a small forest. The parties are in full swing tonight because the business elites have proven once again that they can engage in any corrupt, incoherent, incomprehensible behavior and be shielded from any risk like any other spoilt children.

This will not stand…

Justice will be done…

We the people will once again regain control over our government…

Our time is close at hand…