Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

A Government Based Upon Lies

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Screeching overhead four F22 enemy jet fighters traced a white low hanging vapor cloud that pointed towards one of our military bases. Approximately a year ago what was the old plutocratic government passed a fiscal stimulus bill that was the product of this dysfunctional bought and sold government. It pumped an anemic $600 billion (approximately) in actual fiscal stimulus back into an economy that required more than a mere Band-Aid. For an economy that was collapsing from a long-term significant mal-distribution of income between the haves and have-nots this only prolonged the suffering of the unseen poor, newly poor, and soon to be poor.

We'd become a wasted declining empire experiencing a few last choking gasps. Those of us lucky enough to make it to the rock query were ready to dig even if it was only for a plate of boiled noodles and a cup of coffee. Digging in the hillside, making it less recognizable in form with each passing day we made halting progress at removing this obstruction to a substantial amount of scrap metal. Metal in all forms had become very valuable especially the titanium soon to be recovered from these military machines that had collided in mid-air last week.

While working, my thoughts rushed forward and backward from past to present in an attempt to refine my understanding of our current situation. All the grand ideas to transform a structurally unstable economic landscape into a viable sustainable functioning economy were rejected outright. None of it matters in the end, the roads crumbled further under the weight of an ever-expanding vortex of shrinking tax receipts and inactivity. Movement ground to a halt, slow imprecise crawls became our mode of locomotion.

Today's battle must be especially violent given the booms and flashes in the distance. A ragtag contingent of our soldiers in their torn uniforms walked towards the border in bodies that lurched forward, a mass of sunken cheeks sagging deeper with every doubtful step. Stories abounded of freedom on the other side, not the make believe freedom of the old country. But our "holders of propaganda" assured us that they also had empty skyscrapers where financial kings once slumbered just prior to their mass exodus to Switzerland. How carefree their lives must be with access to Swiss accounts that had been padded over many years of excess pampering. The propagandists said that the enemy's currency was also worthless - the result of similar (like ours) endless infusions of government cash into financial institutions that paraded the ghost of their grand past on everyone's back.

Little was left that was traceable to actual events for we were covered in a thick viscous of intellectual waste excreted by a locked down media and intelligentsia. Most of us found it hard to believe that an enemy government whose currency was mere scraps of paper could still pay for shipments of refined jet fuel that allowed them to fly fighters while we had to dig with our muscles. We were thus dependent upon every speck of news that had been subverted to advance the agenda of the regime. There existed not one non-blemished factual account in the plethora of shoddy mistruths. In fact, to this very day the Eastern government still told us few remaining subjects that what was the precipitate and continuing cause of the economic collapse was a lack of credit. Back then this line of dung was similarly unbelievable with layoff after layoff, and declining wages. But to continue to push this idiocy now that we were under the thumb of a state degenerated to using their citizens in forced labor was nothing short of wasteful stupidity.

Those of us who kept our own little notebooks of events from the past understood all too well what threw ordinary people over the edge of economic security; it was their debt accumulated over many years in a desperate attempt at trying to make up for lost wages. These same folks took out 2nd mortgages and when those that were adjustable mortgages reset their interest rates higher (sometime back in the fourth quarter of 2007) they could no longer afford to make the payments. One foreclosure led to many more until a wave of foreclosures hit the derivative and toxic investment markets consisting of this questionably AAA rated junk. Thus an accumulation of declining real wages pushing people to live on the edge financially exposed a ripe festering wound that burst once these mortgages adjusted to the higher interest rates. All of this real, immutable history occurred, but out of convenience in explaining why a click of Ivy League super bankers should get more and more taxpayer money the powerful business and political elite rewrote the history of this economic collapse. They tied the downward income crisis spiral to prospective borrowers being unable to get credit from these giant banks - pure bunk.

A flap, flap, flap, flap, roared up from the horizon speeding towards the hot boundary of conflict. Suddenly, one of these flapping Apache helicopters stopped its incessant flapping and dropped out of the sky exploding in a great fireball near Lake Perception. When our side did get something rolling or flying there was always a good chance that it would crash, and/or just stop dead in its tracks due to lack of fuel or inadequate maintenance. The government's utter disregard for reality left it incapable of fathoming that anything other than their box of unreality existed. In a sense they started believing in their own masterfully crafted propaganda whose basis centered on the infallibility of the police state - in their world they always had plenty of fuel, and excellent maintenance.

It was time to hurry into the underground shelter because the alarm had just sounded.