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The Establishment's 'Taker' Society Is a Failed Experiment

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Look around you do you see a vibrant advancing society or an oligarchic dictatorship that through its milking of ninety-nine percenters has left insufficient income circulating around the global economy? Glass shards from windows long ago slammed shut blink through weed choked walkways, a massive cracked parking lot many football fields in length disintegrates to gravel, once there were workers that confidently strode from new autos into many now crumbling shells of the capitalist experiment. Our society has failed to live up to the promise of Adam Smith's entrepreneurial gospel. The 'invisible hand' triumphantly touted by the evangelicals of capitalist greed has only delivered a penniless population saturated in debt. Economic activity is grinding to a halt. This is because capitalism's basic structural tendency is to move towards a closed industry oligarchy of less than ten dominant firms. Fused to the media, governments, and every other segment of society the capitalist rulers mold all outcomes to their advantage. They economically strip-mine the general population into destitution. Force workers to accept whatever management decrees in a voiceless autocracy.

A fragile societal stability that is always on the verge of collapse because of endemic levels of individual anxiety, depression, and misdirected anger is further emotionally traumatized by wave after wave of corporate buyouts, reorganizations, and other equally shortsighted adventures of executive sociopaths. Acting no different than a 'lord of the manor' on a bygone feudal estate these power maniacs spin deal after deal with little concern for employees and the communities that depend upon them. Forced to submit, workers and communities are dragged along or thrown overboard. In this supposedly modern era why do we tolerate absolute rulers of any form or fashion? Shouldn't the laborers who are the heart-and-soul of every firm be democratically empowered to approve or reject a proposed corporate merger? In most transnational corporations the insular executive bureaucracy is so disconnected from the productive processes that mold and shape the worker generated products and services that they actually believe they can indiscriminately axe workers with little more to go on than recommendations from technocrats. Always a sure fire way to degrade the quality of a product or service by demoralizing workers this type of all widgets are the same attitude has disastrous consequences in an age where highly skilled laborers like software engineers mold extremely complex products.

Deep down, somewhere in our gut we instinctively know it is morally wrong to treat another human being like an expendable beast of burden. For the moment let us take a dispassionate look at the outcome of treating all business decisions as strictly an exercise in maximizing profit and shareholder stock valuations. With a more highly educated workforce we find that cohesive teams, a collegial atmosphere with an appreciative managerial staff that understands the level of difficultly required of each task, is an essential ingredient of all successful modern businesses. This makes it a high-risk proposition in the technologically oriented workforce of our modern age to mindlessly liquidate laborers and the teams that have evolved. There is a good probability that key personnel will also be canned. Replacing linchpin employees with cheap and inexperienced workers sends the wrong message to a firm's workforce. It says that the company does not care about anything but the bottom-line, or worse yet, is unable to differentiate between an inferior product or service and a quality outcome that fuels customer satisfaction and return business. What becomes apparent is that there are no shortcuts. To generate the highest quality, least maintenance intensive products and services requires that a company employ, and empower, creative and experienced professionals, a deep-bench that is not psychologically dispirited and financially stressed. Products and services cheaply thrown together by an inexperienced least cost labor force always yields malfunctioning junk and triggers rapid declines in customer satisfaction that will ultimately lead to the demise of the firm.

There are numerous failed capitalist 'lab-experiments' that "The Establishment" gloriously proclaims are unparalleled successes. For the short-term these 'successes' may be a boon for profit hungry investors and executives. Over the longer term the consequences of endless reductions in cost come back to haunt the firm in sliding customer satisfaction, the result of faulty products and poorly delivered services. All the while the firm is oblivious to the internal rot eating away at the business. Continuing down the well-worn path they just make matters worse by relentlessly driving worker remuneration into the ditch by seeking out ever lower wage labor slaves in 'labor sinks' across the planet. This and other self-destructive actions engaged in by the majority of firms in our structurally dysfunctional experiment in capitalism sends us all spiraling faster into an incomeless abys that eventually leads to a societal calamity.

Failed trials in casino capitalist gluttony have turned income streams already pumped full of corrosive credit into meager trickles not even capable of greasing the easy money that props up the illusion of commerce. A firehose pulses a torrent of income and wealth stolen from the general population up to a few CEO, executive, and big-investors who lock it up top in offshore accounts. Perpetually circulating in financial markets never to be reinjected back into the real economy the demand of this capitalist society is choked off in the latest 'lab test' of the filthy-rich. They try to extract everything from the global economy leaving not even a trickle of rejuvenating income. This torrent of income is shot up to a fraction of a percent of elites who bulk up on overvalued 'investments'. Playing this or that gamblers hunch the lords of oblivion shift valuations across the electronic ether.

Hilary Clinton recently had the gall to urge the general citizenry to not "experiment" with unproven non-establishment approved "theories". She was obviously referring to Bernie Sander's fresh break from the status-quo and his new proposals to revolutionize society so that it benefits all and not just a few well-placed capitalist 'takers'. But what is abundantly clear is the Adam Smith "invisible-hand" voodoo economic spiritualism that she worships, the societal dysfunction, rich-take-all con game that has left billions of lives in ruin - this is the "experiment" that has failed. Why shouldn't we investigate an alternative to this rich-take-all "experiment" in mainstream pillage? Elite income parasitism has left the general population impoverished. We have been the lab rats sacrificed in this latest 'research' in fairy-dust based economics. Now plunging towards penury it is clear that only the powerbrokers of "The Establishment", our elite rulers can applaud the success of their otherworld experience. All they have to do is look at the billions of dollars rapidly becoming trillions from the flood of income streaming into their Swiss and offshore accounts to realize that their manipulation of an entire society has paid off handsomely - at least for now.

The vulture eaten general population, the sacrificial lambs of the too-rich-to-give-a-damn club would classify the outcome another way: grand theft. Those of us forced to survive in this rigged capitalist society feel betrayed. We are ready to "experiment" with a rational formulation of society not slanted to benefit a tiny sliver of 'economic vultures'. Why not stuff this rich-grab-all 'invisible-hand' insanity in the dumpster where it belongs.

The Establishment is so scared that the general population has been spurred into action to replace their parasitic harvesting machine that they are now resorting to the time-honored technique of belittling the subjugated back into a psychological state of obedience. Your employer has been using this indoctrination technique for years. They have been whittling down the responsibilities of most positions for decades. By actively deskilling a position, taking away bit by bit your job responsibilities you are gradually demoted, dependent, less inclined to resist, and closer to their conception of an ideal slave, the easily replaced Droid. You then become just one of many plug-and-play simpletons they can shift around in their labor dungeons.

Many layers of complex interwoven dehumanizing techniques are used by cadres of business sociopaths. In our degenerate capitalist society those who lord over us typically get their jollies in treating others like inferiors. Those megalomaniacs more adept at crushing the spirit of their labor slaves receive many more thousands or millions of dollars in yearly bonuses and rise up the rusty corporate ladder faster than their more emotionally stable colleagues. Producing sniffling insecure labor-lackeys is the prime objective of business. They need us to internalize negativity. Have us believing we are deficient in ever so many ways. The almighty executive clan must not have any inquisitive minds peering to deeply into the alchemy of an organization's operations for they may topple the current leadership by disclosing the true condition of a business and the irrational environment in which it operates. Therefore it is far more desirable for the lords-of-the-realm to stifle creativity, pile on burdensome processes, and promote a corporate culture of dependence. The Establishment, all those in the almighty executive clan do not want us to think because reasoning sentient beings start asking questions, and questioning instead of accepting your imprisonment puts the jailers and their 'taker' society in jeopardy of being overthrown by awakened inmates. All of us are just supposed to bow to the will of "The Establishment", our preeminent sociopathic rulers and their tribe of lessor upwardly mobile control enthusiasts.

"The Establishment" wants us to trust that their contrived 'taker' society is a rational stable culture. We know better.