Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

A Deteriorating Country Broadly Smiling

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The big eye swerved on large ball bearings that were greased by all the small pleasant citizens who mechanically gave their time in service to the police state - many big eyes glided effortlessly along their paths of intrusion. It is said that the "eyes" of the nation steadily directed the 'sharp' edges off to impenetrable white concrete cells. Better to strive for stability in an environment of oppression; the complex mind of humankind was no longer capable of handling anything but simple concepts.

So many running, jumping, hurried bodies mindlessly gravitating towards authority; for they were attracted to it like moths to light. When a new process was announced by the "Department of Process" it was generally known that a "Process Party" was to be held in only a few short days. Always a momentous occasion this "Process Party" would be trumpeted across the antiseptic media channels.

Workers had long since given up all rights to self-determination, ceding their individuality and lives completely to the national interests of a few autocratic capitalists. Driving their old rusty Chevrolets, Chryslers, and Fords to and fro through poverty while passing the relics of a past prosperity a broad smile would always emerge from their propaganda filled minds. It was true they had a lot to be thankful for in their deteriorating country. No challenges cropped up from the underbrush to terrorize this wasted population, all was fine in the ultra-capitalist river sludge that remained.

Flashes of a freer past would come and go but never stay in memory, complements of the suffocating Chamber of Commerce ads that blithely cluttered the senses with pro-business slogans. Why think when such competent sociopaths were employed to urinate directly upon you - it was too much trouble anyway. So many laborers had developed an affinity towards their business captors after many years of contact that they started to identify with their ideology in an attempt to get in their good graces. All this "I'm one of you" attitude got laborers was larger knots on their heads from employers who were only too glad to use a sledge hammer instead of a regular hammer to enforce their exploitive practices. This unusual attitude must be like inviting a thief into your home and telling him to please take everything because you've submerged this deep desire to steal and want to see him in action - you'll probably be left with empty rooms if you're lucky enough to still be alive.

Don't quite understand why so many workers felt so insecure that they grabbed a hold of their employers for dear life without considering that the only concern their employers have is how much profit remains after each quarter. What could an employee possibly have in common with a greedy ultra-capitalist indoctrinated into using laborers in a dehumanizing economic system?

Oh well, tonight was my favorite night because it was meat night or more accurately chicken leg in a T.V. dinner evening. After waiting all week for this night it had finally arrived. Dark brown bread for dinner isn't all that bad but after six days of the saw dust enhanced loaf that piece of microwaved chicken was making my mouth water. Yes, it was beyond contention all of us were much better off than the time before the second Great Depression - this was what those brilliant business and government experts preached. Good night for now, must get right to bed because it is my 14 hour working day tomorrow.