Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

A Corpulent Society

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Dirty politics permeates every crevice of our stinking corrupt society. Silent wishes of the powerful are granted on expectation of acquiescence by the subservient. Those in power both in business and government rise through the ranks from glutted simplistic uncomplicated lives that demand conformity, and uniformity in return for a guaranteed throne. Nothing but the ordinary standard bearer of process is exemplified in a society that values static dependable income thievery both covert and overt from those in positions of power within the hallowed halls of business and government. This filthy society that embraces the practices of dirty politics embraces the dependable consistent nature of self-serving predictable outcomes in order to maintain its strangle hold over a substantial portion of global wealth.

Why deviate from what works well - the only outward signs of our continued stagnation is the degeneration of all societal services. When roads deteriorate due to neglect, hospitals are closed by local or state governments, schools don't adequately educate, natural disasters leave cities destroyed and in ruins for months and years, unending wars drain our lives and treasury, it should be abundantly clear from their inaction that those in power view these conditions merely as nuisances to be tolerated. Their only concern is when their next million-dollar bonus, special perk, or cash kickback will arrive.

Through constant consultation with their Ivy League educated brethren their able to maintain a network that interweaves them into business boardrooms, lobbyist think tanks, the dusty halls of government, and with fellow 'trap door' minded conformists bent upon lapping money from wherever it emerges. Any spark that ignites a revolutionary idea will never emerge into an expansive openness because this society operates within the coal black darkness of selfishness and corruption.

Anything new must come from the safe, comfortable, dependable confines of accepted, credentialed, ordained oracles of enlightenment. It is therefore insured that nothing deviant or disruptive to the well-oiled greed induced totalitarian economic society will emerge to breathe its first breath of life. Of primary importance is maintaining the status quo so that power and wealth remains firmly in the hands of those who represent the undeclared global aristocracy.

Therefore never expect anything meaningful from a society that caters to those that belong to the dishonored deviant corps of either the business or governmental elite. They will continue to advance their interests to the exclusion of every single solitary humble citizen that requests their audience. If we're fortunate we may see their faces light up with fraudulent smiles, or hear them hackle prefabricated jokes, stand before us in elegantly tailored suits spouting the latest illusion induced propaganda but remember that's only if we're exceedingly lucky. Most of the time they'll issue their edicts behind solid white walls within gilded chambers overflowing with ordained experts that have never been exposed to the 'harsh fire' of reality.

Never expect anything meaningful, relevant, or revolutionary - our problems will just merge into one clot of disruptive turbulence. We should therefore seize small meaningful initiatives to bring about gradual positive change within our society. Each incremental positive change might override a negative thereby shifting the societal dynamic away from its current purveyors of ineptitude into our open hands.