Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

A Clear Unobstructed Playing Field

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Not long ago I'd decided to walk across a frozen lake in an attempt to tempt fate. Howling winds whipped past me forcing through my clothes a stinging icy numbness that made walking harder and harder. Why confront the elements out on the plains unsheltered by trees, buildings, or even a stray blade of brown weeds? Maybe I just wanted to experience endurance in an extreme environment or quite possibly there was something primitively refreshing about not having to wade through knee deep political sludge. It was primal, knowing that you were face to face with reality, in touch with nature in its clear undistorted form.

So damn refreshing to clear one's head after the constant unrelenting fight with those whom nothing mattered but self. They'd thrown up so many barriers, trenches, and laid innumerable 'land mines' in order to protect their world of greed induced illusion from being reached by anyone carrying an ounce of reality. This blob that we called government, businesses encrusted with long stringy strands of sticky slime, and all the leaches that sucked what flowed into this abomination was vanquishing any dissenting comments underneath a horde of mediocrity. Out here there weren't any obstructing layers, just the elements - a clear path towards either survival or extinction - how refreshing.

One slow step at a time was all that was required, but with each step my consciousness was fully sparked beyond its pale subdued impression in the not so civilized barbarism of human self-destruction. With each passing day, humanity was racing towards their perfect world of deliberate compressed thought governed by the needs of a few wealthy aristocrats. My need at the moment was simple - carefully watch for any streamlets of water visible beneath the ice and gingerly place each foot down before advancing, or else fall through the ice and die from exposure. Maybe all the barriers that had been erected around this blob that was sucking lives and income from our global society needed to be blown to smithereens - a cleansing to get back to base reality, but right now my thoughts were focused upon simply surviving.

Halfway out, I looked around at the bleak beauty, the sheer clarity of our natural world, something that hadn't been marketed, packaged, and sold at least not yet - give this exploitative capitalist system time though they'd even suck that pleasure away to be sold to the highest bidder. Yes, it was evident at that moment of emotional renaissance what needed to be done. We needed to clean the slate of all the slime that had accumulated over many years of exposure to the filthy excrement of the governmental, multinational business, elite blob. Tweaking this or that, fixing this or that, making this or that adjustment, adding another thousands of lines of this or that law would not correct the utter corruption, greed, inequity, instability, and insecurity of a society who'd learned to exist within the excrement of the blob. In essence, everyone was so in tuned to listen to the siren calls of evil that they'd forgotten how to recognize the sound of undistorted good.

The other side of the frozen lake was now in view - just a few more steps and my personal challenge within this unyielding natural landscape would be complete. No such clear-cut resolution could ever be found back in the 'civilized' gutter where 95% of humankind fought for scraps dropped from up high. With 'loudspeakers' continually blaring day and night (into the gutter) wisdom hacked by marketers, propaganda cluttered illusion, and a patented common belief structure not even a blaring horn could awaken the zombies mechanically tasked with enriching the elite of the totalitarian economic society. Days might pass by unnoticed but those newly homeless, starving and unemployed would continue to accumulate in the gutter of despair. What else could you name this gutter but 'despair', given that so many willingly sacrificed their lives without any chance of personal gratification, or advancement? Only those wealthy lobbyist controllers at the pinnacle of corruption existed, we'd become mere slaves added or terminated at their whim. The indisputable fact is we'd become so many expendable cattle herded and lopped in the head with a steel ball at their discretion. This is not freedom! It is tyranny when your happiness can be completely disrupted within your own society without even an afterthought to the consequences to your life.

What an accomplishment it was to reach the other side of this frozen expanse. I was completely in control of my every step along the way. No barriers other than those very real dangers presented by nature glared me directly in the face. Nature didn't stilt things in its favor, it was completely dispassionate, allowing each the same equal opportunity to either survive or perish. There were no contrived special participants in a purely natural environment, it was one massive equal 'playing field' that all could try their hand at without worry that today or tomorrow the rules would change to favor those with more clout.

Yes, my time with nature imbued in me an understanding that even though our environment is cruelly exacting, it is fair. No special favoritism existed out on that frozen lakebed - you either made it to the other side or crashed through a soft part in the ice. There was no lobbyist quietly talking on behalf of a powerful wealthy plutocrat to "Mother Nature" imploring her to throw you off your step - you were truly on your own with a clear playing field before you.