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A Christmas in Reality

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So you probably thought, “my job is safe” I’m one of the lucky highly educated top ‘dogs’ in this topsy-turvy large predator economy. Wrong, your job is slipping away down the cheap, cheap, cheaper labor shoot. Right this minute some executive that controls the multinational elite money making machine that you work for is eating her Christmas lobster making derogatory comments about her employees. While chomping heavily and waving her elegantly clad arms around, she’s conveying to her other elite guests how she’ll be replacing all those troublesome American workers that expect decent wages and benefits with planeloads of cheap wage slaves from India, China, or Africa. With the economy tanking just at the right moment, she’s been assured by her lobbyist beholden body-snatched Senators that her efforts at replacing those U.S. citizens (that their supposed to represent) won’t be a problem. They’ve guaranteed that with the payoffs extended recently through her lobbyist scum they’ll be able to increase the inflow of foreign workers on the Temporary Work Visa (H1-B, L-1, etc.) program to an all time high even with millions of American workers unable to find employment.

“Yes, we’ve contacted our Human Resource folks and instructed them to ready another line of crap about how we love our employees but given the difficult economic conditions we must release them immediately” she says with a swagger while swishing down some Dom Pérignon. “Really, do you think they’ll continue to bend over with derriere exposed and eagerly accept our boot?” says the ‘brilliant’ CIO who just lost a fortune in questionable securities that the company had invested in through their brokers at Merrill Lynch. “Sure they will they’re the same subservient crap that we’ve been hiring for years” while smiling broadly at all her guests.

Across the continent in a modestly appointed middle class home a worker who is employed with this same greedy multinational eats his ham quietly with his wife, and two sons. Earlier, he’d heard some ‘expert’ on one of the cable news channels berate the American worker for not being educated enough to compete with other workers within this ‘gloriously’ gilded global economy. He knows full well that this rant is nothing more than well crafted propaganda spewed by the media parrots that are paid to ‘muddy’ reality so their business masters can continue to exploit all laborers across the globe. The real reason he may be unemployed when he returns to work after the Christmas holiday is because he requires a decent wage and benefits in order to pay his mortgage, bills, and care for his terminally sick boy who is dying from cancer.

In Los Angeles, Frank who is a Senator for California the very same state that his unseen, unknown, irrelevant constituent worker lives is finishing up a turkey in his $2,000 range within his $5,000,000 home on the ocean. Life has been grand since he went into politics some 20 years ago. Granted it was hard accepting his first payoffs from those truly in control of the government but he got used to it after a few months. With every one of his colleagues on the ‘take’ he sure wasn’t going to be the odd ball that was going to ‘buck’ the system. His motto now was “if they offer it, take it all”. How in the world did his constituents think he acquired his ocean home, and Jaguar – out of thin air? Of course, all he really needed to do was smile profusely for the cameras – they’d believe any line of crap he’d throw their way.

Everyone have a wonderful Christmas!