Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

A Better World Awaits Our Arousal

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No time remains, this stretch of sandy beach pleasantly lapped by blue water may turn into an ice field at night. Not sure what the conditions are on this orb. Tired, haunted by a punishing drudgery is it time to just lie down and let the cool sea water caress the worn out body?

No vegetation, nothing moves, the waves are softly rolling in – not the pounding restlessness of other oceans. Blue is the central color, not a green sprout can be seen for miles.

It’s been a lonely fight. Not a single comrade in arms, no contributing intellects, now drained maybe it is time to let all the leaches wiggle in delight. Ideas, words popping past the pages, many newly minted ‘experts’ have staked claims – their excellent squatters. Conquers intent upon vanquishing the indigenous culture – these demons are like vampires.

Possibly, the time has come to pass the baton on to those who have come to be motivated? Once the fairy tales of corporate media are washed clean the history of this moment in the distant future may be tinged with a smudge of authenticity.

All this rambling must have a purpose. Just not sure what war of the soul is splashing all this color on a former lily white sheet. Confusion tickles continuity. Those not disturbed by a syrupy stability imposed by powers we have no control over – that is happiness. Too many questions are like an overpowering gale force wind – it just blows until it uproots. What it tears out of the ground may be cherished – a favorite old oak.

Night is now encroaching, leaking into the dark blue. Now that is continuity, day giving way to night.

Traveling from a pitch black blindness we are moving towards the new – a transition enlightens.

A crescendo blasts blinding yellow-white light transforming night into a promising fresh day. That is why fighting the placidity of drooling acceptance is worth all the mental and physical pain ripping at the consciousness. Only mindless sleepwalkers can tolerate not knowing. Does the calm tranquility that reaches to the horizon freeze solid in the darkest hour?

Throwing ourselves into a personal dungeon is a natural result of an unforgiving struggle. To live a blessed fantasy that is never penetrated by contradictions, believing that all is beautiful – never a stormy day to thrash at the shoreline. This may be the easiest most desirable path but pride, dignity, and a lucid understanding demands that we dream to inspire. A better world awaits our arousal.