Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

A Beautiful Day Awaits Your Presence

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A beautiful day awaits all those who break free from their boxes. Breaching our alcoves requires confronting a rekindled primal fear of leaving the cave. Seeking out the positive experiences, pleasures that each new day promises when the sun expands our vistas this is the composing of a symphony, a life's living masterpiece. Letting the radiant glow touch our faces in the crisp morning air reinvigorates, purges the poisons of negativity from our souls. So many problems, concerns piled high; it is hard to just let the breeze cool our anxieties. Not much time is allotted - we're on a rollercoaster that ultimately ends in darkness - greedily grab your memory sparks - those wonderful moments.

Distance expands to reveal a long gravel road that pierces the horizon. Walking down the path elicits the promise of yet unrevealed possibilities. How will the dust wafted on our face merge with perspiration from a noon day's glare? Farmhouses dot the landscape like tiny islands. This might be an expanse of loneliness for those not tuned in to this amazingly picturesque vista. For it is a gift from a profoundly compassionate being.

This walk is a temporary escape from drudgery, the familiar taste of pain. Underneath a canopy of pure blue sky in a sunny radiance the walk progresses. Neighbors oblivious to the passing of a solitary traveler tend to the feeding of their animals and plow fields with glittering green machines. Profound peace flows into the hardened muscles - a relaxed mind and body is refreshed.

An acute awareness, a purging of toxins - leaving behind the slivers of a troubled reality replenishes our better selves. Our essence, the ethereal spirit is released. Rushing to the fill the endless horizons with a promise of unbounded opportunities we're reinvigorated.

Open the door. Cut the unseen tether to the net. Leave the concrete to crack on its journey to ruin. Turn off, shut-down, and step out.

Return with passion, freedom, and an indomitable spirit. Escape the pitch-black catacombs - splitter the steel chains into infinitesimal metal shavings.

Tomorrow the sun will once again rise over the edge of the horizon.