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Women Dragged Off To The Palace

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A society like capitalism built upon our negative human characteristics can only devolve into an accelerated degeneration. Any culture that elevates those who treat the vast majority of humanity as a commodity to be exploited will be infected with control freaks who are the personification of this key ingredient of deviant success. Why are we shocked to learn that powerful sociopaths, the controllers of this top-heavy corporate-dictatorship have traits that predispose them towards treating others as inferiors to be used for their pleasure? When a corporation's organizational structure resembles a feudal kingdom with those up top in absolute control of all those who fall below them why are we shocked to learn that this anti-democratic structure perpetuates all the negative aspects inherent to unbridled power?

Sustainable societies do not use their members as widgets but fully integrate them into a cooperative structure that enhances stability, minimalism, individual growth, and inclusion. It is the structure, the organizational layout that determines whether you will be "at each others' throats" or sharing in the joys and rewards of a job well done. Those who scale the rusty ladder of capitalism and make it to the upper echelon of management are flawed self-centered 'takers' just like the societal system that "goes to war" with other companies and is in a "cut throat battle" for market supremacy.

None of us is surprised to learn that the ethos of hording all the pleasures and wealth for one's own castle - a mindset demanded of those who succeed in this society results in a sultan's outlook towards those less powerful. We all know that women dragged off to the palace by the king's court are nothing more than a commodity to be denigrated, exploited, and disrespected - even today, in our 'civilized' form of feudal amorality. Nothing has changed, only the rotten chairs shifted around on a crumbling foundation.

The entire planet will only start moving in a positive direction, an ecologically sound, minimalist, integrated, cooperative, and equitable unity when we rid ourselves of capitalism - this society, that feeds upon those who have a conscience, those of us who will not stoop to any level of indecency just to line our pockets with cash.

Let's quit kidding ourselves, we are fully aware that our global society is a receipt for disaster. Not only does it debase large segments of the population like women into subservient providers of pleasure for the self-anointed 1% monarchs but it destroys the planet in the anti-ideals that it spawns. Rabid consumerism, a blatant disregard for consequences, insane frivolity in the face of extreme neglect, a disregarded for problems, and a general blind insensitivity towards the plight of others will only speed us closer towards eventual planetary annihilation.

This is our time, our calling, the sensible destiny we can chart for ourselves in a bottom-up 24/7 fully democratic, ecologically sustainable, decent, respectful, egalitarian, and inclusive People-First Society. To survive, we must cast aside this latest feudal avatar that is preying upon women and those not flawed with antisocial character traits. No tinkering around the edges will turn this societal monstrosity into an honest representation of our better selves. Left unchecked to destroy and sacrifice everything for the almighty dollar this pillagers' dream come true will eat away at what humanity we have left and obliterate our planet. Tomorrow is too late, tonight not enough time, only if we resolve today to start moving towards a People-First Society will we avert catastrophe - a perfect extinction.