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Reject the Born-Again Mild-Mannered Capitalists

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Approaches founded in the same old capitalist society will not elicit different results. Supporting candidates who essentially believe in a 1% parasitic system that subjugates the majority to the whims of super rich masters no matter what their affiliation either Democrat or 'Socialist' will only ensure our enslavement and planetary destruction. Following the more lenient new and improved robber barons like Michael Bloomberg, well-heeled lawyers, and all the other assorted 'enlightened' corporate dictatorship spin-masters guarantees that the 99%, all of us who could easily run our own affairs will still be chained in the galley of the slave ship. To effect meaningful change to an egalitarian, genuine democratic, minimalist, and sustainable system that is not dependent upon such arcane social structures as maximal-ism based strip-and-burn consumption and hierarchical overlording of human beings we must completely discard the existing capitalist society in the trash bin.

Below are a few essential elements necessary to achieve meaningful change to a People-First Society:

  • Do not follow anyone who just wants to tweak the existing society.
  • Treat anyone who is or was an executive in a corporation as a pariah if allegiance to the capitalist system is ingrained in their psyche.
  • Lawyers formally aligned with any capitalist organization or structure are illegitimate proponents of real egalitarian change.
  • Any elected representatives of the corporate dictatorship be it at the federal, state, or local level who suggest change is possible from within this existing top-down parasitical monstrosity should be rejected outright.
  • Organize in a far-left group that utilizes the egalitarian constructs outlined in the People-First Society – an elimination of all hierarchical power structures.
  • Until and even when we have ascended into a People-First Society re-purpose, recycle, and re-utilize all discards by those who are wasteful by purchasing at Thrift stores and yard sales – a minimalist sustainable economy is good for the planet.
  • Limit your use of plastics, do not use straws, storage bags should be cleaned and re-used or not used at all in favour of aluminum foil, and even paper products like bags should be used sparingly because trees were cut down to manufacture these 'better' alternatives.
  • Be mindful of all that you consume on a day-to-day basis whether it is water, electricity, or anything else.
  • Infuse your existing capitalist workplace with ideals of egalitarianism, cooperation, and friendly comradery in preparation for when everyone is treated with respect and as an equal in our soon to be realized People-First Society.
  • Remember that our brothers and sisters are found globally not only inside artificial nation-state barriers.
  • Turn away anyone who spews hate for any ethnic group, sex, racial group, or any other differentiated classification of human being's not founded upon some real transgression by an individual or group that harms others so a few may benefit from the suffering of the many.
  • Disenfranchise those who are followers of capitalism and who espouse the enslavement of others for their personal gain – this is acceptable because of the extreme negative consequences these individuals have caused either directly or indirectly.
  • Ultimately, the existing capitalist society on a planetary basis will need to be completely replaced with a People-First Society that honours each and every human being not just those fortunate enough to belong to a privileged class – classes will be non-existent in our new society.

There are probably more elements that will help us realize a better society like a People-First Society but these are what came to mind during the writing of this essay. Through our cooperative efforts we may have many more elements or actions that you and others conceptualize and utilize. What is important is that we do not get side-tracked by capitalists intent upon perpetuating a more humane form of slavery that is still the same winner takes all mindset that is destroying our planet. Nothing short of coming together in a union of planetary humankind to realize our collective future in a minimalist economy across an egalitarian truly democratic society without classes, or borders, or any other artificial constraints should be our laser-focused goal – anything else that is proposed is more of the same – just the few wanting to feed off of the many for their personal gain. Capitalism in all it's forms and permutations is a self-destructive system.