Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Overthrow This Suicidal Societal System of Maximum Avarice

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Collective communities living outside the riptide of wealth maximizers have little possibility of establishing a ubiquitous truly democratic civilization not founded upon coercive manipulation of the subjugated majority by an increasingly powerful upper-crust of capitalist bloodsuckers. Platitudes, half-measures, equivocation, and all forms of procrastination meld with the intransigence of the 1% ruled purchasing Droids to instill inaction on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, plastics, and other production frenzied wastes excreted from the border delineated, junk utilizing, and gain myopic consumption farms. Meanwhile, all the inmates securely lumped behind this or that imaginary border docilely observe the destruction of their planet. Pointing their index fingers at all those others who are the culprits of this self-inflicted mass genocide lets everyone free-ride the scorching hot ball to extinction with crystal clear consciences.

We are blindly adhering to a capitalist doctrine of unfettered consumption that ultimately leads to species genocide guided along this route only by greed and lazy inaction. Let the island buying crowd of corporate royalty and all the other reptilians inhabiting this ecologically dying sphere bleed resources dry, consume for the sake of consumption, and conspicuously waste to impress their fellow bubble brains. For the average consumption bunny is satiated with cheap landfill ready junk and will follow their masters, even if it leads straight to self-annihilation.

Action, the overthrow of this suicidal societal system of maximum avarice that leaves multitudes destitute under mountains of trash, drinking toxic runoff, living in dead zones, frying from the melting poles, and hearing deadpan silence because of mass species extinctions is the only reasonable response to an outcome that leads to a blistering global sterility.

A People's Revolution that smashes the existing deviant capitalist society replacing it with a sustainable, genuinely democratic, and minimalist People-First Society is the only option open to humanity. All other options presented by the 1% are mere tweaks of an inherently dysfunctional societal framework designed to obviate the need to address this system of exploitation and baseless destruction that requires a docile and compliant majority.

You cannot profess to belong to both the camp of critical thinkers and marketing con-artists. Your mindset will either be rooted in reality or unquestioning conformity. There is no substitution for active introspection, retrospection, and inspection of existing conditions both from an internal and external perspective. Observe our current imaginary border riddled world plagued by a crushing inequality that stifles full utilization of humankind's vast store of intellectual and creative cognition. Understand the true state of affairs of a corporate dictatorship that requires absolute obedience from all the supplicants that work for their respective masters.

Declare your freedom to question, freedom to correct a wrong, freedom to control one's own destiny from sunup to sundown for this is what is guaranteed in an authentic democracy. If all societal structures are a humanly created convenience to assist in organizing individuals into group effort that maximizes outcomes, reduces negative consequences, coordinates actions, and equitably extends the benefits of cooperative efforts to the largest majority of participants then it is abundantly clear the current capitalist derived societal framework is a failure. Not only is it a failure from the standpoint that it relegates the majority to servility but it is also a failure because it does not protect our most precious investment in the continuity of our species – a home world that is habitable.