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Generosity and Charity Cannot Fix an Inequitable Capitalist Society

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No amount of charity and generosity can correct the gross imbalance of income and wealth stolen by well-placed capitalist scalpers. Decent egalitarian societies do not rely upon the goodwill of sultans to ensure a lucky few labor serfs do not fall off the financial cliff. For all those helped by the charity of corporations or self-anointed crown-princes of capitalism there are millions who go to bed hungry or sit numb from cold in cardboard boxes under bridges.

There is no substitute for a decent, equitable, minimalist, inclusive, diverse, and 24/7 democratic egalitarian society. Relying upon the gifts thrown from the castle walls of a kingly class of all-powerful capitalist manipulators is not a logical replacement for a genuine People-First Society where everyone has a say in how the economy distributes our income and wealth.

Freedom is not the enforced illusion of happiness by marketeers working for corporations. Toothy smiles proffered by perpetually cheery actors in commercials laced with sappy tunes meant to keep us dull to the injustices of this capitalist society cannot replace an equitable society where everyone has the power to shape their own destiny and reap the rewards from their hard work.

Isn't it time we all benefited from our combined efforts instead of just a select group of well-placed upper-crust sociopaths? How long do you reasonably believe we have before this credit buying orgy makes our planet unlivable? Ten years ago we dumped trillions of dollars into bank coffers to prop up gambling addicted stock market high-rollers. This one-sided giveaway threw many of the world's governments into debt. But the giant suck of income up to the puckered lips of robber barons continues with the latest tax largess being delivered by their bought-and-paid-for government lackeys. Credit offered to the masses that keeps us hooked to a degenerate capitalist society that sacrifices our environment and ourselves on the alter of runaway consumption is not sustainable.

What tangible difference do gifts from the cloud dwellers have on our declining standard-of-living? Better publicized corporate giving is not a replacement for decent wages, real democracy, and a sustainable economy that does not destroy the environment for short-term gain directed at enhancing the well-being of a tiny sliver of wealth hoarders. Falling further into debt to buy next year's landfill is sheer stupidity. Consuming just for the sake of consuming is insanity. Equating your level of consumption to how happy you are is merely decadent idiocy. What's the point of grinding your life away into a pool of debt so a gang of power hungry pharaohs can trash our beautiful blue planet with all of our money?

Play the sappy music, have all the actors frolicking in mindless bliss. Show us every night on the news an act of kindness coming from a big-hearted millionaire or billionaire. Bombard us with corporations helping the little folk in soup kitchens using their tax write-off. Keep that feel good dribble coming! How else can the 1% keep this monstrosity called capitalism humming along. They need all of us to become device pecking uncritical exhausted widgets. A thinking general population is dangerous to the perpetuation of economic injustice necessary for the continuance of 1% pillage.

When you hear about how wonderful a beneficent corporation or pillager is remember that their generosity is but a mere drop in the bucket of relief for a general population that is being drained of all its income and wealth. Let us set our own destiny in a People-First Society that does not require us to bow-down to feudal lords so that we may receive a trinket or token of their generosity.