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99% Do Not Want Tweaks but Instead Revolutionary Change

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What we need is not to tweak an inherently super rich gamed capitalist society like all the candidates for U.S. President are proposing but to dramatically reengineer the entire mess so that it has a semblance of fairness, honesty, and democracy. Just to tax at some yet undisclosed rate the 1% pirates who have been pillaging the entire surplus from all corporations leaving the worker with pennies to apply to a burgeoning debt load will not dramatically alter or stem these types of inequitable activities in the future. Purging the current society of all its autocratic roots and replacing this big-business elite casino club with a pure democracy to be enjoyed during the entire day is our only viable option.

It should sicken you to hear all this talk of tinkering with an evil that is designed to enrich a few at the expense of the many. What is more infuriating are candidates like Hilary Clinton who refuse to propose how they would deal with the 1% elite CEO mobster heist of all time - the thieving of the bulk of wealth from the economy. Will she continue to just caress us with euphemisms on how small businesses will save the day? Bernie Sanders on the other hand, the sometimes Socialist most of the time safe capitalist vaguely suggests he will tax the 'hell' out of the elite barons and baronesses. What does this really equate too from a substantive policy perspective?

Let us get one thing straight, this system of orchestrated plunder of the citizens of this planet cannot be left in tack. It must be wiped clean from every planetary orifice, sanitized with the strongest societal disinfectant and obliterated from all organizational structures. There can be no essence that lingers of this degenerate sociopathic concoction. If we just tinker around the edges of this elite manipulated machination it will come back with a vengeance except this time all democratic pretenses will be removed - the island buying superrich will lock us down hard and tight in the galleys of their slave ships. This is definitely not the time to acquiesce with a seemingly kinder gentler jailer. It is the same steely eyed mega-business gulag superintendent who is parading a disarming toothy smile for the benefit of placating the revolutionary spirit of the planetary camp's labor slaves.

We have them where we want them and they know it. That is why they have their bought and paid for candidates suggesting this or that reform to soften the blows from their feudal offshoot of tyranny. If Bernie Sanders on our liberal side or for that matter Ben Carson who claims to represent the conservative wing of the people - both saying that they represent the 99% of us who do not have lobbyists in our back pockets - if either of these alternative, non-Super Pac/1% candidates truly care about saving the general population from the elite wolves ready to devour us whole then they need to step-up-to-the-plate and stop promoting itsy-bitsy reformulations of this monstrous theft ring called casino capitalism. Be dramatic come up with programs to raze the creepy thing from our lives.

Obviously, our only hope lies with Bernie Sanders and Ben Carson. The rest of the Wall Street and 1% elite funded riff-raff on both sides of the liberal and conservative spectrum have not the slightest desire to empower the majority of citizens in a genuine 24/7 democracy free from the whims of corporate masters. That would mean that all the goodies these political stoolies get by doing the bidding of the castle dwelling crowd would end. Therefore the rest of the multinational conglomerate and private jet supported professional political puppets will just continue to incoherently communicate truisms by waggling their lips to and fro. When these masters of illusion find they need to subdue the rowdy electorate they will throw us an occasional bone. Do not expect that it will be a juicy bone with plenty of meat for it will already have been gnawed on by many a desperate serf seeking solace that just maybe their life will take a turn for the better - a sharp turn away from the cliff of poverty.

So our job is to keep the pressure on the only two viable human beings that are running for President of the United States. Make it abundantly clear to Ben Carson and Bernie Sanders that even though we believe them when they say that they are not body-snatched replicas of the other zombie candidates will still demand that they deliver dramatic reform and not the "let's move a few sand piles around in the sandbox" nothing changes shell game that we are used to from the lobbyist handled manikins. If they want to win this election these two candidates who represent very divergent points of view but are fused to the core of the general electorate must not be shy from expressing, theorizing, and proposing enlightened breathtaking change that will propel us into our first democratic experience. We expect that these representatives of a more egalitarian humanity will propose very different transformations that will pull us from the depths of this parasitic wastage that has beset the middle and lower classes. That is not a problem. We will all learn to work through our ideological differences within a democratic framework that respects all viewpoints even those we abhor. This is how we learn to create the unique treasures that can only be crafted from the skilled hands of a diverse community.

The road to the White House is going to be long and rocky. There will be no shortcuts that our non-candidates and non-lobbyist hooked hosts can take - many a boulder will be rolled out by the corporate media machine to stop the advance of our heroes. Tortuous would be an understatement of the obstacles that will make this trek a harrowing experience for us and our candidates. We should expect that this time around the Masters-of-the-Universe will use every devious trick at their disposal to subvert the will of the electorate in order to maintain their kingdom. They realize that this is our last best shot at dethroning them and storming their palaces. Be on your guard for the unexpected. If a gigantic asteroid is going to hit you in your lawn chair it will be in the next few months. These bandits who actually believe that they are entitled to literally every last dime that is generated through our hard work are readying some pretty despicable and unforeseen snares for our candidates and the rest of us in the 99%.

Essentially they will stop at nothing to ensure that the outlanders do not tear down the walls to their kingdom. We will probably, after all these years witness looters uncloaking from their shroud of 'professionalism'. All the sociopathic juvenile robber-barons who have hidden behind this expected demeanor will be seen 'losing it' - unable to cope with a world that is no longer responding to their beck-and-call. A most dangerous time indeed, especially given that this sphere is their official planetary play-toy. The subservient general population, environment, and intertwined governmental edifice, the whole enchilada is under their complete and utter control. A least for now - this we will change!