Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

99% Demands Intellectual Outlets and Professional Opportunities

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We are an extremely passionate group of dripping wet overly swollen, always orgasmic ready group of primates. No this is not a steamy hot erotic short story with flaming passages but only a statement of fact. You and I may never admit that 90% of our time, that is the cumulative flashes that intrude upon our brilliant and everyday thoughts are simply images of human animal copulation. Admit it, what drives most of what we do – sex and money. Money so that we may position ourselves at the top of the desirability pyramid obtaining the choice throbbing thrusts or receiving those same drillings from a large probing erect penis. No sugar coating here. Deep down – the human race is an extremely emotionally charged sensuous species. Already most who are reading this little passage are envisioning a frolic with their significant other.

Alright, now that we are all in agreement let us analyze why it is so damn important that we have a super charged economy. It is not the day-in-day-out humdrum purchases that feed our groping lust energized days but instead all those creations that can transport us quickly or connect real-time to those who can send palpitations across our endogenous zones. Ultimately all that human beings engage in on this blue planet is driven by sex.

Elections, issues, the seemingly sublime muck that we are sunk into stems from how to get this or that female or male under the sheets. Those who lead, the alphas of the primate pack, are typically taller or at least radiate a commanding persona. They are those who give us confidence in a future that allows unperturbed scaling of the economic ladder.

But why do we demand security in all its forms from our elected leaders, even those who devote most of their time to elite billionaire lobbyist handlers? It’s simple, we do not want to have to spend any more time than is absolutely necessary engaged in intellectual pursuits. Our precious hours, minutes, and seconds, even those that are societally constrained are better spent fantasizing or fully engaged in stimulating our genitals. How much of all that we call culture has an undercurrent of sex? Be truthful, the media is oozing with gorgeous perfectly formed bodies. Not a lot of this ‘civilization’ is without its sexual component. Why is this? It is fun.

Who doesn’t like having fun? Even writing can become downright boring. The drudgery of spilling your guts or attempting to enlighten with flowery prose no matter how seemingly important at times just grates against the animal that wishes to frolic naked in a field enlivened by a hedonistic lifestyle.

There must be a reason we spend billions on meds aimed at popping up a limp penis or the newly demanded female equivalent that will engorge the mound in wetness? Ours is a boring, work, work, work, existence, with few diversions. That is the essence of our obsession with sex. We are slaves to jobs within an ultra-capitalist system that sucks the living life out of us. While a 1% sliver receives the bulk of the fruits of our endless drudgery we just exist. What simpler pleasures can we possibly enjoy other than sex, food and drink when you are forced to limit your dreams in a gulag that is designed to enrich an elite class? Eventually, all devolves down to the baser fundamental leavening. Even the legislation starts to reflect the diversionary fissures that push our animalistic buttons. All the while, the rich continue to get much richer and all of us below fight over the diminishing number of pennies making it over the castle walls.

In a degenerating society it is not just the wealth that is distorted, twisted up, but loftier issues no longer are of interest either to royalty or serfs. Sensationalism and cheap thrills hold sway over the entire populous. With so few opportunities to advance both financially and professionally those of us in the lower classes become obsessed with stimulating our senses.

Please do not misconstrue the essential meaning. Sex is a fantastic, wonderful, pleasure rush that is also a genetic imperative. Anyone who says they do not look forward to the caressing, tingling, orgasmic gush that is sex is lying or half dead. But when it is all that some have to look forward too – their only outlet, because all others have been barred, it is then high-time to toss out the present society. Sentient beings must be provided opportunity across a wide-spectrum of culture with multifaceted emotional outlets not constrained by a privileged upper class. We all deserve a full complement of behavioral and intellectual channels, not just those relegated to slaves.