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21st Century Elite Doublespeak Dictionary

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Anticrisis Measure -

A crisis is defined as any adverse condition experienced by the powerful elite vested interests. So an anticrisis are actions taken to negate a potential elite crisis - this is an accepted definition validated by the cloud dwellers. Any remedy is acceptable; the primary objective is to spare CEO's, lobbyists, lobbyist-snatched legislators, banksters, mega-investors, and anyone associated with the CorpGov kleptocracy from loss of stature, money, or power. Typically, these actions are directed against the bottom-scrapers: the 99% of the world's citizens. This 99% doesn't have lobbyists on their payroll, are scraping by on declining middle to low incomes, and are powerless (accept in overwhelming numbers) to stop the pillaging of their nation-state Treasuries. It should be apparent; that the care and feeding of greedy risk addicted elites is absolutely paramount.

Asset Purchases -

Any purchase of assets typically by a government entity using nation-state taxpayer money. Banks in their current form comprised of plain-vanilla depositor operations merged with risky investment operations have to-date been the primary recipient of these looted taxpayer funds. Typically, this stolen money is used to rid the banks of worthless over-leveraged 'assets' acquired by their investment operations - purging them so that they may start afresh investing in toxic assets.

Bank Stress Test -

Is an inspection of a bank's financials (not including off-book toxic assets) conducted typically by the bank's own personnel without any outside government audit to validate the findings of the bank. Given that most large banks are leveraged to the hilt, at times in excess of 30:1, it would be counter productive to the global kleptocracy's propaganda campaign to conduct an extensive governmental audit that published the findings on the internet.

Boost Confidence -

Used to infer that confidence exists in governments, banks, societal institutions, voodoo economic theories, bought-out transnational companies, lobbyist controlled elected officials, between bankster thieves, the associated global functionaries of the kleptocracy, and all other corrupt insular dysfunctional systems of this planetary labor gulag. So when you hear an elite refer to "boosting confidence" it is a ploy to justify measures that bankroll the vested power players by milking bottom-scrappers - the 99% that scrounge for that extra chickpea in their soup.

Credit Crunch -

This term presupposes that small to medium sized businesses and medium to low-income consumers are actually seeking credit. Crunch is a word that evokes images of being squeezed by some all-powerful imposing force. When combined "credit crunch" implies that bottom-scrappers (the 99% not reclining on a pile of cash) are being financially squeezed simply because they lack credit. Elites worldwide are pleased that they've been able to concoct this jewel of illusion because whenever a single phrase is able to shift blame or divert attention from a real cause-and-effect relationship to an imagined one this signifies a grand achievement in propaganda circles. Therefore, it's not the draining of income from below, the declining standard of living of the 99%, the financial bleeding by the elite vampires coupled with the banksters casino binge that is the cause of this continuing 2nd Great Depression but the "credit crunch", the lack of adequate streams of credit from the 'company stores' to the bottom-scrappers.

Debt Crisis -

Debts are obligations to pay a specified amount of cash per contractual terms within a time-constrained period. Crisis defined in this the definitive reference of the degenerate elite language is "any adverse condition experienced by the powerful elite vested interests." Bottom-scrappers per elite gospel never experience a debt crisis where they owe more than they have the ability to pay. Ability to pay being the key determinant of whether a proudly arrogant elite master is temporarily troubled with debts exceeding real assets, but the central word is temporarily. For elite scripture is very strict when it comes to the prerogatives of the masters of global corruption. No well-placed elite should ever have to go through the humiliation of a bona-fide debt crisis - that is what their favorite nation-state coffer is for - a ready cash account, a bail-out, backed up by the ever soakable bottom-scrappers. Once again, the banksters are the worst offenders or the best offenders if we follow the twisted logic of 'elitedom'. These toxic asset seekers are endlessly draining the Treasuries of governments leaving little left for all the other Masters-of-the-Universe.

Eurozone Crisis -

An undisclosed illdefined crisis in Europe that is adversely affecting investors, pet politicians, CEO's, banksters, voodoo economists, and all those benefiting from the global kleptocracy is putting a crimp on their spending spree. Crisis defined in this the definitive reference of the degenerate elite language is "any adverse condition experienced by the powerful elite vested interests." Bottom-scrappers never experience a crisis. Losing a job to a cheaper labor replacement, having a bankster take your home, sleeping in a tent city of the homeless, and any other negative consequence of the bloodsucking class leaving you financially destitute is never a crisis.

Liquidity Crisis -

From a financial standpoint if your assets are liquid their cash or readily converted into cash - the shorter the length of time that this conversion can take place the more liquid your assets. Crisis defined in this the definitive reference of the degenerate elite language is "any adverse condition experienced by the powerful elite vested interests." It is therefore imperative that you understand that a crisis can never; more correctly, is never recognized by the princes of the financial realm if it is impacting bottom-scrappers. With this in mind, bottom-scrappers cannot experience a liquidity crisis - the lack of real assets easily converted over the short-term into cash - it just can't happen at least in the world of putrid illusion created by elite spin doctors. Typically, the gambling addicted banksters banking institutions have had liquidity crises more frequently than your run of the mill elite overlord. This always requires a pillage of the bottom-scrapper's government, increased taxes on these low-wage labor slaves, or any other creative looting from below to replenish the casino house account of the large bank with real liquid assets (preferably cash) so that all the elite crown princes can start anew with their craps roll-of-the-dice high stacks wagering.

Recapitalization -

The definition of recapitalization presupposes that whatever you're trying to recapitalize, at some point it actually had real assets or capital, not toxic assets, worthless paper script leveraged on equally ink scrolled fabrications. Capital creation is never a problem for ingenious financial 'engineers', it is the whipping up of new forms of high risk over leveraged uniquely named investment trash that sold out accounting firms christen capital. Peasants, bottom-scrappers, middle to low riff-raft, those 99% of the population that will never reach the exalted heights of supreme spiritual and moral decay required of the global kleptocratic elites are never concerned about creating something from nothing. This is because they don't have the wherewithal to employ an army of financial 'engineers' to whip up the latest asset fabrication. Yet again, a mere normal, a bottom-scrapper, a worker Droid will never be recapitalized because only the millionaires, billionaires, and trillionaires who represent the elite global crime syndicate (the kleptocracy) have the option of restocking their worthless asset pile with bona-fide real assets (preferably cash) stolen from global nation-state Treasuries or through direct taxation of the peasants. Unfortunately, their gambling addicted bad brothers - the banksters, once again crowd out the exulted crown prince elites from these easy-pickings. Like vultures smelling death, banksters circle around the wasted hulks of financially desiccated debt plagued nation-states. Plucked clean from previous bank bailouts these nation-states are still obliged to recapitalize or bailout banks. Banksters having invested so much money in lobbyists who support their government lackeys would be furious if the public interest ever trumped their need for play money.

Strengthen Banks -

To strengthen is to invigorate or enhance the ability, power, or other characteristic of a profoundly healthy natural or artificial entity that doesn't require support. Therefore, the statement "strengthen banks" implies that banks are freestanding capitalist firms that are fully able to compete within an unfettered financial marketplace - they're strong and adequately capitalized. All available information points to the opposite conclusion. Large banks are over leveraged cesspools of risk, run by incompetents who engage in overly speculative trades outside the bounds of reality. If our lobbyist-bound legislative puppets were honestly concerned about saving banksters from themselves they would separate the plain-vanilla depository operations from the risk inherent investment banking operations. Once separated government goons could strengthen the REAL banks, the depository based firms and let the investment sibling's sink or swim. But this isn't about strengthening it's about restocking the taxpayer funded gambling accounts of the mega-bank investment banking operations.

Systemically Important -

Something that is systemically important is deemed to be indispensable to a system - an integral component. This jewel of superb spin was dredged up by elites to justify the gangland heist of a government's treasure for their crony bankster friends. Extrapolating the word system to the financial system the spin doctors give the impression of an intricately crafted finely-tuned system of finance that all financial institutions play an indispensable part - neat well-managed firms whose central revenue operations are plain-vanilla deposit banking operations. Wrong. Mega-banks (especially in the U.S.) are now an amalgamation of insurance companies, former investment banks, credit card companies, and just about any company that was large enough to exercise undue influence back in 2008 to get their little fiefdom bailed out with government (taxpayer) funds by being reclassified as a bank. With so many systemically important companies whose main revenue stream isn't from depository operations reaching for the government cookie jar is it any wonder trillions of dollars are constantly flushed into a black hole in support of the life styles of the rich and famous - all those wondrous banksters and their very bad habits.

Too-Big-To-Fail -

A business is too-big-to-fail if it is controlled by executives who spend enough on lobbyists to have collected prize pet legislators, are members of the global kleptocratic cabal, and adhere to all the teachings of voodoo economic principles that underpin the legitimacy of the contorted kleptocracy. When their firms get into significant financial trouble due to their management malfeasance, or any other problem that threatens the organization's survival within the Socialist Corptocracy - the union of vested powerful elite interests - it is incumbent upon government (their buddies) to let these pirates grab all the booty they can stow away on their ships - compliments of the hardworking taxpaying citizenry. This usually holds these wasteful incompetents over until their next screw-up or in the case of banksters their next high-stakes bet that goes bad.

Quantitative Easing -

Yet another way to flood banks with real assets is for a central bank (Federal Reserve or Government Bank) to electronically create money out of thin-air and use this newly created money to buy (highly liquid) government securities and other securities (mostly highly leveraged securities similar to toxic CDO's) from banks in an effort to increase bank lending and the money supply. These actions are typically taken by a government central bank to prevent or avoid a deflationary cycle where prices fall uncontrollably. That is the official definition given by voodoo economic fairy-dust throwers. Unfortunately, in a world controlled by mega-elite interests that constantly require the replenishment of banking coffers (including bailouts) to fund newly minted risky investment vehicles a more realistic scenario has big-bank banksters setting up a meeting with their elite enforcer (central banking sovereign) through the banking industry lobbying arm when they need a fresh infusion of money. What is best for the country topics are never breached during these meetings - of primary importance is always how much of the trashy crap can be offloaded. Taking the trash out big bank style is the dumping of "Other Securities" for cold hard electronic money, real asset replenishment by governments that allows the banksters to play the risky investments craps table once again with no concern for the consequences of their actions. Now don't get all worked up for isn't this what a favorite uncle is for a 'hit' when you need it most?