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1% Elites Fear Bernie Sanders Pure Democratic Ideals

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Mass media has already christened Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. Their rationale or lack thereof is based upon some preordained jungle voodoo. Evidently the elite 1% high-priestess was able to align taproots so they point straight at the sacred Watoobee burial site. Or maybe it was the palm reader they keep on retainer that spotted those squiggly stray lines on a few of the top elite gangsters' hands that has the pirate class all excited.

Those who have fond memories of bandit's gathering around a crystal ball will be shocked to learn that it has fallen out of favor. Most are lying scratched up in your nearest mile-high garbage dump. Whatever future indicators were used - doesn't that sound so damn scientific, future indicators - well however the twisters of reality spin it - their masters' candidates like Hillary, Jeb, and "The Donald" are going to win because Super Pac booty in the billions of dollars will buy the nominations and the election. At least that is the convoluted logic of global capitalist oligarchs. They still have faith that the marketers with their glitzy ads will once again turn voters into mindless lever pulling zombies.

With confidence high that nothing will change, the capitalist thieves believe they will still be able to shove their candidates down the wide open gullets of the income-starved general citizenry. Their mass media machine is proclaiming that all those who support Bernie Sanders are simply wasting their time - according to the press parrots there is a better chance of a killer asteroid hitting Earth than Bernie getting the Democratic Party's nomination. Guess we had better start reserving our seat at the nearest asteroid shelter or subterranean pit. This is going to be a big one, maybe a 100 mile planet killer.

After a while you just get numb. Oblivious to the propagandists attempts to lather your sensory organs in a gush of meaningless drivel. That is why Bernie Sanders is so enticing he actually has something meaningful to say. His agenda is not the same old capitalist labor slave doctrine pulled out each election cycle and dressed up for us gulag prisoners. The royals are desperate to stop his accelerating momentum. They are using every bought out segment of this corrupt society to dissuade us wage poor bottom-scrappers from supporting Bernie. For they realize that if he is elected their rein of rule will come to an abrupt end.

Why are the capitalist hoodlums terrified of change, the extinguishing of the status quo?

By refactoring society from a cabal of gangster bosses who rule over every aspect of this capitalist 'taker' planet the majority of citizens could then scale the walls of their corporate prisons taking back what they rightfully own through the sweat of their daily production. All the money that the CEO executive types pilfer away on immeasurable luxuries, the surplus that is the cash left after deducting costs of operation from the general corporate revenue would be ours to distribute as we please. This is what has elites sleeplessly tossing around in their satin sheets, nightmares of their dethroning by a throng of commoners.

So to nix this serf revolt requires that our lords use every subversive tool at their disposal. They have therefore unleashed a campaign of deception and propaganda unparalleled in the annals of capitalist treachery that is laser focused at the income starved general population. Our masters realize that if they are not successful in squelching this prison riot that their kingdom will fall. We are now fully aware of the con they have played on us over the centuries. No more will we bow before them just so we may receive a pittance while they stash away in Swiss bank accounts the lion's share of the loot.

The objective that we have set our sights upon is complete and total ownership of all corporate entities worldwide. That is the collective ownership, control, and right to distribute how we see fit all surplus revenue generated by the firm. What this equates to is the unrestricted self-emancipation of the working class.

How will the downtrodden classes accomplish this audacious goal of instituting pure democracy that is unbroken from morning to night and also defang the 1% economic predators?

Simple, we will inoculate every aspect of society with genuine democratic institutions that cannot be subverted by a group of rapacious bandits. At the corporate level we must first create Workers' Self-Directed Enterprises (WSDEs) that will essentially be the economic and political nuclei that will collectively orchestrate all democratic functions across the nation-state. For those who are not actively engaged in work there should be a corollary council of close-knit citizens organized similar to the WSDEs. Every councilmember of either a WSDE or People's Council will be directly answerable to their constituents and subject to immediate dismissal if so deemed necessary by their constituents'. These small communities of citizens who are intimately connected to one another through their daily activities will representative of the best that close contact democracy has to offer. Friends and coworkers will cooperate to achieve shared dreams and aspirations locally and also globally through their elected delegates.

Yes, you read that right - global not nationally significant issues addressed by all WSDE and People's Councils when legislating at the highest level above their typically corporate or locally focused jurisdictions. Keep in mind that a WSDE and People's Council is the merging of the economic and political into an all-inclusive democratic societal institution that will eventually be found anywhere humanity aspires to be free. After the elapse of an undetermined length of time it is hoped that human beings will finally unite under a single People's Parliament that would annually welcome elected WSDE and People's Council delegates worldwide to legislate on issues affecting the entire planet.

Genuine democracy does not restrict or limit its scope based upon the dictates of a few in a privileged minority that wish to keep power simply to loot the majority. Real unconstrained, unshackled democracy folds its embrace around every infinitesimal occurrence that involves active, free, inquiring, and unintimidated citizens. Do not slander the ideal of democracy by announcing it deep inside this autocracy. There currently is no true democracy on this blue planet.