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Genre: Non-Fiction: Technology
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Author: Raymond Pairan


Microservices cannot be simply ‘wired up’ with some basic technical knowledge about what constitutes a Microservice Architecture. There is more to a Microservice Architecture than developing isolated and unique services with a blueprint like set of architectural artifacts. Successfully understanding microservices requires a paradigm shift no less radical than moving from a procedural to an object oriented programming language. Microservice Architecture is not just technical but also a new business philosophy rooted in antifragility, freedom, and flattened power structures.

This book will take you on an expedition to a yet to be fully explored ‘planet’ with a divergent philosophical underpinning that is completely alien to some technologists. Our voyage of discovery will be traveling through a landscape that is unrecognizable. If it were not for the historical map that explains the origins of this empowering technical perspective most would be disoriented at the outset of the voyage.

New conceptualizations are found throughout the book.

For instance, an Enterprise Architect/Thought Leader within an Agile/Open Source horizontally defined organizational power structure will be someone who has the business, marketing, technical, inspirational, entrepreneurial, and innovative abilities to help guide an organization's fused business and technical direction.

That's right, the large lethargic organization will eventually shift from a hierarchical to a horizontal power structure with the resulting outcome being the elimination of many useless layers of bureaucracy and procedures. We are moving from the age of the monolith both technical and business into a world of nimble employee empowered organizations.

Essentially, the new Enterprise Architect or whatever we end up calling this position will be a thought leader for the firm, having the insight across many disciplines to contemplatively drive the company into the 21st Century. In a flattened firm all the previously siloed departments like marketing, finance, leadership, technology, and... are united into cross discipline teams similar to how we utilize Agile in technology. The entire firm is Agilized - not a word yet but maybe it should be.

Traveling to this new land of freedom requires that explorers not take any neat and tidy preconceptions with them - come along without any baggage. This book will challenge how you view technology to the core of your being. When you have finished this journey all that you believe and cherish from a technical standpoint will be cast aside.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Early Years
  • Welcome Back the Change-Agents
  • The Open Source Revolt
  • What Is Inspiring the Evolution of a Microservice Architecture Orientation?
  • Microservice Architecture Is an Extension of “Open Source” Neighborhood Philosophy
  • Essential to the Success of a Microservice Architecture
  • Microservice API Platform Management/Gateway (MAPI-PMG)
  • Antifragile Characteristics of Microservice Architecture
  • Service Mesh
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Is Not a MAPI-PMG
  • How is a Microservice Architecture Different from a Monolith
  • Using Technology Archimetrics to Contrast Microservice Architecture from a Monolith
  • Decomposing a Monolith
  • Deploying a Microservice Architecture on the Cloud
  • Microservice Architecture Security
  • Recommended Books


Ray Pairan Jr is currently a Senior Technology Architect for the Infosys FSSTAR Digital Center of Excellence. Over his more than 22 years of technology experience as a Senior Software Engineer and Lead Engineer he has architected many systems including a System-of-Systems Army integrated network for DARPA’s Future Combat Systems. Our modern technology adventure owes its beginnings to some of the early technologies he extensively helped architect and develop.

Early Years

Falling into the profession of what was then called programming my skills and interests were tickled at a very early age by an after school class in FORTRAN. Miami Killian Senior High back in the mid-1970s was situated within an upper-middle class neighborhood in what was termed South Dade - geographically the Dade county metropolis dominated by Miami, Florida.
You have to understand that way back when dinosaurs roamed free across unfenced villages programming was considered a far-out fringe occupation that engaged super-brainy types who worked for IBM and a few other very large computer companies. Sometimes the U.S. military through its network of military contractors like Lockheed would also grab those who had the requisite knowledge in technology. So for a high-school to setup a large room with many large green bar printer terminals linked to the school district’s IBM mainframe just to teach programming to a bunch of math wizards was quite the leap off the deep end....

Welcome Back the Change-Agents

Autocratic organizational structures with their integrated chains of command mimicked in the software processes, tools, and tightly coupled outcomes of synchronized production are diametrically contrary to the dynamic and ubiquitous freedom of expression of the billions of individuals now using the Internet. Our organizational structures are therefore not in sync with a more enlightened freedom and interflow of innovation and expression streaming across the Internet.
In their attempt to stifle intellectual expression, many firms locked down their developers in even more stringent over the top processes ow fully integrated into the tools they were using to design and code applications. There just was no letup by the process hounds fresh on the trail to more fame and fortune. No one even thought to ask the technologists doing the work how this would impact their productivity, innovativeness, and especially the quality of the systems they were supposed to produce like so many widgets popping off a production line....

The Open Source Revolt

Progress is a byproduct of built up historical imperatives. Epochal dynamism that shifts humankind into new modalities is a flood of progressiveness finally allowed free expression and general support. Once the Agile methodology and the associated empowerment of former production oriented workers were let loose there would be no stopping its spread - especially into technology startups hankering for ubiquitous communication pathways and supercharged idea generation.
Production dazed technology workers; the cubicle deadened developers getting a taste of an enlightened business subculture in Agile started dreaming of charting their own destinies with other techies. By expanding the Agile processes throughout an entire organization not centered upon profit - at least not initially - these lovers of technology could experience the thrill of creating something where nothing existed before, they could dare to dream big dreams....

What Is Inspiring the Evolution of a Microservice Architecture Orientation?

Shifts in paradigms never originate from a single event but are the result of multiple changes merged and transformed in environments conducive to their insights. Internal and external cultural ground must be fertile enough to support the monumental reorganizing of how human being’s comprehend their world. We never end up substantially reworking something just because it entails some emotional stimulus. Dramatic changes in all spheres of human endeavor occur because of a need to fix something — a desire to make our lives easier or more rationally ordered.
Similarly, the Microservice Architecture thrust did not happen because someone decided they just wanted to disrupt the proverbial 'apple cart'. On the contrary, microservice architectural insights were the result of the dysfunctionality of corporation hierarchical command structures that had been infused into technology....

Microservice Architecture Is an Extension of “Open Source” Neighborhood Philosophy

Microservice Architecture encompasses not just the technical aspects of designing a resilient, adaptable, secure, and scalable framework but also ensures its successful implementation by infusing it within an organizational structure that embraces the microservice philosophical paradigm. Simply providing an organization with the technical understanding of what comprises a Microservice Architecture and all the base technologies that can be utilized is a recipe for failure....

Essential to the Success of a Microservice Architecture

  • Small sized microservices that do only one thing well
  • HTTP/REST enabled JSON messaging
  • Each microservice is context bounded
  • Design microservices to be capabilities-centric not CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) data conveyances


Microservice API Platform Management/Gateway (MAPI-PMG)

Bona-fide MAPI-PMG orchestration management gateways like Kong and Tyk were built not by control oriented but an “Open Source” flat startup free spirited culture that values cooperation and collaboration. That is why Kong and Tyk do not send their spider webs out to ensnare zombie services, subsystems, and processes to be micromanaged by some complex yet fragile central control core....

Antifragile Characteristics of Microservice Architecture

Having many components or parts, a Microservice Architecture maximizes the antifragility of the entire structure. Microservice Architecture inherently enhances system noise due to the many microservice interactions. This increased noise reduces the fragility of a Microservice Architecture and optimizes its antifragility with environmental stressors that tug and pull at the system in many different ways allowing the system to get stronger....

Service Mesh

Independence of each microservice in a Microservice Architecture is the primary objective needed to maintain flexible continuous change and the ability of this design pattern to easily scale. Objectives are not hard fast rigid constraints, in a world that continually changes and adapts too many stressors and triggers we cannot be absolutely certain that when building a real world system that there will never be the case when two microservices will need to pass messages....

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Is Not a MAPI-PMG

There seems to be quite a bit of confusion surrounding an MAPI-PMG. Some believe that an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) like MuleSoft, especially given how this framework has been recently marketed, has now been miraculously transformed into a modern MAPI-PMG microservice orchestration management/gateway. All ESBs, especially MuleSoft are tightly bound distributed monoliths that glue all the components, dumb services, and disparate subsystems of a tightly coupled system to its central control architecture. Just stay away from these beasts like a werewolf when there is a full moon....

How is a Microservice Architecture Different from a Monolith

Centralization, absolute control, and the always increasing size of the Monolith are radically different from the decentralized and totally decoupled Microservice Architecture. Spending most of my early career trying to create crystal palaces, pure monoliths that most of us dinosaur ranchers believed could anticipate every eventuality or stressor that the real world would throw at them, every state, either resting, transition, and that perfect never achieved state, let me say unequivocally that this is a fool’s waste of time. We humans, all our imperfections, in an imperfect, but very stressor adapted untidy world are wholly incapable of creating anything perfect and that is especially true when it comes to maintaining or managing any system state effectively....

Using Technology Archimetrics to Contrast Microservice Architecture from a Monolith

The term that I use for my new analysis of system and technical architecture dynamics is Technical Archimetrics. Prefacing Archimetrics with the word technical is essential because this term is also used in the brick and mortar architectural profession. Not satisfied with simple descriptions of various technical architectural states my intention is to quantify and qualify these changes with intuitive linear diagrams....

Decomposing a Monolith

The entire conceptual origin of a Microservice Architecture design pattern came from the need to logically breakup unwieldy, unmanageable, and inflexible, process constrained, and tightly coupled monoliths. These beasts were infused into overly complex frameworks like Java EE and .NET that also had application servers requiring constant maintenance and technical handholding....

Deploying a Microservice Architecture on the Cloud

Along with the unreality that ESB SOA is somehow a Microservice Architecture another equally disturbing misconception is that a Microservice Architecture is integrally tied to the Cloud. Cloud technologies like AWS, Azure, and a host of others are distinct and separate from a Microservice Architecture. Whether an organization decides to utilize the services of a Cloud for PaaS, IaaS, or SaaS is a mutually exclusive decision distinct from whether to use or not use a Microservice Architecture....

Microservice Architecture Security

Obfuscating the backend microservices in front of a reverse proxy like a Microservice API Platform Management/Gateway (MAPI-PMG) similar to Kong and Tyk goes a long way in securing microservices that prior to the advent of a MAPI-PMG were externally exposed on the web. The Open Banking legislation in Europe and the UK mandates that all banks provide information that can be used by customers and Fintechs (operating as 3rd party aggregators for customers) to enhance the online banking experience....


Society Rooted in Genuine Democracy
- Contrivance of Financial Extraction Called Capitalism
- We Need a 21st Century People-First Society
- Glimpses of Freedom Outside of the Corporate Dictatorship
- Real Democracies Represent Their Citizens-They Do Not War With Them in the Streets
- Civilizationism is a Democratic Systems-Linked Modern Minimalist Oriented Civilization
- People First Society
- Movement's Liberty Congress and No Free Ride Features of Civilizationism
- People's Movement Is Resolute to Be Rid of Corporate Dictators
- Genuine Revolution Is the Only Way to Sack The Establishment
- Capitalist Society Is the Problem - Replace It with Real Democracy
- Joy Will Be Contagious in a People's Movement Civilizationist Civilization
- People's Movement Frees up Income and Wealth to Build an Amazing Civilization
- Capitalist Society Is an Evil Exploitative Construct That Cannot Be Reformed
- Revolution Removes Impediments and Freedom 'Whitens' the Societal Space
- New Civilizationist Society that Benefits Everyone
- Property of a Tiny Ruling Class
- Gradual Transformation from Capitalist Exploitation to 24/7 Freedom
- Let's Create a New Society That Is the Guarantor of Our Happiness
- Envisioned New Society is Not Socialist, Communist, or Capitalist
- Today We Crawl Out From the Rut to Look Across Our Limitless Future
- Oligarchs Are Attempting to Shatter the Unity of the People's Movement
- Pure Bottom-Up Democracy Comprehensively Empowers the Individual
- With Every Passing Second We Get Closer To a Bottom-Up Pure Democracy
- 99% Demands Intellectual Outlets and Professional Opportunities
- Purple Wave Washes Away Parasitic Society
- Democratize Societal Institutions through Use of Technology - Dump Obsolete Rulers
- Purple Transports the Parasites Evil Life Stream Skyward
- Bystanders Along For the Ride
- Uniting the Planet Is the Central Purpose of The People's Movement
- Empower Corporate Producers within Purely Democratic Spheres of Influence
- Throughout History Bad Leaders Have Infected Human Organizations
- Jettison Ideological Boundaries
- Leaders Should Never Destroy Dignity
- Societal Artifacts - Beautiful Technological Marvels
- Elite Global Corporate Lords Found Guilty
- Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom
- Reason Eventually Trumps Instinct
- Products Are the Footprint of a Society
- Build Human Imperfection into Societal Structures
- Poverty, Crime, and Drugs Eliminated In Equitable Society
- A Sustainable Future for America Built Upon Equality
- Sham US Presidential Election
- Do Not Accept Election Results - Replace Wall Street 1% with Our 99% Society
- Expose Everything, Until There Is Nothing Left To Expose
- 99% Unite Under Civilizationist Revolutionary Party or Risk Disjointed Failures
- New Civilizationist Party
- Blockade Elite Power Centers - Ostracize Delegates, Lobbyists, and 1% Powerbrokers
- Who Needs Voters in A Rigged Anti-Democratic Process?
- Political Party Bosses Handpick Candidates in Autocratic Societies
- Vote for Bernie Sanders - Make Way for Real Democracy, Not This Cheap Substitute
- Trump and The Establishment Are the Enemies of the General Population
- People's Movement Is Not Listening to The Establishment Media Nonsense
- Big-Business Hooked Puppets Promote Continued Milking of Ninety-Nine Percenters
- Donald Trump and The Establishment Want Global Police State
- Expulsion of 1% 'Income Strip-Miners' Is a Worldwide Struggle
- 99% Do Not Want Tweaks but Instead Revolutionary Change
- People's Movement Revolution Unites Citizens across the Entire Ideological Spectrum
- Stand With Bernie Sanders - Fight 1% Tyranny
- 1% Elites Fear Bernie Sanders Pure Democratic Ideals
- No More Negotiating With Donald Trump and All the Other Elite 1% Rabble
- Journey into a Future Devoid of Barriers and Constraints
- People's Movement Rejects 1% Elite Puppets Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush
- Support People's Movement Candidates That Coincide with Your Political Philosophy
- People's Movement Bridges the Conservative and Liberal Divide
- Truth is Apolitical
- U.S. Democracy Is Not Founded Upon Loyalty to the Democratic and Republican Parties
- Electorate Walk like Cows to Their Milking Stalls
- Reject the Democratic and Republican Lobbyist-Snatched Automatons
- Dissolve Political Parties and Outlaw Lobbyists
- People's Movement - Elect a Hero
Earth Planetary Parliament
- Earth Planetary Government Jettisons Election Spending Arms Race
- Collectively We Are Shaping Our Own Destiny
- People's Movement - What We Stand For
- Earth Planetary Government Promotes Expansive Economic Growth
- Lives Are Electrified With Possibility
- Explosive Energy of an Empowered Happy People
- Elaboration on the Earth Planetary Government's Three Pillars of Stability
- Earth Planetary Parliamentary Session Under Legislative Sequestration
- Traumatic Societal Transformation
- Planetary Constitutional Convention Gets Underway
- Earth Planetary Parliament – 2016 People’s Movement Session
Capitalism is Rigged to Enrich 1% Elite Class
- Far-Right and Centrists Repackage Capitalist Handout to Rich
- Capitalism, Immigration, and a Society Geared Towards Failure
- Stand Up, Sit Down, or Rise-Up Against Global Corporate Dictatorship
- Fight the Instrumentality of 1% Parasitism-Blockade Democratic National Convention
- Dethrone the 1% Parasites, Shadow Government, and Corporate Dictatorships
- The Establishment's 'Taker' Society Is a Failed Experiment
- Lobbyists Love Vulture Capitalism
- Trump's "Establishment" 1% Strip Mining Cronies Are Insane
- Why Is It Sacrilegious To Criticize Capitalism and Corporations?
- Spray of Bullets Hit Many Windshields - Global Gulag Has No Favored Serfs
- Let No Barriers Impede Your Evolution
- Crown Prince Godlings Create the Train Wrecks of This Planetary Apartheid
- Hostile Bastion of Gross Inequity Struggling To Reach Democratic Stability
- People's Movement Nation-State Punishes Corporate Traitors
- Subterranean Labor Herd
- Oligarchs Crave Fresh Harvest of Labor Slaves
- An Octopus of Kleptocratic Control
- Mystical Predestiny - Corporatist Attempt at Pacification
- Propagandists Promote Income Inequality
- Super Rich Rejoice - Income Starvation Spreads
- A Mixture of Anger and Regret
- Flesh Eating Mega-Corp Governments
- Flesh Eating Crony Capitalism
- The Pampering and Maintaining of The Worst of Us
- Evil Empire Marches Forward
- Employer's Word is Gold - Worker's Is Dirt
- Corporatist Jails - 'Democratic' and State Capitalism
- Are You Better Off Now?
- Lit Path of Blackened Nothing
- Labor Robots Don't Question
- Unwinding of Corporate Authoritarianism
- Gulf Oil Gusher and Education Spin
- All That Babble Distorts the Facts
- Capitalist Sinners Repent - Work Harder, Desire Less
- Big Business Handed Trillions - Single Mother Cries
- Additional $350 Billion TARP Bailout for Elite
- AIG Raids U.S. Treasury - Lobbyists Work Pays Off
- Caress Us with Lies from a Corrupt System
- Another America - A Business Kingdom
Big-Business Manipulated Society
- Purposeful Distraction: The Reality Obfuscation Champaign
- Ineffective Orwellian Fear Mongering and Scouring of Conversation Channels
- General Population Are "The Expendables"
- 1% CorpGov Global Economy Failing Fast - So Freedom of Speech Must Die
- Capitalist Society is a System of Corruption a Parasitic Excrescence
- WHO Proclaims Zika Is No Threat - Corporate Dictatorship Cheers
- Riding the Surf of Purple Waves a Farcical Society and Economy Is Ditched
- The Establishment is to Blame for the Blight, Hopelessness, and Violence
- Corporate Media-Machine Decouples Economy from Destabilized Society
- The Consequences of the Rigged Society Fabricated By Elite Thieves
- Building a Foundation of Understanding
- Seeds of a Humanity That Is Aware Of Its Interdependency
- People's Movement Will Never Permit Our Transformation Into Good Obedient Slaves
- By Distracting the Gaze of the Clan You Risk Being Ostracized
- Target the Plutocrats Castles Not Our Fellow Valley-Dwellers
- Ultra-Capitalism's Bureaucratic Inertia and Shortsightedness Assures its Failure
- Condescending Elite Powerbrokers Hold the Keys to This Kingdom of Oppression
- Real Constituents Have Direct Access to Receptive Elected Representatives
- Earthly Oligarchic Elites Are Tradition Bound Savages
- Pursue the Relevant Logical Path to Its Conclusion
- Nation-State Leaders Meet to Forge Elite Promoted Feudal Global Gulag
- Professionals Are Now Just Wind-Up Production Droids
- This Dysfunctional Society Breeds Incompetence and Lack of Confidence
- Why Is Everything Unraveling?
- Challenge of Crafting an Equitable Counter-Society
- Blue Planet Is an Aristocracy Not A Meritocracy
- The Scales of Justice Aren't Balanced
- Big-Brother Oligarchy Punishes Nonconformists
- Shipwrecked Wait for Message in a Bottle
- Clarion Call of Pure Freedom
- Thought Silos a Precursor to Intellectual Stratification
- Crony Capitalism - Inverted Totalitarianism
- A Sunny Horizonless Destiny
- Shrink-Wrapped Belief Systems
- Crony Capitalist Society Breeds Good Worker Droids
- Shifting the Blame onto Slaves for Failed System
- Autocrats Coming Out of the Woodwork
- Corporatist Empire Ostracizes, Kills Dissenters
- Rip down the Fence of Corporatism
- Process Hounds Destroy Innovation
- A Rebel Inspired Barrier Free Global Society
- Perverse Capitalist Schooling Is Ruining Our Children
- The New York Times - Elites Pass the Buck
- The Vanquished Love Their Corporatist Conquerors
- The Last Great Depression
- Destabilized Socio-System Triggers Oil Rig Disaster
- Stockades Encircle Humanity
- Pure Freedom Unbent By Dogma
- Reality Tightly Wrapped in Distortion
- The Truncheons of Mega Corporations
- Twisted Capitalist Religion Is Vanquished
- Tyrants All - Conjoined to Evil
- Distorted Conceptions
- Responsibility Rests Squarely With Elites
- Societal Manipulation by the Few Destroys Civilization
- The Myth of the Rugged Corporate Individual
- Practicality Should Reign Over Mythology
- A Pragmatic Severing Of Orthodoxy
- A Clear Unobstructed Playing Field
- Competence and Stature Mustn't Be a Deceptive Illusion
- Conformists - Foot Soldiers of the Powerful
- Conformists Maintain Economic Terminus Glide Path
- A Global Tyranny Transforming Citizens into Serfs
- Breaking Free From Scaly Winged Master
- Common Sense Is Mediocre Seek Uncommon Brilliance
- Business Alchemists Believe In Their Infallibility
- Adding More Useless Layers of Complexity
- A Corpulent Society
- Blind Acceptance of Unjust Economic Society
- An Un-contemplative Buzz
- Cleansing of Thought
- The Malady of Immorality
Fighting 1% Elite Tyranny
- Gulag Gates Slamming Shut
- Do Not Get Distracted By Snake-Oil Charmers
- To Get to People-First Society We May Need To Use Enemy Bridge
- Intellectual Warriors Ready to Do Battle
- Focus, Focus, and Focus - Tear the 1% Parasites from Our Backs
- An Awakened Humanity Will Not Set Its Sights on Mediocrity
- Prisoners of Labor Gulag Are Staging a Prison Breakout
- Dead-End Street Called "Self-Annihilation"
- Spin-masters Golden Bent Pen Award
- This is Our Time, Our History, and Our Destiny
- "Hate-Speech" and "Fake-News" Attacks on Free Speech - New Orwellian Doublespeak
- Nonstop October like Surprises Until 1% Surrenders
- Roadside Bandits of the Corporate Dictatorship Are Unable to Find Their Footing
- We All Belong To a Purple Hued Linked, Intertwined, and Interconnected Humanity
- Summary of Our Current State of Affairs and Strategies to Gain Our Freedom From 1%
- On This Planet Everything in Its Entirety Is Yours - Turn This Mess Around
- By Toppling Executive Dictatorship You Can Stop Being a Passive Observer
- Overt Revolution May Be Necessary
- People's Movement Will Prosecute The Establishment Sociopaths
- Bankster Bad Oil Bets Might Lead to Demise of Casino Capitalism in 2016
- People's Movement Fights Ideology of Evil with Virtuous Philosophy
- People's Movement Declares No Christmas without Real Income
- People's Movement Purple Ocean Unites Entire 99%
- People's Movement It Is Time to Tear the Bloodsuckers from Our Trembling Bodies
- People's Movement Unites World's Citizens in Rational Purple Space
- People's Movement Purple Tidal Wave Surges Past the Castle Ramparts
- Fifth Column of People's Movement Will Not Be Satiated by Feel Good Propaganda
- Societal Apartheid Will Not Be Tolerated - Flood the Streets of Every City
- Years Later Someone Asks Who Were These Brave People
- G20 Nation-State Elite Caretakers Be Forewarned We Will Clean Up This Mess
- Uprooting Planetary Aristocracy Requires a Cultural Tidal Wave
- Worldwide Societal Reformation Can Only Occur When We Cherish Every Contribution
- Revolutions Are Not For the Faint-Hearted and Uncommitted
- We Are Already In Control
- Bend Down and Touch Those Rare Roses
- Momentous Revitalization of the Human Spirit
- Fight for Freedom Today
- We Will Not Be Fodder for the Rich Pirates
- Cold Damp Stone Walls
- Leave a Permanent Record to Build Upon
- Our Societal Rebellion
- People's Movement Message Surge
- Fifth Column Energizes Uprising
- Our Shared Journey Under a Purple Sky
- Communication Saturation Campaign
- Oligarchs Anti-Freedom Crusade
- May 15th Deafening Howling Roar
- Full-Spectrum Transmission of Earthly Socio-Organizations
- People's Movement May Day
- Originators of a Better Future
- May 12th 2014 - People's Movement - "Global Fun Day"
- The 99 Percent
- Take to the Streets!
- Demand a Constitutional Convention
- Disenfranchised Young People Fight for Future
- A People's Revolution for Every CorpGov Puppet State
- People's Revolution Wiping Out 1% Elite Ruled Governments
- Cruel Necessity Doesn't Change Our Destiny
- Lobbyist Rule Must End: Storm the Castle
- Soviet Style System of Crony Totalitarianism
- Cyclone of Discontent Targeting Globalization Gangsters
- Individuals Are Awakened In the Oppressed
- Fight the Mega Business Beast
- People of the World Fight Corporate Monster
- Americans United Behind a More Equitable Future
- Consequences
Global Corporatism’s Environmental Destruction
- We Are All Walking Dead, Even Our Rulers
- Earth Cannot Sustain This Current Level of Destructive Economic Strip-Mining
- Just a Few Tired Thoughts on Planet Earth
- The People's Climate March Emphasizes Our Interconnectivity
- The Last Generation
- Final Days of Humanity
- Staggering To the Six-By-Six
- Live to See the Dawn of a Brighter Sunrise
- Environmental Disaster - A Painful Extinction
- Oil Spewing, Happy Banks, Lobbyists, and Change?
- Oily Commission - Yet Another Report to Shelve
- Polluted Mega Corrupt Dying Planet
- Red Glow
- Economic and Environmental Struggle Ends Swiftly
- Once Beautiful Planet - Ecologically Dead
- Proposed Non-Exploitative Humanized Fully Democratic Economic System
- Capitalisms' Inherent Dysfunctionality Degenerates and Destroys - It Must Go
- Enablers of Economic Criminality Meet in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
- Nation-State Arbitrage Latest Weapon of Corporatist Rulers
- Not Receiving Decent Wages Is Driving Our Societal Collapse
- Behold, the Taker-Economy Crumbles
- The Last Generation
- Global Economic Apartheid
- Oligarchic Slavers Build New Economic Monstrosity
- Subterranean Labor Herd
- Manipulation of Essential Societal Systems Risks Civilization’s Demise
- Ever-Expanding Economy Behind Castle Walls
- Economists Blame Downturn on Weather and White Owl Sightings
- Government Life-Supported Economy Sinks
- Big Farmers and Agribusiness Are Socialists
- Plutocrats, Police-State, and Income Starved Economy
- Income Starved U.S. Economy Sputters Along In Decline
- FED's QE Props Up Failed Economy of Bankocracy
- Quantitative Easing - Free Cash for Bankers
- Super Rich Rejoice - Income Starvation Spreads
- Bankers Raid Fed - Sharecropper Economic Contrivance
- J.P. Moron, Pink Slime and Spanish Banks
- Fed's $76.9 Billion 'Profit'? - U.S. Gave $13.3 Trillion to Banksters
- Exorbitant Executive Compensation Perpetuates Declining U.S. Quality of Life
- No Nation-State is a Special Economic Player
- Jacked-Up on Fear and Stuffed with Illusion
- U.S. and Global Economy Dead On Arrival
- 1933 Lull In Our Demand Starved Depression
- Corporatist Pigs Destroy the Global Farm
- Our Economic Instability - Top Level Solutions
- Spin, Spin Goes the Improving Economy
- Unemployed in Cheap Labor Hades
- Irrational Optimism Fuels U.S. Durable-Goods Orders Rise
- Rational Capitalism an Adaptable Complex System
- Rational Capitalism Instead of Misinformation and Lies
- Responding to Mr. Warren Buffett's Op-Ed Piece
- Speculators and Bonuses Fuel July Home Sales
- Itsy Bitsy Wages Don't Buy Big Things
- Consumption Crisis Resulting From Distorted Economy
- Economic Framework Critical To Our Survival
- Income Starvation Killing Global Economy
- Corporate Revenue Falls, Profits Rise on Cost Cuts
- 21st Century Elite Doublespeak Dictionary
- G20 Finance Ministers Support Zombie Economy
- Banks, Puny U.S. Fiscal Stimulus, and G20 Protests
- The Economy Is Gasping for Breath
- Implosion of Ponzi Society - U.S. Empire Falls
- Bold, Dramatic, Fiscal Stimulus - Confidence Builder
- Business Pirates Raid Government Treasury
- An Interconnected Community View of Economics
- Economics Requires Deep Unconstrained Thought
- Business Hypocrites Want Main Street Frugality
- Attention, Calling the Real Economy - It Must Exist
- Credit Decline Exacerbates Deflationary Stage of Income Crisis
- Seven Hundred Billion Dollar Bailout Will Create New Credit Sludge
- Death of the Great Consumption Engine
- Seven Hundred Billion Dollars to Feed the Supply Side Monster
- Seven Hundred Billion Dollar Bailout - Reverse Robin Hood Effect
- Acquiring a Rational Economy
- Deflation Is Nearly Upon Us
- Our Economy Is Inherently Unstable
- Consumer Spending Blip - Economy Still Tanking
- More Credit Not Required Just Income
- Contrived Economic System - Collapse Imminent
- Business Structural Problems
- The Economy
Short Stories on Fighting and Living Under Oppression
- Super-Snoopers at the NSA and CIA Need Your Help
- French Police State Inaugurates Global Lockdown of 1% Gulag
- The Making of a Labor Slave Planet
- Elite Ruled Governments Keep Us Hyped Up on Fear and Perpetually Hopeful
- Waiting for the Last Tear
- Reality Creation Board
- Cheap Death
- Freedom's Pulse
- A New Day in Autumn
- Freedom
- Adoring Crowds Cheer G20 Leaders
- The Greedy Tyrants Playtime
- Corpopolis - Biggest Polluters and Goldman Soakers
- Crossing the Line
- Galactic CorpGov - Theft on Epsilon Five
- Elite Live Off Pain of Poor
- CorpGov Emphasizes Education
- The Magnificent Human Bone Grinder
- Economic Refugees
- The Complacent Acceptors - I
- The Complacent Acceptors - II
- The Complacent Acceptors - III
- The Complacent Acceptors - IV
- The Complacent Acceptors - V
- The Complacent Acceptors - VI
- The Complacent Acceptors - VII
- The Complacent Acceptors - VIII
- The Complacent Acceptors - IX
- The Complacent Acceptors - X
- The Complacent Acceptors - XI
- The Complacent Acceptors - XII
- The Complacent Acceptors - XIII
- The Complacent Acceptors - XIV
- The Complacent Acceptors - XV
- Tyranny Yawns at Daybreak
- Dirty Secrets Clog Everything
- The Mind Squeezers of the Future
- Stillness on the Horizon
- Global Economic Fascism Enslaves Workers
- Laborers Chained to Global Economy
- Cheap Labor World Races Forward
- Message to Our Children
- A Government Based Upon Lies
- Last Trip to an Eastern Republic Gulag
- I'm So Happy I Should Smile
- The Dangerous Blue Planet
- The Last Word of Freedom Leaving a Spark of Action
- One More Cry of Anguish from the Lost Citizens
- Production Camps Built Upon Tumor of Greed
- Crumbling, Neglected, Cheap American Society
- The Human Toll of Our Economic Death
- Our Nation's Past
- A Christmas in Reality
NSA Spying on General Citizenry
- Shred the Patriot Act and All Other Police State Tools
- Thought Police Ensure Obedience
- Deep Penetration
- President Obama Promises to Curtail Some NSA Activities
- NSA's Daily Collection of 200 Million Text Messages
- NSA Quarterly Probe-A-Thon
- NSA Spying of U.S. Citizens - A Clear Violation of Fourth Amendment
- Tables Turned on Business Elites - Spy Agencies Assist Real Rulers
- Intelligent Network Systems Used Against Spy Agencies
- NSA Could Take Direct Control of Google and Yahoo Systems
- National Intelligence Priorities Framework - Obama Knows All
- World Leader Peepers - NSA Operatives Gone Wild
- Nothing but Happy Placid Thoughts
- NSA 'Big Ear' - Taxpayer Money Well Spent
- Pooper Scooper Snooper NSA Division
- Our Future Spies
- The Letter Ripping State
- Citizens Sanction Trashing of Democratic Ideals
Miscellaneous Essays and Stories
- Doing the Right Thing
- Spaceship Earth
- Earth Dead Planet at the Edge of the Milky Way
- More to Come - Still On the Worn Path to Liberty
- Goodbye, Next Stop - Societal Self-Destruction
- Fusing All Traces of a Mistake in Molten Rock
- A New Originator Wakes from Oblivion
- People's Movement Story Evolves
- Organics Should Never Fear AI Entities - They Will Remain Creatively Sterile
- The Power to Lay Waste to the Entire Universe
- Passion Seekers V85
- Tomorrow Will Require More Commitment
- Break Past Safe Harbor Conformity into Unexplored Intellectual Pathways
- How Can a Dream Be So Lifelike?
- Warning, Warning, Warning - Up Ahead, Societal Insanity
- Our Crystal Clear Blue Sky Rebirth
- People's Movement Unique Identifier
- Humanity May Become Supreme Sentient Race
- Why Were Commercial Planes Flying Over a War Zone?
- A Beautiful Day Awaits Your Presence
- Zalon Kingdom Recalls RAD War
- Power of PM’s Amorphous Dynamic System
- Quiet Streets
- A Better World Awaits Our Arousal
- Party with Your Favorite Oligarch
- Justice Seemed Distant
- Jungle Food, Bad Government, and Chinese Junk
- The Peoples Movement Equals Disenfranchised Global Citizens
- Slavery Starts with Complacency
- The Unbreakable Spirit
- Trip Back Home
- Half Measures
- Observant Ancestors Of Red Planet
- New Killing Fields Must Be Prevented
- The Genesis of a Humane World
- Extreme Pleasure
- The Iovian Moon Base
- Puritan Human Robots Destroy Passion
- Vigilance Is Essential
- The Western Mindset
- Moon Stuck
- Dreaming of a Donut Shop
- Circus Style Full-Bore Sex
- U.S. Separation of Powers - Undermined
- Free the Sleeping Inhabitants from the Feeders
- Surviving after Capitulation
- The Short Reprieve
- The Alliance to Defeat Evil
- The Unquestioning Valley Dwellers
- The Empire and Its Outlands
- A Proud, Passionate Nation with Grand Dreams
- A Deteriorating Country Broadly Smiling
- The Brown Prairie Grass Awaits another Storm
- Our Survival
- Assured Talkers Offer Assurances
- Clear Blue Lights
- A Strand of Hope in the Future
- Elegant Power
- Night Attack
- Road from Destruction
- Passing upon the Rock
- Memories of Life
- A Reflection Turned Into a Painful Present
- Pleasure Blue Escape

My Technology

Institute an Immediate Total Quarantine - Half Measures Will Kill Millions

Posted on:

We must institute an immediate total quarantine (lockdown) in our homes. US military should be deployed to enforce home quarantine lockdown, distribute food supplies and other essentials to homes in need, distribute all medical supplies using their excellent logistics capabilities, and setup Mash hospitals in affected areas. We will never defeat the spread of COVID-19, an extremely contagious and deadly pneumonia causing virus by half measures.

US Healthcare System is Failing to Save Lives

Posted on:

This parasitical capitalist excrescence that is loosely called a healthcare ‘system’, the taxpayers should just let die, like so many patients who are unable to get life-saving treatment because of this monstrosity’s underfunded, understaffed, overworked, and resource poor patchwork of for-profit hospitals. This is nothing more than a scheme to enrich those who milk the wallets of the suffering.

Tell the US government that you are tired of bailing out incompetently run capitalist companies. Seize the entire healthcare ‘system’ from the capitalist pirates who feed off of the trauma and pain of others.

This isn’t healthcare, but instead extortion...

US Healthcare 'System' Precipitating Spread of Coronavirus

Posted on:

United States is precipitating the spread of CORVID-19 better known as the Coronavirus. There are a combination of factors at play:

  • A patchwork of for-profit short-term oriented disconnected medical providers
  • 'Healthcare' system focused only on providing services to those who can pay the exorbitant sums of money for the most basic level of care
  • Hospitals focused on short-term profit maximization not the longer-term needs of the communities they serve
  • Profit oriented systems always limit supply in this case the number of hospitals, hospital beds, equipment, and staff to keep prices of services sky high with lower demand from the wealthy
  • US government that has no interest in transferring resources away from its wealthy 1% constituents
  • US government’s lobbyist directed mandate to maintain excessive levels of Corporate Socialism
  • High level of incompetence indicative of capitalist societies based upon who you know, NOT what you know, and your position in the hierarchical power structure
  • Cases of Coronavirus are purposely being under reported to soothe workers into complacency so that business productivity and stock markets are not negatively affected

Those of us in the 99% general population are once again on our own - Katrina and Puerto Rico come to mind. Could there be many thousands of people across the country who are unknowingly actively spreading the virus?

We need to jettison capitalism from our healthcare system. The profiting from someone else’s misfortune is contemptible.
Additional steps:

  • Remove all middle layer scalpers like corporate for profit insurance, hospital, and medical providers
  • Retransform for profit hospitals back into local community operated General Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical companies should be controlled by their employees and a nationally elected board of citizens

People First Society is a general template for a new society that does not give a few wealthy sociopaths a green light to prey upon the general population.

Young Woman Barely Breathing in ICU Warns of Coronavirus

Posted on:

If you have any doubts about how serious a health threat Coronavirus is just listen to this young woman barely breathing in an ICU of a hospital. COVID-19 is a killer. It can place you in an Intensive Care (ICU) unit of a hospital for days - that is if a bed and respirator even exist to save your life, and this nasty virus could permanently damage your lungs even if you survive the ordeal. Take this virus very seriously - stay away from others!

Just say no to employers who want you to come into work because they view workers as expendable, while the firm’s executives head for the hills!

Many Workers Have Lost Their Jobs During COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted on:

United States is headed straight into anarchy...
COVID-19 / Coronavirus is turning the cracks of a manipulated and contrived system of wealth extraction into gaping chasms.

This short-term focused Corporate Dictatorship only values wealth extraction from the general population to 1% billionaires.

The consequences of such a top-heavy contrivance are now exacerbated by COVID-19 / Coronavirus. Extreme income inequality, poverty, homelessness, starvation wages, job insecurity, the disregard big-business autocracies have for 'their' workers, a healthcare 'system' only designed to care for those who can pay exorbitant sums of money that is chronically understaffed with limited resources and only a few beds, and lobbyist snatched legislators that care more for their genuine constituents - the 1% billionaires and their companies, than the general population - this monstrosity is teetering on the verge of collapse.

Instead of a Corporation First Autocracy we the People of these United States of Corporatism need a 21st Century People First Society.

The United States of Corporatism a Government For the Rich and By the Rich

Posted on:

The United States of Corporatism is a government for the rich and by the rich. It’s only function is to funnel all the tax dollars away from programs that benefit the general population to the 1% rulers in the form of Corporate Socialism. This leaves all programs that benefit regular folks underfunded.

More tax cuts to the rich...
Trump's Tax Cuts for Wealthy Americans

El Presidente Trump added another $11 trillion to the US deficit with tax cuts going to his fellow 1% robber barons so they could buy more yachts, islands, and live like sultans. The US is effectively broke and will be piling on many more trillions of dollars to the US budget that once this is all over will again become the responsibility of hard working Americans to try to balance the ever ballooning deficit. Effectively, the US does not have the resources to deal with a pandemic that will potentially infect millions of citizens and bring the economy to its knees shutting down most productive activities. Problem is, capitalism is a very wasteful system that misappropriates scarce resources.

Caring, equitable, and egalitarian societies do not allow their general population to become labor slaves for a 1% billionaire class. Leaving cities underfunded, undercapitalized, and left to rot is a direct result of decades of 1% robber barons who have dragged all the income generated by workers up to their castles. The oligarchs and plutocrats have a solution for the decaying wastelands they have left behind - poverty ridden and service deprived ghettos.
Shrinking Cities and Depleted Budgets

To fix inequality in the United States we must tear down the power structure of the 1% robber barons who rule over us like the pharaohs over their slave minions. But to effectively energize the general population living in tyranny who may not realize their predicament we must provide many sources of information that explain in detail how Americans lost control over their government and daily lives.
Who Rules America?

Also, reducing the US federal debt is about continually giving government handouts to the rich and having the general population pay for it. We are tired of it aways being Christmas for the wealthy while we are left holding a bag of rocks.

All these 1% lobbyist inspired actions increased the US national debt -

  • Ronald Reagan’s tax cuts to the rich
  • George W. Bush’s tax cuts to the wealthy that blew away the balanced budget left by Clinton
  • 1% Banksters 2008 financial crisis paid for by taxpayer bailout in the trillions of dollars
    The Size of the Bank Bailout: $29 Trillion
  • Trump’s tax cuts benefiting the wealthy

We should therefore be suspicious of anyone who wants to highlight the US national debt, created so that the well-healed lobbyist fixer crowd can get a free ride on the broken backs of the 99%. To lower the US national debt requires real income reaching the general population, progressive taxation that raises taxes on those well-to-do parasites given a free ride or having their losses paid for by taxpayers, taxing large corporations that never pay a dime in taxes, and ridding our government of all lobbyists.

Generally speaking, this dysfunctional, manipulated, and unsustainable deviant societal model is not worth saving - we need to bury the whole self-serving monstrosity in a deep pit.

Hospitals Not Prepared

Posted on:

For-profit hospitals that for years have operated on a knife’s edge to keep investors happy with always increasing short-term profits do not have the resources, beds, or staff to properly address the Coronavirus pandemic and as a result will end up killing millions of Americans.

Returning the private for-profit hospital system to the communities in the form of General Hospitals that in the past always had adequate resources, beds, and staff for any longer-term eventuality will never happen because the US government is to busy lining the pockets of its 1% billionaire paymasters to have any time for us 99% bottom-scrappers.

We need a society that addresses the needs of the many instead of the gluttonous greed of the few!

Spain Nationalizes Private Healthcare Providers

Posted on:

Spain Nationalizes Private Healthcare Providers-
The United States must take Spain’s lead and immediately nationalize the entire healthcare ‘system’ including all for-profit hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical manufacturers, pharmacies, and any other entity that is a profit focused company.

This action will save countless lives by streamlining, coordinating, and ensuring adequate ventilators, hospital beds, staff, and resources are available when the wave of millions of sick Americans hit our hospitals and clinics.

Our for-profit patchwork of rich patron catering healthcare facilities was never intended to care for the entire communities that they currently underserve, we must therefore demand that the people have absolute control over these entities.


WE THE PEOPLE, to save ourselves and our families from a for-profit healthcare scam whose only objective is to meet the needs of the wealthy must immediately SEIZE all for-profit hospitals.

Additionally, all for-profit healthcare companies must also be SEIZED by the People.

We should not allow ourselves to be sacrificed to make way with our dead bodies just so a few rich sociopaths - clearly the worst of us, can breeze through this pandemic with plenty of ventilators, hospital beds, and expert staff.

No human being should be dumped in a parking lot or told to go home to die. The for-profit healthcare ‘system’ never intended to adequately address the needs of the general population.

Only wealthy patrons with deep pockets overflowing with the pilfered wealth they have stolen from taxpayers in the form of Corporate Socialism and extracted from the toil of all us workers are deemed worthy.

The rest of us, who are not in the exulted upper echelon of this parasitical capitalist society are expendable like any other tool used to enrich the wealthy.

Why do we hesitate? Just bury this corrupt billionaire taker society before this abomination has the chance to condemn us to a slow gasping death.

Reject the Born-Again Mild-Mannered Capitalists

Posted on:

Approaches founded in the same old capitalist society will not elicit different results. Supporting candidates who essentially believe in a 1% parasitic system that subjugates the majority to the whims of super rich masters no matter what their affiliation either Democrat or 'Socialist' will only ensure our enslavement and planetary destruction. Following the more lenient new and improved robber barons like Michael Bloomberg, well-heeled lawyers, and all the other assorted 'enlightened' corporate dictatorship spin-masters guarantees that the 99%, all of us who could easily run our own affairs will still be chained in the galley of the slave ship. To effect meaningful change to an egalitarian, genuine democratic, minimalist, and sustainable system that is not dependent upon such arcane social structures as maximal-ism based strip-and-burn consumption and hierarchical overlording of human beings we must completely discard the existing capitalist society in the trash bin....

Overthrow This Suicidal Societal System of Maximum Avarice

Posted on:

Collective communities living outside the riptide of wealth maximizers have little possibility of establishing a ubiquitous truly democratic civilization not founded upon coercive manipulation of the subjugated majority by an increasingly powerful upper-crust of capitalist bloodsuckers. Platitudes, half-measures, equivocation, and all forms of procrastination meld with the intransigence of the 1% ruled purchasing Droids to instill inaction on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, plastics, and other production frenzied wastes excreted from the border delineated, junk utilizing, and gain myopic consumption farms. Meanwhile, all the inmates securely lumped behind this or that imaginary border docilely observe the destruction of their planet. Pointing their index fingers at all those others who are the culprits of this self-inflicted mass genocide lets everyone free-ride the scorching hot ball to extinction with crystal clear consciences....

Generosity and Charity Cannot Fix an Inequitable Capitalist Society

Posted on:

No amount of charity and generosity can correct the gross imbalance of income and wealth stolen by well-placed capitalist scalpers. Decent egalitarian societies do not rely upon the goodwill of sultans to ensure a lucky few labor serfs do not fall off the financial cliff. For all those helped by the charity of corporations or self-anointed crown-princes of capitalism there are millions who go to bed hungry or sit numb from cold in cardboard boxes under bridges.

There is no substitute for a decent, equitable, minimalist, inclusive, diverse, and 24/7 democratic egalitarian society. Relying upon the gifts thrown from the castle walls of a kingly class of all-powerful capitalist manipulators is not a logical replacement for a genuine People-First Society where everyone has a say in how the economy distributes our income and wealth. ...

Women Dragged Off To The Palace

Posted on:

A society like capitalism built upon our negative human characteristics can only devolve into an accelerated degeneration. Any culture that elevates those who treat the vast majority of humanity as a commodity to be exploited will be infected with control freaks who are the personification of this key ingredient of deviant success. Why are we shocked to learn that powerful sociopaths, the controllers of this top-heavy corporate-dictatorship have traits that predispose them towards treating others as inferiors to be used for their pleasure? When a corporation's organizational structure resembles a feudal kingdom with those up top in absolute control of all those who fall below them why are we shocked to learn that this anti-democratic structure perpetuates all the negative aspects inherent to unbridled power? ...

Nothing, Absolutely Nothing Changes Until Capitalism is Vanquished

Posted on:

Count your blessings, grab that new normal applying it to extreme inequality, unaffordable insurance meant to enrich fat cat 1% executives, a planet spiraling towards perfect extinction, governments hijacked by powerful special interests, and every other destructive consequence unleashed by idiots ruling over a complacent global population. Hold on tight to that new normal when you are forced into homelessness because the executive class needs to buy more personal jets or increase their payouts to their lobbyist enablers.

Nothing, absolutely nothing changes until this corrosive and 1% self-serving capitalist anti-democratic society is replaced with a bottom-up People-First Society. Fundamentally, the global gigantic leach that is a manipulative extraction system for the wealthiest planetary citizens - this capitalist top-down feudal holdout must be totally vanquished thrown into the great abyss of human failures. No tweaking of this mess, this legalized extortion of the general population by a tiny sliver of self-anointed despots will ever stabilize this inherently destabilized greed and sociopath generation abomination called capitalism.

Do not believe for a millisecond that your vote matters whether for a Democrat, Republican, or any other derivative capitalist enabler you have placed your faith in to deliver you to a real democracy that is 24/7 - even at your workplaces. Only the complete elimination of all hierarchical power structures that are inherent to all lord-over-serf societal systems of pillage will place us on the path to a reasonable minimalist society where everyone benefits from their hard work.

Not just those who have the power and money to distort outcomes to enhance their own personal pleasure and greed should extract all the benefits from society - everyone on this planet has the right to fully participate in THEIR society.
The Guardian --> "Extreme poverty in America: read the UN special monitor's report"
The Guardian --> "Inequality on Apple's doorstep: how the GOP tax bill could worsen the divide"

Purple People-Powered Society Is Our Next Stop

Posted on:

Reject, chuck down the chute, ignore the glittery stupidity, the glutenous destruction that trashes our planet and happiness. Capitalism, this marauders paradise is a disingenuous illegitimate poor excuse for a stable society. It is a failed experiment of controlled pillage by the self-anointed. Let it join the graveyard of broadly experienced misery. Rip to shreds this latest attempt by a 1% of feudal lords to steal from the many. We are tired of being the idiots' playthings.

Now we will hold our heads up high and control our own destinies in a People-First Society that benefits the many and enthrones not a single greedy tyrant.

Democrats, Republicans, lobbyists, executives, corporations, and all the rest of this dysfunctional pirates nest called capitalist society is intertwined, a twisted serpentine mess that must be buried in the slag heap.

Workers will take control of their workplaces, citizens will directly path the course of their governments, no individual will rule in a coercive bent playpen, only the many through cooperative systems will matter in our enlightened minimalist planet-friendly People-First Society.

The current wasteful societal abomination is dissolving from within - a People-First Society is emerging from our combined efforts to be decent, respectful, empathetic, and generous human beings. Our purple all-inclusive people-powered society is our next stop.

Sing the Praises of All the Glorious Master Insects

Posted on:

Silence, that broadening nothingness at the edge of gradual degeneration slowly envelops this rotten abusive, corrosive, unhappy, and horribly wrong ripping nastiness - the bugs grip the bark tightly. Moist dirt is our foundation, a compost recomposing the ethereal "make noise" rabid consumerism. Crawl on your hairy scaled bellies - try to reach the leafy canopy.

Starry nights, penetrating blue skies, honest fun not tarnished by mindless glutenous collection awaits your notice. Numerous crawlers have fallen to a sandy oblivion. Meanwhile, the comfortable overstuffed forest overlords point in hilarity at all the tree climbers making their way up from the muck.

Wondering, contemplation - vacate that spongy conscious receptacle - just better to focus on the breadcrumbs raining down from above than to feel the cool breeze wafting past the stench. Sing the praises of all the glorious master insects.

Tiny orifices sense a ting of smoke.

Nearsighted little eyes see a gray tarnished distortion blotting out the sky. Heat, a burning sensation eats at the tiny bark claws. The forest was striped clean long ago exposing the beetle bored relics to the elements. No care was taken to cherish the island paradise.

Liquid is now washing over the sand, invading the ash darkened dirt. Where was that speck of soil?

Raindrop Falls Into a Purple Puddle

Posted on:

Do you know this place? A filament of vapor twirls, slowly rising. Infused in a purple hue of our aspirations, the channeling of determination is the friction of souls no longer confined by the imperiousness of chain rattling rulers in this capitalist purgatory. Barely perceptible is the shimmering faint utterances of millions upon millions no longer satisfied with just obeying.

Cool blue breeze caress the stressed. Leave, jettison the broken tortured self. The transformed selfish individual blossoms into a connected particle yielding to the sanctity of community. Flow into the stream of liquid humanity - journey to absolution.

Higher the trembling vapor ascends unperturbed by extremes in a sordid downcast tragically dark turmoil. Clarity of purpose is inherently uplifting - desire cleansed of selfishness.

Tremors shock the atmosphere, air bursts stroke the multitudes into an awakened yearning - freedom gathers relevance.

A raindrop falls into a purple puddle that inks the outline of revolution.

Dive into the cool shimmering water of eternity, a peace, a solace, our destiny.

Cognition to Comprehend the Blended Fusion

Posted on:

Whispers, shuttering cleft utterances drift on the wind from behind many dark walls

Tortured souls who have no one to turn too but their own forlorn destitution feed the abomination

Light bathes the intervening spaces to the perimeters of the bleak barriers

Your pain, your thoughts, regrets, and desires are for all of us to share

We are united in a bond of humanity traveling towards our destiny

Escape the empty and suffocating black crevices

Extend your hand across the tingling color filled channels of promise - reject the pain, rip your tethers out at the roots

Viewing from on high, in the particle-less void above our blue orb - this treasure house of creation - our indivisibility in yellow rays is fused with all other cherished organisms

Eternal ecliptics coalesce - the trip - dashes past generations

Faint twinkling pin pricks beckon

A cognition to comprehend the blended fusion arises

Blinking Red Button of the Night Before

Posted on:

Free falling into societal oblivion is what we are all experiencing. Forces of lunacy, idiocy, intolerance, decadence, and a general disregard for anything that remotely approaches normalcy are tearing apart an already frayed social fabric that has been degenerating over the past forty years. When experience becomes a detriment to obtaining employment, stupidity an asset to be hocked for the highest public office, and knowledge something to laugh at by process supplicants who hold power with their moron brethren - we are all doomed to parish in the great unwinding of decency and sanity.

Daily, our dive into the depths of instability brings new lows; like robots on the verge of eliminating gainful employment for us frail organics. Even thermonuclear war is just around the corner with some deranged little fat man just waiting to push his blinking red button.

Meanwhile, all the super-rich self-anointed through their legions of government lobbyists are stripping the rest of us clean like a gleaming polished pile of bones. They have unleashed their final assault on our pocketbooks through the tax code so they may create a world of mechanoids and human slaves who will be at their beck-and-call while they luxuriate in jewel encrusted castles.

Just like our remaining time, even my essays are becoming shorter and shorter. For it is but a mere blink before intelligent discourse is vanquished along with every other hope for the survival of our species.

1% Steal World's Wealth - $450 Million Wasted On Painting to Hang Inside Castle

Posted on:

How many people's lives would be positively changed for the better if instead of a 1% leach spending $450 million dollars on a painting that money had instead been used by the global community for healthcare, childcare, homes, education, and any number of more meaningful investments in humanity's future? This type of conspicuous consumption by a 1% that has accumulated more wealth than half of the entire world's population through the legalized theft of resources and income from the general population is a glaring example of why we need to create a fully democratized People-First Society.

You have no money, no tangible income besides the credit that is extended to you by bankers and other enablers of capitalist pillage because most of the income that we generate is siphoned up top to the elite investors and their executives. This global system of extortion that allows a tiny few kings and queens free rein to horde all the world's wealth for their personal pleasure and aggrandizement is the reason your real income has not kept pace with the ever increasing cost of rent, food, and all the other necessities of maintaining a decent standard of living. ...

The Powerful Prey on Women and the Vulnerable

Posted on:

Until we fundamentally change society from a hierarchical top-heavy anti-democracy into a People-First Society where real democracy exists even at work, the weak, vulnerable, and insecure will be preyed upon by power hungry control freaks higher up the chain of influence and domination. Women who are especially vulnerable in an anti-democratic society that validates the extreme exercise of unchecked power especially in an organizational setting will always be targets of the self-anointed feudal-like rulers.

End this farce that we are forced to live where a mere 1% has half the wealth of the entire world and all those up the many hierarchical chains of power are becoming more arrogant, powerful, and sultan-like in their manipulation of people, institutions, and governments.

Red Glow

Posted on:
Short Story about the aftermath of Global Warming

Fading against the azure sky of our dying planet the burning ball ignited more remnants of the living. Night was no longer dark but a glowing red. Dust swirled in eddies on the crisp tortured landscape. Fire our ever-present demon was wasting all that is now brown - natural green had been erased from humankind's memory.

Air is now a thin stale reminder of sealed smoke filled rooms. With no trees alive to replenish our atmosphere with fresh oxygen we're left to struggle for each breath.

Most of our species waits in quiet solitude; we've lost all hope in a future that would include us. Precious tears flow down cracked wind burnt faces - the faces of the condemned.

Water rations have been cut again. Great oceans used to lap against lush continents teaming with life. They've evaporated. Some of our more accurate records not tainted by multi-national corporate/government propaganda indicate we lost these treasures thirty years ago. No water remains anywhere on the planet. We've been recycling our wastewater but over time it also vanishes before our eyes. ...

Gulag Gates Slamming Shut

Posted on:

Pontificating CEO rulers dictate to the society what they will do and how they will do it. We allow these egomaniacs free reign to drag us along on their power trips. Entrepreneur hero worship abounds in the Corporatism that has infected the planet. Prolific propaganda has led us to believe that only a few unique individuals are capable of creating extraordinary outcomes. Promotion of the corollary that the general population is incapable of conceptualizing anything original is used to marginalize laborers into subservient interchangeable widgets....

Far-Right and Centrists Repackage Capitalist Handout to Rich

Posted on:

Isn't it amazing that the far-right and centrist candidates have been selected for a runoff by the French citizens? Most on the far-left who are not advocating a return to socialism but instead a new 21st century "ism" that fully empowers the citizenry are amazed that the rake-us-over-the-coals capitalist crowd with their worn-out voodoo economics packaged in a populist wrapper and the centrists who stand for nothing are in the ascendancy. Does this mean voters are convinced that coddling the filthy-rich and maintaining the status quo is the hole they want to bury their heads in, that it is better to just ignore their continued decent into economic, planetary, and societal devastation?...

Do Not Get Distracted By Snake-Oil Charmers

Posted on:

Protesting to have President Trump's tax returns released is a lobbyist inspired diversion to keep the People's Movement focused on minor issues instead of income inequality, real democracy at the workplace, and a myriad of other more important problems impacting the 99%. We are wasting precious resources and time on trying to discredit the CEO President when we should instead be pressing home the ubiquitous anti-democracy and income theft of Corporatist society. The big-business directed robber baron establishment wants to keep the left off their mark....

Doing the Right Thing

Posted on:

Doing the right thing should not be about following a capitalist oriented cost-benefit-analysis that discounts human life. We must also not allow ourselves to be trapped by ideological precepts that encourage inaction when our fellow brothers and sisters of whatever religious, cultural, or ethnic composition are threatened by brutal governments. It is not difficult to consult our hearts to know what is right and what is wrong. Our lives may be drastically changed for the worse because we have chosen a course of action that diverges from what the majority of the population agrees with based upon some self-centered calculation that leaves them snug and blissfully unaffected. What is important is that during our short stay on this world we unswervingly uphold the moral values that are the foundation of all religions even if we do not consider ourselves religious. For without a basic moral foundation humanity is no better than the robots the cold-hearted corporate executives are creating to replace us....

Ineffective Orwellian Fear Mongering and Scouring of Conversation Channels

Posted on:

Lately the United States government has had a parade of 'honest' spooks visiting the oligarchic media outlets to let us little folks know that we should be on the lookout for all those bad, very disruptive, anti-democratic, and just plain evil ideas lurking on the Internet promoted exclusively by a horde of Russian agents. This type of: "trust us dear citizen" Orwellian fear mongering and scouring of conversation channels is typical of autocracies that can only maintain power by keeping the general citizenry ignorant, quiet, fearful, and crisscrossing a rut....

General Population Are "The Expendables"

Posted on:

Super-crust pirates in their global raid on our livelihoods' and planet's resources are amoral tyrants who care for nothing but what they can accumulate in bank vaults. Capitalism is such a corrosive societal construct that it destroys communities and the natural sustainability of innate cultural constructs. Absolutely nothing good can come from this environment of greed, falling per-capita real incomes, and distrust....

Capitalism, Immigration, and a Society Geared Towards Failure

Posted on:

Capitalism is a failed system - it always moves towards oligarchy or monopoly. Ask yourself why it is that all the vested interests within this global capitalist society are dead-set upon keeping a system that only works for the topmost income and wealth parasites? Why do these self-anointed types keep on preaching the gospel of 'free' markets when the evidence clearly points to widespread dysfunctional chaos across all social constructs and institutions inside their free to loot culture of pillage? Profit hungry healthcare is unaffordable and rationed based upon ability to pay, workers have no rights other than the right to go to another corporate jailer or become homeless, government representatives sellout to the highest lobbyist bidder, robots are being readied to replace paycheck poor labor-serfs, the infrastructure is crumbling because all income is being sucked up to the superclass - why even keep up the happy charade? Admit it; the whole damn thing is failing....

To Get to People-First Society We May Need To Use Enemy Bridge

Posted on:

In a society that demands subservient adherence to a feudal state-of-affairs the concept of absolute empowerment is utterly alien. When you are raised to believe that your place is to be a dutifully compliant follower of edicts from above it is hard to comprehend having the freedom to shape your own destiny inside a completely democratic culture that has no hierarchical leadership chain. From the single leader kingdoms to our current business ruled autocracy shrouded in its make-believe democracy the society's humankind has been forced to live under although improvements over their former derivations have all required obedience across a hierarchical chain-of-command. The rigged societal template that enables the all-powerful vested interests to reap most of the benefits leaving the majority to fight over the leftovers in not worth saving....

Intellectual Warriors Ready to Do Battle

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Core ideological disputes abound across the spectrum from left to right. Irreconcilable differences in dysfunctional societies create tension, a feeling like you are clinging to a rocky ledge with a yawning divide below you. Protests, information, and speeches that rally our base keep solidifying our core but only incrementally move us towards the internationalist unity that is a fundamental part of any solution. Creating a cooperative community based self-determinative society free from all hierarchical power structures requires wringing indifference from our culture. Instead of passive sniveling subservient serfs actively participating in our exploitation every one of us needs to become an intellectual warrior constantly learning about the real world....

Focus, Focus, and Focus - Tear the 1% Parasites from Our Backs

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Establishment pundits continue to promote the worn out Republican and Democratic Party machines. We need to distance ourselves as far away from these conniving lobbyist-directed political parties as is humanly possible. Charting our own course into a 21st Century people-first society does not mean we should drag along the baggage of a failed 1% directed society. What it does mean is that there should be a total purging of the current exploitation focused cultural framework from this planet - absolutely no remnant of this big-boys CEO club should remain....

An Awakened Humanity Will Not Set Its Sights on Mediocrity

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Our People's Movement Fifth Column is continuing to marginalize the establishment government entities, political parties, and all facets of this degenerate societal construct. By rejecting all that the current anachronistic society stands for with every fiber of our beings and injecting our new 21st Century People-First ideals and beliefs into this dying system of exploitation we are internally transforming the world from a 1% playpen into a cohesive community of effusive egalitarian freedom. Symbolized by our three purple diagonals of respect, liberty, and dignity we are ushering in a new age of people centric progressivism - a global unity and genuine democracy free of hierarchical power structures....

Prisoners of Labor Gulag Are Staging a Prison Breakout

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The establishment continues to talk as if working people do not exist - like we are mere interchangeable cogs in their system of 1% exploitation. Our human rights and desires always take second place to the vested interests of big-business, big-government, and big rich bosses intent on taking us to the cleaners every chance they get just so they can bulk-up on more money and power. Who looks after our interests, those of everyday citizens struggling to make-ends-meet? Does anyone in the ivory tower crowd care about the havoc they unleash on global citizens who are forced to descend deeper into poverty? Probably not - like the crazed income druggies they are these parasites have an insatiable urge to drain our communities and paychecks dry so they can purchase more over-the-top toys and goodies....

Dead-End Street Called "Self-Annihilation"

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There is a vast network of vested interests that care for the pillage machine that takes the general citizenry to the paycheck cleaners, empowering lobbyist interlopers, think-tank propagandists, and big-business autocrats. It promotes effusive political corruption that transforms all governments into cash cows used by preachers of the capitalist faith. Anything that gets in the way of the steady consumption gorge of the capitalist monster must be silenced. This gigantic horde of leaches will paint any malcontent disbeliever in the capitalist faith as an enemy - especially our vast People's Movement that has infiltrated deep into the inner-sanctum the religion....

Contrivance of Financial Extraction Called Capitalism

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Removing profit from healthcare, aligning the cost with the delivery of services within a new people empowered society where the doctors and all the other workers in healthcare are the owners, operators, and controllers of their own practices delivered across a variety of community facilities like General Hospitals is the only way to ensure that universal unrestricted healthcare services are available to everyone. Profit maximization, the bulking up on plundered revenue by CEOs, executive office manipulators, and major investors is a dysfunctional way to organize an economic facet. But to extend this degenerate 1% oriented pirate society that preys on the powerless majority into a get rich scheme of healthcare delivery is morally reprehensible. Maybe it is time to dump the entire capitalist system of exploitation for a respect and community regenerative societal construct....

We Need a 21st Century People-First Society

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Most of the problems afflicting our world can be attributed to the societal anachronism that owes its origins to 'shape-shifting' feudalism that has dominated human culture for hundreds of years. Our destabilized lord-to-serf command society is in conflict with the free flowing interconnected socially networked real democracy of the 21st Century. It is this cultural schism between the absolutely free form community oriented Internet world and the establishment's hierarchically siloed master-to-slave 1% top-heavy system of privilege that is the source of the tsunami of discontent surging up from the exploited general population. How can the everyday global citizen come to terms with a "me-first" confrontational corporate autocracy that demands absolute obedience and conformity to its anti-democratic precepts when a click away is an ethereal world of planetary fellows across many communities networked in what for the most part is a free-form 21st Century realm of ideas and liberty....

Spaceship Earth

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Short Story

Spaceship Earth was the creation of an egalitarian civilization - a grand exploration vessel that would take thousands of colonists to the nearest inhabitable planet on the outskirts of the Milky Way galaxy. Construction of this massive star cruiser began some sixty years ago when it was determined by a select panel of scientists that our star was dying. Even though we were part of the most prosperous and democratic galaxy in the universe it was incumbent upon all the citizens of the Flaxion Union of Planets to devise our own plan of survival. The Zalon Kingdom would provide whatever financial or other forms of support we Flaxion's needed but it was still our responsibility to locate, build, and get to the destinations we selected. In an immense galactic democratic kingdom it was impractical for the crown and parliament to expend effort on every longer term emergency encountered by individual planets. There just was not enough time allotted to mere mortal beings - even those who lived to an average age of 550 years like the predominant Zalon species. To delve into every single problem encountered on each of the trillions of inhabited worlds within the realm would mean disregarding every progressive and necessary function of government....

Spin-masters Golden Bent Pen Award

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Have you noticed that recently the 1% Corporate Dictatorship's propaganda arm infused across the entire spectrum of media outlets has been myopically focused upon discrediting anyone who is attempting to present a factual account of our 99% global labor prison? Long ago giving up on their responsibility of being the Fourth Estate that protected the remnants of liberty, by exposing corruption, illegality, dishonesty, and other misdeeds of government they are now only interested in maintaining the status quo Orwellian Double Speak distortions for their corporate masters. Instead of in-depth investigative reporting that would have exposed subversion of the US political process, specifically the Democratic National Committee's actions in coordination with the Hillary Clinton campaign to stop Bernie Sanders from getting the Democratic nomination the purveyors of Big Brother's disinformation are now only focused upon trying to obfuscate these corrupt dealings by scapegoating an unsubstantiated messenger: Russia....

Super-Snoopers at the NSA and CIA Need Your Help

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Have you heard the latest "real" news coming from our friendly super-snoopers at the NSA and CIA - in the Ministry of Righteousness? Just this morning the Ministry of Truthful Suppression received word that the Corporate Marauders Club is asking labor-slaves to make a special holiday purchase. No need to worry about being hauled away to Guantanamo for consuming Unapproved Fake News because this comes directly from corporate media, the same spinners of wild tails who also brought us Fake News, Russia-Gate, and Hate Speech. According to the article, the Big-Eye and Big-Ear information sifters in CorpGov want gulag dwellers to join the crusade in ferreting out Anti-American and Anti-Capitalist sympathizers....

This is Our Time, Our History, and Our Destiny

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Stop acting like cowed peasants respectfully looking up at the king on the royal balcony. In order to affect major societal change - the dumping of an oppressive 1% Corporate Dictatorship that flagrantly disregards the most basic of human rights the majority of us need to engender the mindset of a totally free warrior. Many will question the necessity of becoming a warrior; someone who does not take what is shoved down their throat by self-anointed sociopath 1% rulers but is fiercely determined to prevail against all odds. For no amount of coddling or appeasement of control freaks bent upon subverting and destroying everything that they survey to achieve absolute power and wealth will bring about lasting positive changes that will stop the environmental disaster and absolute tyranny these amoral deviants are intent upon bringing about in their hierarchically organized gulag.....

We Are All Walking Dead, Even Our Rulers

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Short Story

Yesterday all the labor-slaves attended the annual "Love Our Crispy World" gala. Like years past the "Anointed-Ones" from "Transnational Corporate Central" were on hand to extol the benefits of donning the color-free all black "Model-Z Survival Suit" used when working outside the dome. Those of us inside the "Ruler Dome" could not understand why every corporate master felt obligated to attend this year's festivity. Maybe they were going to make some big announcement like the time when oil extraction doubled allowing all those with royal status to burn-through 100% more fossil fuel. Just like the planet, the economy for ivory-tower dwellers was red-hot....

"Hate-Speech" and "Fake-News" Attacks on Free Speech - New Orwellian Doublespeak

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All the apparatchiks and propagandists of the 1% Corporate Dictatorship have been hard at work 'liquefying' free speech into an elite approved insubstantial porridge. Our corporate masters up top in their castles have transmitted the edict that all the political speech traveling across the web must be stopped - free speech protections need to be watered-down and in some cases completely nullified. Planetary citizens are starting to comprehend their imprisonment under an obtrusive superclass capitalist autocracy. Far too many are reading, communicating, and rebelling against the sticky sweet paternalism of a global "Big-Brother" who asks that you hand over your soul, ideals, dignity, and self-determination to the corporate masters. So in response to our People's Movement ideology umbrella that unifies many groups under the shade of reality the robber barons have instructed all their minions in government, the media, and business to engage in a labeling campaign that will have the effect of limiting free speech....

Earth Dead Planet at the Edge of the Milky Way

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Short Story

Before the end comes delirium will saturate the human condition.

Fever... Sweat... Eyes flashing anger...

Destiny enters the atmosphere seeking out the hapless, those not noticed - an ordained creative challenge not yet actualized. Confronting the beast that has emerged from its century's long nocturnal sleep will be those who will not sacrifice their principles on the altar of evil. Blood red sunsets may predominate, a pitiful ignorance that silently takes more victims, leaving only those with a decaying staring inactivity, and an expectant satiation of their every whim....

Sham US Presidential Election

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Elections are insidiously orchestrated by media propagandists in a world controlled by a global agglomeration of transnational corporations and 1% elites. The major media outlets promote the legitimacy of the electoral process sham by continually ramming it down our raw throats. Dominant big-money interests flush with money they have stolen from the workers in the name of capitalism bury citizens under a mountain of trash-talk, innuendo, and sensationalism meant to keep all of us in the slave herd plodding faithfully to either the Republican-red or Democrat-blue colored slaughterhouse. Until the world's citizens resolve to completely replace the 1% Corporate Dictatorship that is the controlling entity of this planetary capitalist society no amount of decency or democracy will be allowed to exist and elections everywhere will be mere exercises in futility....

Nonstop October like Surprises Until 1% Surrenders

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Regenerative forces are at work among the citizens of the world torn apart by sectarian, religious, political, ethnic, and nationalist elements. People everywhere are pitching overboard the worn-out euphemisms spun by media pundits, religious fundamentalists, and political puppets all of whom are dragging their tattered 1% payoff hoses behind their lobbyist-snatched bodies. Amoral degeneration is being recognized as the underlying societal problem affecting our 1% global corporate dictatorship. In a culture that values nothing but the dollar bill and numero uno where all means justify the end result of personal aggrandizement a widespread cultural destabilization is now blasting the foundation of this corporate hellhole to smithereens....

Do Not Accept Election Results - Replace Wall Street 1% with Our 99% Society

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Alternative voices are routinely silenced, the big-business media machine is promoting a slimy Wall-Street political insider for President of the United States, all the while the amalgamation of power in this capitalist slave-pen further concentrates in ever more all-powerful corporate empires. Each day it gets harder for our People's Movement to ditch this corrupt 1% Corporate Dictatorship for our egalitarian, equity-based, and bottom-up 24/7 democracy. Oligarchy within specific industries has been rapidly concentrating down to fewer and fewer corporate empires....

Expose Everything, Until There Is Nothing Left To Expose

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Corruption is not and never has been the exclusive domain of a few 'bad' governments around the world. Contrary to popular myth the United States of America is not this saintly 'shining city on the hill'. Freedom, founded in a ubiquitous democracy, in a society that is egalitarian, equitable, and progressively enlightened has never existed anywhere on this fractured elite ruled planet. Bottom-up direct individual involvement in a culture that everyone shapes and molds is anathema to the existing 1% elite power block. Our masters, the 1% robber barons, are only interested in solidifying their power and wealth across their patchwork of fiefdoms. Making certain that the illusion of democracy is perpetuated by obfuscating our actual imprisonment in this international corporate prison camp is the primary task of the corporate media machine that is the glue that binds this farce into our psyche....

Roadside Bandits of the Corporate Dictatorship Are Unable to Find Their Footing

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Clairvoyants need not apply. Common knowledge about the degeneration of this entire society is widespread. Most understand that it is a world steeped in self-absorption, a me-first you-last ethos without any conception of what community, mutual respect, empathy, equity, egalitarianism, and shared cooperative struggle means, a place that is careening back into the cesspool. Manipulation is the currency of this culture....

We All Belong To a Purple Hued Linked, Intertwined, and Interconnected Humanity

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Slanted rays fracture the scorched societal landscape in the dominant global business empire. Two candidates thrust upon the electorate patsies are vying to become the next 1% elite anointed lever puller of this vast global labor prison. In past US presidential elections the two blocks of brainwashed electorate fell nicely in either the Republican or Democratic camps. Now with a much more diverse population that is interconnected across the Internet and with others around the world that also find common cause to dispute the current big-business, super investor, and establishment sell-out of the general population this status quo pillage is not easily shoved down our throats....

Stand Up, Sit Down, or Rise-Up Against Global Corporate Dictatorship

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Without a seamless ubiquitous global governmental framework that is energized by a connected democracy that includes everyone in the process of governing hierarchical control structures promoted by an elite ruling body will continue to pollute our societies. Each human being must be involved in the struggle for liberty and eventually in the process of lawmaking. Standing up or just sitting down in protest for civil, human, and economic rights denied under our current corporate dictatorship is one of many ways we as voiceless individuals can express our disdain for this phony democracy. Anytime you must spend the largest portion of your day taking orders without any hope of changing outcomes autocratically determined by a bunch of managers, supervisors, or executive CEO office dimwits rest assured you are not living the dream of one-vote per citizen democracy. When people are assassinated or ridiculed for taking a stand in their fight to see that justice, dignity, and respect prevail where only injustice, indignity, and disrespect run rampant you can assume you are toiling in a totalitarian state....

Earth Cannot Sustain This Current Level of Destructive Economic Strip-Mining

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Stagnation, a condition of perpetual stasis, the regurgitation of accepted big-business economic doctrine, and a societal snapshot that never changes is the result of a system of upper-class privilege that can only be maintained by leeching off of the disenfranchised, muzzled, and obedient general population. There is no democracy without fairness. Every citizen should be empowered to voice their opinions free from retribution. Income streams from businesses should flow directly to the workers without being siphoned off by a 1% CEO mobster class. Without undiluted citizen control over their own destiny there is no democracy. Any culture that falls short of these rudimentary requirements of modern egalitarian civilization is nothing more than an autocracy masquerading as a democratic society....

More to Come - Still On the Worn Path to Liberty

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Lately it has been harder to get up the intuitive outside of work to write. No, it is not writer's block that is eating away at my spirit. Some insidious parasite, maybe a relative of the robber barons pillaging this planet, much smaller, an undetectable gorger is devouring my energy. Weakness has taken over my life; everything that can be done is undone. Brainwaves are diminishing in amplitude; they must be leaving their ghost of past dynamism behind for all to ponder what has caused the collapse in activity. Maybe my ineptitude is the result of some previously dormant psychosis come to take away what little sanity remains? First and foremost a writer, maybe it is my time to drop-off into a stupor of depression with the liquor bottle waiting not far off in some inner-city shanty? Someone told me the other day that if they had not known better, been unfamiliar with my unfailing constitution they could have easily come to the conclusion that my condition was drug related. How could anyone unknowingly ingest enough depressants to knock an elephant to his knees?...

Glimpses of Freedom Outside of the Corporate Dictatorship

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Brain stranglers in the 1% intelligentsia are trolling the dead hinterland marsh for free-thinkers. These critically intelligent 'radicals' must be wiped out if the toxicity of this mosquito infested planetary gulag is to remain unhealthy to any life form other than slugs. Off in another part of the prison camp rousing speeches can be heard echoing around the Plexiglas enclosure. Most of the inmates are tuned into the heavily guarded convention of the lobbyist infected party hacks. Stories abound of how naive prisoners are lured into the 1% 'conversion room' where they are lobbyist-snatched and turned into corrupt psychopaths. This is step-one in the twisting of the rusty spoon down the throats of soon to be snatched political operatives. Once normal individuals are conditioned to accept evil which is the main currency of tyrants the rest is easy, just give them all kinds of goodies like cash, harems, trips to exotic destinations, guarantees of executive level positions, whatever they desire is theirs for the taking. Slash up your conscience, cast aside your principles, and dispose of what little decency you may have left and you may someday qualify for admittance into this club of the pampered super-rich enablers....

Fight the Instrumentality of 1% Parasitism - Blockade the Democratic National Convention

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Illusions are sometimes very powerful especially when we want them to be - it can be very painful to admit to ourselves that our lives are being manipulated by forces we never believed existed. Conditioning from childhood into adulthood by an outside force determined to maintain power over a large segment of the population creates an environment conducive to a general acceptance of the status quo. The reality of our situation is disturbing. We live in a planetary wide gulag under labor slavery in business fiefdoms, in a place where the capitalist religion is practiced with the zealotry of the Spanish Inquisition, and where 'freedom of speech' has so many conditions that it is almost meaningless. Everyday our cheap lives are threatened by the sanctioned killings of enforcers who are the uniformed defenders of corporate tyranny. If this were not enough to make our existence unbearable, our masters, the 1% leaches are pillaging the planet of all its resources and money. They steal from what are effectively our businesses to line the pockets of boards of directors, executives, and major investors....

Real Democracies Represent Their Citizens - They Do Not War With Them in the Streets

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The laws of the global 1% Corporate Dictatorship are meant to keep the 99% disenfranchised from the democracy only enjoyed by 1% robber barons. The entire legal system is designed so that the majority that just happens to also be in the lower classes remains subservient and obedient to their 1% masters. Basically what exists is a two-tier system of jurisprudence whereby the upper classes enjoy the advantages of lobbyist written legislation that favors them while at the same time keeps all us lower class bottomscrapers from ever attaining justice. Simply put justice is only for upper class pirates, their well-paid lobbyists, and anyone who has real income that they legally stole from the endlessly working labor slaves in the 99% who struggle to make ends meet with their always declining real wages. If you are unfortunate to find yourself in the 99% with bills up to your eyeballs, less free time, insurance premiums and deductibles going through the roof, and basically scraping bottom to meet skyrocketing rent and other necessities you are undoubtedly unable to pay legal fees for even a bottom tier lawyer....

Civilizationism is a Democratic Systems-Linked Modern Minimalist Oriented Civilization

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There is a misconception that by freeing workers at their businesses from CEO executive office tyrants, and other self-anointed 'takers' that somehow Civilizationism is nothing more than Socialism all prettied up for a new generation. Nothing can be further from the truth. What the People's Movement alternative societal framework called Civilizationism proposes to do is to finally empower workers, give them their self-determination, freedom from arbitrary petty dictatorial regimes, let them own and run their businesses how they see fit. This in no way has anything to do with Socialism or Communism. We have never suggested that the 99% who work for a living trade in their private slave camps for government run public prisons where the CEO jailer is replaced by a government Commissar slave-master. Nowhere does it say that your status as a worker slave will remain the same with just the titles of the jailers changing....

99% Unite Under Civilizationist Revolutionary Party or Risk Disjointed Failures

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The Establishment is flailing, capitalist society, our 1% masters and their Corporate Dictatorship parasitism is collapsing forcing the oligarchic media propagandists to work furiously to concoct diversionary spins. In their fabrication of a gush of far-fetched stories on racist, isolationist, fringe losers pushing this 'marvelous' 1% global pillage machine to the brink these lying word-smiths have now passed over the edge of believability. Odd but nowhere can you find in the Orwellian Doublespeak any mention that the real reason 99% of the planet's citizenry is ready to chuck the entire societal model is because it exploits, extorts, and supports massive corruption in support of a 1% minority of neo-feudal parasites. The entire societal foundation is crumbling underneath our feet, symptoms of destabilization are everywhere from ISIS freaks lashing out at innocents to UK citizens breaking away from a 1% bleeder bloc called the EU....

Summary of Our Current State of Affairs and Strategies to Gain Our Freedom From 1%

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Remaining silent, not fighting the rising tide of 1% CorpGov tyranny that steals more of our hard earned money funneling it up to a bunch of parasitic gangsters will not move us towards liberty. There is no substitute for vanquishing, atomizing, and destroying the inhuman and antidemocratic pestilence that is this Corporate Dictatorship. Autocratic business theocracies are the backbone of the devil - an infection of greed that is destroying both the planet and humanity. Our current masters determine how much money they will take from our paychecks, force us to work harder and longer hours for declining subsistence wages, use the money they steal from us to pay off lobbyist CorpGov enablers, propaganda spinners in media oligarchies, and force us to pay for shoddy and inferior products at their 'company stores'. Worse yet, they have the gall to then take the money they stole from our sweat-and-toil to buy 'investments' in the financial industry that then lends us back this stolen money at usury rates....

1% CorpGov Global Economy Failing Fast - So Freedom of Speech Must Die

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Many Americans are pushed up against the wall financially unable to pay exorbitant medical insurance 'protection racket' premiums, skyrocketing rent, and all the other necessities of life with paychecks that get smaller each year. Europeans unable to have China fund debtors like the United States government and their citizens have even less income flowing around in their real economies with the end result being that they have had double digit unemployment for years. So on one hand we have a nation of debtors funded by a totalitarian dictatorship, on the other a boatload of EU nations with rapidly declining standards of living who are unable to find a dictatorship willing to buy up their national debt and horde their currency....

People First Society

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How can anyone say they represent the 99% inside a capitalist system that panders to the needs of our 1% CEO executive masters and takes us to the cleaners financially, psychologically, and environmentally? Corruption is so endemic within this global capitalist societal theft ring that if you believe for a moment that anyone who enters through the lobbyist enabled shadow government doors will come out unscathed then you must be delusional. Have we not been trying to reform this global robber baron contrived system of societal extortion and exploitation for going on 150 years? Other than a few positive accomplishments most have been withdrawn by hordes of enthusiastic enforcers of this grand theft societal scam. Therefore, the only way to replace our overlords both in government and business so that we become the sole constituents who determine how we run our businesses and society is to incinerate this global nest of 1% pilferers leaving not a dust particle behind....

Capitalist Society is a System of Corruption a Parasitic Excrescence That Must Be Replaced

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Marx was right in concluding that the only way to bring down the parasitic excrescence that is capitalism is to completely overthrow the entire monstrosity in a full-blown revolution. Capitalism is a system of corruption that is captivated with promoting the gratification of capitalists and their businesses. Anyone who suggests a break from the gospel of upper class supremacy is immediately assaulted. Overwhelming resources and power are at the disposal of the societal enforcers to crush the unfaithful. The slightest attempt to break free from the rusty hook is met with a swift blow coming from the many integrated layers of subversion that infect society all the way to its core....

Goodbye, Next Stop - Societal Self-Destruction

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Popularity does not translate into intellectual savvy or common sense. Someone who is popular has just had luck provide all the ingredients necessary to place their name in the spotlight. Now if this person could use this notoriety to benefit humankind by pulling together all the fractured communities then we may be able to positively advance the human condition. Unfortunately most streams of notoriety are wasted on actors, musicians, and assorted sensationalists. Having so much to say, devoting close to a decade deciphering the inner-workings of this planet's societal constructs but having no platform sufficient to disseminate the information across a broad swath of the populous is frustrating. But this presupposes that most people want to change the course of events, move from self-destruction to an egalitarian 24/7 democracy that empowers everyone in a stream of positive change....

WHO Proclaims Zika Is No Threat - Corporate Dictatorship Cheers

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We can do better than just exist. The daily drudgery of going to work so that we can enrich an upper crust of elite scalpers does not constitute freedom. Why should we let the 1% parasites drag us into poverty just so they can continue to line their pockets with loot that they stash in offshore tax havens? Revolution is afoot and those of us who are tired of being the patsies for our corporate masters are more than ready to drag them feet first into a dungeon. That is of course after we have clawed back all the wealth and income they have stolen....

New Civilizationist Party

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The only way "The Establishment" can maintain their grip on power is to rig all the capitalist societal processes so that they can always come out on top. A perfect example of their sly behind the scenes manipulation can be found in the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton the preferred fully vetted candidate of the superrich Establishment banksters already had the deck stacked in her favor even before the first primary vote was counted by nabbing 400 plus super delegates. Bernie Sanders a Democratic Socialist has never been able to surpass Hillary's substantial overall delegate lead because even when he would win a state Democratic primary or caucus Hillary would still receive most of the delegates from the state if you add the resident super delegates to the total. This disparity between actual and fictional fairness is why our Movement is not interested in negotiating with the capitalist 1% elite rulers and instead has determined that a completely new Civilizationist Society meticulously created from a Civilizationist Party whose members are a majority of this planet's general citizenry is the only viable path to achieving an egalitarian, diverse, 24/7 democratically based civilization that respects and empowers every individual....

Movement's Liberty Congress and No Free Ride Features of Civilizationism

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Now the time has arrived to join in a grand unification, a "Liberty Congress", or "Movement Convention", a forum that will allow us to exchange ideas and compose a People's Movement constitution that reflects our aspirations for the new civilizationist society that we will create after being rid of this exploitative capitalist tumor. This means that all organizations who share the creed of "The Movement" from root to leaves and all unaffiliated individual adherents should come together so that we may chart our course of revolution, agree upon a "Declaration of Freedom" and "Movement Constitution" that will objectify and codify our primary core 24/7 democratic principles. There is talk around Movement circles that Bernie Sanders has picked up on my proposal from a few weeks ago. He has indicated an interest in having a "Liberty Congress". His idea is to gather all Movement organizations and individual contributors together sometime in June. However we arrange this grand gathering through his sponsorship or mine is immaterial. What is important is that we invite literally every group and individual who wishes to attend this magnificent convocation....

On This Planet Everything in Its Entirety Is Yours - Turn This Mess Around

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"The Establishment" has their propaganda parrots squawking furiously about the utter impossibility of swapping out this degenerate pirate camp of a society for an equitable egalitarian democratic society like civilizationism. A cavalcade of 1% beholden candidates also stated that it was "absolutely impossible" to implement any of the "sweeping changes" to the current gulag labor prison. Proposals coming from Bernie Sanders our "transitional leader", the most liberal of the presidential candidates are mild reformulations of capitalism of the Democratic Socialist variety. They are hardly "sweeping" in scope, more mainstream European Democratic Socialist broad-based egalitarian reforms. Even so, they could stimulate a comprehensive refactoring to a new 24/7 democratic civilizationist society....

Blockade Elite Power Centers - Ostracize Delegates, Lobbyists, and 1% Powerbrokers

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No ambiguity or indecision should intrude to dissuade our People's Movement from acting to eventually put a stake through the heart of this exploitative societal monster. Call it what you like, a market economy, free-market, global economy, or capitalism, it is still an anachronism, a feudal holdout with a few super-wealthy lords seizing all wealth from those of us unlucky enough to find ourselves scrapping up the leftovers that the anointed parasites missed. There are some who would carefully parse their words to sugarcoat our dismal existence. Anyone who uses words to make subtle references to a kinder gentler capitalist society by masking it under the phrase market economy should be reminded that there is no respectful or honorable side to capitalism only brazen exploitation. Let us be perfectly clear, the People's Movement does not want to reform even a flyspeck of this market economy. This is a degenerative, destabilized, abusive, 1% elite manipulated capitalist society that bilks hardworking laborers out of their productive output so that a self-anointed royalty can live like sultans and rule unopposed behind layers of cleverly crafted laws that allow them unfettered authority over all the slaves in their dominion - it must be wiped from the face of the Earth....

Who Needs Voters in A Rigged Anti-Democratic Process?

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Can we even start to make sense of all the dysfunctionality radiating from this societal mess created by our good 'friends' the parasitic CEO and executive 1% leaches? What an amazing week of insanity. There were the ex-Soviet Union 'Politburo' and Chinese Communist Party bigwigs who have somehow taken refuge in the U.S. Democratic and Republican Parties wrestling with the all-important delegate totals. All of us bottomscrapers were being told by the mainstream media that political bosses were operating within the rules of their respective parties. This justified all the autocratic monkeying around, the shifting of delegates to and fro, and the super-delegate lead of Hillary Clinton. Probably they were consulting Chairman Mao's little red book or some manifesto of dictatorship essentials. Maybe these aspiring tyrants just need to get the latest edition of "Everything You Wanted to Know about Being an Autocrat" by Party Boss Publications. That's it; they just need a primer on old school party elitism to tide them over until they anoint their favorite candidates irrespective of the votes cast by the citizenry in the Democratic and Republican primaries....

Political Party Bosses Handpick Candidates in Autocratic Societies

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Society is a malleable organizational creation of sentient beings that typically evolves into its many fundamental parts. Anywhere intelligent creatures interact with their environment like whales and dolphins in the oceans of this world you will find some form of community, shared bonds, a sense of belonging to a group, and a unique set of characteristics that differentiate each element of unity from the others. Higher level organisms that are cogently aware of their surroundings and able to shape the environment that they find themselves within have the most elaborate societal superstructures that can either be collaboratively egalitarian or authoritarian. In all cases from the least to the most sophisticated, the society that we are a member of is the template for our interpersonal relationships, attitudes, government, economy, and how we view the world and ourselves. Nothing is left in an indeterminate condition once a community has rallied behind the rudiments of a society that in the early stages takes the form of a skeletal governing body....

Dethrone the 1% Parasites, Shadow Government, and Corporate Dictatorships

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Revolution in our transformative People's Movement Fifth Column is an ongoing process that is the gradual assimilation of vast numbers of planetary citizens into our belief system. Unlike capitalism that rests on a bedrock of majority exploitation our creed is securely rooted in a civilizationist civilization that cherishes egalitarianism, dignity, respect, and decency. Simply put, what our purple powered wave of discontent has accomplished across this big-business exploited world is astounding - we in our circle of ever widening communities have become the agents of our own inspired change. No longer content to wait for benefits that might trickle down like an economy that just drips imperceptible drops of income into our paychecks we have actualized our own change within a Fifth Column embedded in every facet of this degenerate Neanderthal club-in-hand capitalist society. Destabilized capitalism enthrones the corporate entity, CEOs, executives, major investors, and all the other bloodsucking parasites that feast off of our hard work leaving us more financially impoverished with every passing day. Only a tiny minority of 1% royalists benefit from this despicable system of extortion. Globalism, 'free' trade, the 'free' market system, all the slogans that evoke visions of unfettered democracy are instead Orwellian "doublespeak" terms that mean the polar opposite of freedom - they are code words used by "The Establishment" to propagandize the general population into complacency while they and their bandits reach around and empty your wallet or purse....

Vote for Bernie Sanders - Make Way for Real Democracy, Not This Cheap Substitute

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Political machines have been fully mobilized in the 2016 U.S. Presidential primaries to ensure that citizens do not place their votes for candidates who have not been approved by "The Establishment". Voters are starting to realize that they are only temporarily released from their corporate slave cages every few years to do their duty to ensure the prolongation of this mockery of liberty that is propped up by the Corporate Dictatorship. Their role is to be the faithful fury pet that walks placidly next to their leash tugging master never dragging or pulling on their collar and tether. Just wad in your hand a few extra drool rags so you can intercept those long stringy saliva gobs that make rivulets down the side of your neck when your eyes glaze over from this round of voting for your 'favorite' sanctioned candidate....

Trump and The Establishment Are the Enemies of the General Population

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This world is characterized by a common theme of oppressor and oppressed, exploiter and exploited, a general tenor of uncivilized disrespect directed at the general population by a tiny economically and politically powerful upper class. An unbroken chain of autocracy extends all the way back to pre-human primate progenitors.

Nothing has changed over the many thousands of years. Humans have eerily been impelled to promote a string of strongmen with a few strongwomen thrown in for special seasoning to rule over them in authoritarian regimes. Our early ancestors, organized in small groups, clans dominated by alpha males, were the first to obey a dominant figure. They were unwitting carriers of a genetic mutation that left them crawling on all fours, striving to be good unquestioning valley dwellers, the original progenitors to the easily looted 'acceptors' that would let megalomaniacs with their own genetic flaw rise to be autocratic rulers of a hierarchically organized humanity. Eventually, from the kings, queens, and assorted other oppressor idols the organizational template evolved....

People's Movement Is Resolute to Be Rid of Corporate Dictators

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Watching this make believe society sleepwalk through autocracy is fascinating. You have all these citizens trudging daily to work in their in-hock vehicles suffering through bumper-to-bumper traffic and the occasional accident just so they can arrive at their corporate masters' worksites just in time to be belittled, ridiculed, and led around on a tight leash. Yet after a day of meekly accepting the dictates of supervisors all for less-and-less take home pay that buys fewer and fewer substandard products manufactured by slave labor in China they proclaim the first chance they get how democratic, decent, and fair their favorite gulag is especially when the sun is shining outside the hermetically sealed buildings. How utterly laughable the whole sordid process is, this up at the crack of dawn dungeon crowd that jumps out of bed when the scheduling system starts yelping or the bedside alarm chirps. They respond like all the other obedient droids across this planet, they frantically race to get to their cage. When elections for their favorite bought-and-paid-for stoolie arrive they go to polling stations to cast their vote or raise their hand only to find that their vote is not even tallied in a grand total. Instead the whole affair is nothing more than an exercise in futility because horse trading delegates just support whatever candidate their big-business elite bosses decided will continue to deliver the goodies from the government treasure chest....

People's Movement Is Not Listening to The Establishment Media Nonsense

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Once more the U.S. political circus is producing candidates that fail to promote the toppling of the great American plutocracy. In this land of the Corporate Dictatorship where the touted democracy never seems to materialize for workers subjected to autocratic rule, the marginalized millions of homeless, minorities, and income poor citizens' there are still a few general electorate zombies who punch their ballots for Establishment jailers. This time around they are Marco Rubio and Hilary Clinton with the jury still out on Ted Cruz and the bombastic sometimes on/off bigot, that jumbo private plane flying showman: "The Donald". Why is it so hard to come to grips with the fact that the world's general population is viewed by the 1% as expendable widgets that they wring more and more productivity out of so that they can cart more loot to financial industry casinos and offshore accounts. So how much brainpower do you believe it takes to make an informed decision of who to vote for instead of going all-gut, putting it all on the chopping block based solely upon primal instinct? Used, abused, ignored, and canned it takes an insightful labor droid sinking deeper into debt without wage raises, benefits cut to the bone, health insurance premiums headed into outer space, and that oft "America never stopped being great" honey dew coming from bought-and-paid for lobbyist snatched political stoolies to realize that horrible does not even begin to describe this slave masters paradise....

Genuine Revolution Is the Only Way to Sack The Establishment

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By never fundamentally altering the organization of production at the micro business level and always leaving Boards of Directors and the upper tier of executives in complete control over the disposition and distribution of the surplus that we create the capitalists always have ready access to the trillions of dollars in profits that they use to subvert society. With this cash bonanza they can continue to water down and repel any progressive legislation that benefits the 99%. Capitalists will be unfazed by any spurt of egalitarian lawmaking because they know all they need to do is patiently apply a portion of their profits to thwart, weaken, and drop any laws that negatively impact their bottom line....

Capitalist Society Is the Problem - Replace It with Real Democracy

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a genuine democracy? You are probably looking around you right about now, feeling your pulse to make sure you have not been transported into the twilight zone. Rest assured you are still on terra firma and this writer is not some crazy who has just escaped from a lunatic asylum. Sorry, you are right, it cannot be a mental hospital because our 'democracy' defunded those decades ago so they could yet again lower the taxes on the 1% elite royalty. Enough with the rambling - let's get back at it. How was work today? Speak up; it is hard to hear you. That good, well, did you at least toil your forty hours? Did not mean to insult your intelligence - let me try again. You worked more than forty hours but were paid only for forty - bet you enjoyed every minute of your job. This is especially true when the CEO executive crown princes keep cutting your benefits and paying you less in real wages (nominal wage - cost increases) each year for the past forty plus years. Right about now you are probably thinking this revolutionary leader/writer guy is truly an idiot or playing with you because everybody knows that work is something we suffer through to pull in our paltry salary that buys even fewer chick peas and rice - that is if you do not purchase family packs of these important staples....

Joy Will Be Contagious in a People's Movement Civilizationist Civilization

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So many of the many problems that we face living in an undemocratic and unequitable capitalist society will be washed away when we change to a 24/7 civilizationist civilization. For the first time democracy will bathe every facet of our lives with freedom. Exploitation perpetrated by all the kings, queens, lords, slave masters, and employers will cease. Workers will have the economic freedom in workplaces that they have been denied for centuries. Creating a genuine democracy far removed from this anarchical corporate dictatorship will empower citizens' to determine, control, and prosper from their own decisions. Inner city poverty, drugs, violence, and even the persistent racism that never seems to subside will become symptoms of a degenerate capitalist society studied in future history classes. By providing free unfettered access to a quality K-16 education, having trillions of dollars of formally pilfered 1% income flowing into the economy, directly injecting billions into massive projects, and finally having the resources to fix broken neighborhoods we estimate that endemic poverty and its associated negative externalities will be totally eliminated shortly after ditching this 'taker' society....

People's Movement Frees up Income and Wealth to Build an Amazing Civilization

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Freeing up income from the surplus that was previously being syphoned out of corporations by executives, major investors, and other elite thieves will provide new worker owned, operated, and controlled organizations with trillions of dollars that can be used to significantly increase the remuneration of all workers. These new worker owners will then be able to transfuse an income starved economy with copious amounts of product demand built up to a crescendo from years of income famine. After being neglected for so long, firms will also have the money to invest in R&D and capital improvements. The surplus pilfered by the capitalists to place bets in the financial industry can now be productively used to enhance the general welfare of the workers who generated it and an economy that needs this income to fuel commercial growth. By having our People's Movement government seize all large corporations and transfer them to the workers who will then handle all business decisions collectively through a social network there is no need for the parasitic top layers....

Capitalist Society Is an Evil Exploitative Construct That Cannot Be Reformed

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Capitalism is a gamed societal construct that cannot be reformed. It must be entirely replaced with a new society that is inherently egalitarian - a civilizationist society that does not breed economic injustice - a modern bottom-up purely democratic civilization that does not promote an inherent inequality that contaminates all facets of human interaction with conflict. There is no reforming the employer to employee autocracy. Originating in the confrontational mud of master to slave, and lord to serf, the employer to employee dichotomy is just the continuation of a hierarchical tyranny that subverts all best intentions at democratic reform. Capitalist society is an evil that must be entirely extinguished....

Revolution Removes Impediments and Freedom 'Whitens' the Societal Space

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Hillary Clinton has called Bernie Sanders proposals pie-in-the-sky idealisms. Unlike Clinton who is bought-and-paid-for by Wall Street firms like Goldman Sacks our People's Movement has no such deep-pocket gangsters to bow down too, we are not sting-puppets of "The Establishment" who must follow their script of malevolence and corruption. We are completely free to rewrite our future. Our People's Movement Fifth Column is already transforming this billionaires' rich-take-all society into an egalitarian, equitable, decent, progressive, and infinite democracy. Each day we are getting closer and closer to supplanting this big-business shadow government and their army of lobbyist puppet masters....

New Civilizationist Society that Benefits Everyone

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An entrenched corrupt global plutocracy supporting a rich-take-all society spawns injustice in many forms. Like the permanently poisoned brains of children in the mostly poor town of Flint, Michigan who drank water that was saturated with toxic lead for over a year, even after it was determined to be dangerous by local and state governments. Institutions formally under the exclusive control of the electorate are now just enablers of corporate handouts and business favorable legislation having little regard for the citizenry they once represented. Citizen voices have now been replaced by lobbyists beholden to the bought out appendages of the capitalist feeding machine. Nothing more than a shell populated by popup string-puppets pulled from above by big-business shadow government masters the institutions of this degenerate society are in unanimous agreement: they could care less about the general population. The political mannequins of "The Establishment" only pretend to care for the electorate....

The Establishment's 'Taker' Society Is a Failed Experiment

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Look around you do you see a vibrant advancing society or an oligarchic dictatorship that through its milking of ninety-nine percenters has left insufficient income circulating around the global economy? Glass shards from windows long ago slammed shut blink through weed choked walkways, a massive cracked parking lot many football fields in length disintegrates to gravel, once there were workers that confidently strode from new autos into many now crumbling shells of the capitalist experiment. Our society has failed to live up to the promise of Adam Smith's entrepreneurial gospel. The 'invisible hand' triumphantly touted by the evangelicals of capitalist greed has only delivered a penniless population saturated in debt. Economic activity is grinding to a halt. This is because capitalism's basic structural tendency is to move towards a closed industry oligarchy of less than ten dominant firms. Fused to the media, governments, and every other segment of society the capitalist rulers mold all outcomes to their advantage. They economically strip-mine the general population into destitution. Force workers to accept whatever management decrees in a voiceless autocracy....

Big-Business Hooked Puppets Promote Continued Milking of Ninety-Nine Percenters

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Fundamental change that speeds us light-years from our current corporate controlled society is the only way to guarantee that our purple revolution is not an exercise in futility. We must completely restructure, retool, and reorganize this rigged capitalist society. Let's chuck this rotten system of exploitation in the dumpster where it belongs. Only bought-out political hacks, an academia that owes its professional stature to promoting farcical capitalist economic theories, a gaggle of lobbyists, and an assortment of others who personally benefit from this parasitic society can say with a straight face that we should just make minor tweaks. Income sucker dependent double-talkers' are crawling out from behind the floorboards. Hillary Clinton who made $675,000 from Goldman Sacks for three speeches could never be influenced by a magnanimous bankster empire. She does not feel the least soiled by accepting blood money from this obscene predatory financial casino. Why would anyone believe this corporate fiend had an ulterior motive for handing over this money? These bandits at the apex of an elite planetary shadow government comprised of numerous nation-states that prey upon the voiceless citizenry would never dream of asking her or any of the other free-market ideologues for a favor....

By Toppling Executive Dictatorship You Can Stop Being a Passive Observer

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Workers should benignly submit to any edict from their corporate masters. Laborers chained to the worldwide oligarchic slave machine have an obligation to oil and shine their shackles. Of the utmost importance is regular tightening of the bolts that secure your chains into the concrete. You would not believe the number of times our lords slave masters have found an otherwise perfect galley hand deficient in this simple but crucial task. Responsibility dictates that we prostrate ourselves, cheerfully follow without question, and mindlessly adhere to our own personal destruction for the capitalist society. Most of you find it appalling that some would take their self-sacrifice so lightly....

Lobbyists Love Vulture Capitalism

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Peering deeper into the economic caldron may reveal more serious structural problems. The global economy is teetering on the precipice of collapse. All the machinations associated with propping up this income starved demand constrained system of thievery within this degenerate society only reinforce the inherent economic instability. Wall Street flimflam artists' place bets for wealth thirsty capitalists. Using the flood of 'blood income' cut from workers lives the 1% gamers of this amoral society perpetuate a fiction that a farcical 'economy' can create something out of nothing....

Overt Revolution May Be Necessary

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More of the same will prevail unless we bury the stinking rot in the backyard with the other failed societal systems. There is no salvaging the economic, political, and governmental mess of this new age feudalism. Political parties with procedures and lobbyist interconnections entwined into "The Establishment" now make it impossible for U.S. citizens to nominate anyone not approved by "The Establishment". Suffice to say they have their ways of preserving the 1% big-business dynasty. If Bernie Sanders is popularly nominated at the polls by People's Movement supporters and even some yet identified Republican "Non-Establishment" candidate there are 1% surreptitious tactics that can be used to squelch the people's will. If a truly revolutionary candidate willing to take on the special interests head-on makes it past all the snares deployed to destroy their candidacy how will any single individual, even a U.S. President tear down the big-business machine state? Globally, the entire societal edifice is so mired in corruption that to truly empower the citizens, give them back their constituent voices and remove the lobbyist interlopers requires completely dismantling the network of privilege built up over more than 150 years....

Riding the Surf of Purple Waves a Farcical Society and Economy Is Ditched

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Do not let this big-business ruled planetary plutocracy break us apart. The only way we will ever extricate ourselves from this debased society indirectly controlled by elite billionaires through their lobbyist proxies is if we remain united across all the artificial boundaries and fractures promoted by "The Establishment". This society, its economic farce, and all the cooked up get-rich-quick schemes exist only so a 1% elite can bulk up on income extracted from rotten maggot infested meat they pass off for prime rib. To keep us slaving in our concrete jungles, they need to channel our disgust for our situation, the frustration of working longer and harder for less and less money someplace other than at the gates of their planetary casino - capitalist society. They do this by enhancing our differences, keeping us occupied fighting amongst ourselves. Realizing our People's Movement has been successful in solidifying a worldwide bond with every blue planet citizen the imperial fascists who control this capitalist income strip mining pit have put their top media spin doctors to work fabricating horror stories meant to keep us thankful for our debt stuffed, income starved destitution. These expert propagandists are concocting a more potent witch's brew of hate....

People's Movement Will Prosecute "The Establishment" Sociopaths

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Workers should determine their own destiny. Do you believe that this will ever occur in our capitalist society? Dethroning these control freaks from their power joyride even with brand new tightfitting straightjackets will be a Herculean task for whip shy prisoners. Through the exercise of control over others sociopaths are using the capitalist society, the lobbyist controlled governments, autocratic businesses, and other appendages of this 'club in hand' culture to extract a perverted form of self-worth. Why do we allow these emotionally vacant inherently mean misfits to march us like so many toy soldiers just so they can have fun being enslavers and living like sultans?...

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Pale Blue Dot
Pale Blue Dot
Author: Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan
July 2011
The Management Myth - Debunking Modern Business Philosophy
The Management Myth - Debunking Modern Business Philosophy
Author: Matthew Steward
August 2010
It is very important that you read this book because it places our human existance on this tiny insignificant planet in its proper prospective. Future generations will look back on our epoch as the time when the human race finally broke into a radically new frontier--space. In Pale Blue Dot Sagan traces the spellbinding history of our launch into the cosmos and assesses the future that looms before us as we move out into our own solar system and on to distant galaxies beyond. The exploration and eventual settlement of other worlds is neither a fantasy nor luxury, insists Sagan, but rather a necessary condition for the survival of the human race. "A devastating bombardment of managerial thinking and the profession of management consulting…A serious and valuable polemic." ―Wall Street Journal Fresh from Oxford with a degree in philosophy and no particular interest in business, Matthew Stewart might not have seemed a likely candidate to become a consultant. But soon he was telling veteran managers how to run their companies. In narrating his own ill-fated (and often hilarious) odyssey at a top-tier firm, Stewart turns the consultant’s merciless, penetrating eye on the management industry itself. The Management Myth offers an insightful romp through the entire history of thinking about management, a withering critique of pseudoscience in management theory, and a clear explanation of why the MBA usually amounts to so much BS―leading us through the wilderness of American business thought.
Antifragile - Things That Gain from Disorder
Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
November 2012
Secret History: The CIA's Classified Account of Its Operations in Guatemala, 1952-1954
Secret History: The CIA's Classified Account of Its Operations in Guatemala, 1952-1954
Author: Nick Cullather
October 2006
Just as human bones get stronger when subjected to stress and tension, and rumors or riots intensify when someone tries to repress them, many things in life benefit from stress, disorder, volatility, and turmoil. What Taleb has identified and calls “antifragile” is that category of things that not only gain from chaos but need it in order to survive and flourish. In The Black Swan, Taleb showed us that highly improbable and unpredictable events underlie almost everything about our world. In Antifragile, Taleb stands uncertainty on its head, making it desirable, even necessary, and proposes that things be built in an antifragile manner. The antifragile is beyond the resilient or robust. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better and better. Furthermore, the antifragile is immune to prediction errors and protected from adverse events. Why is the city-state better than the nation-state, why is debt bad for you, and why is what we call “efficient” not efficient at all? Why do government responses and social policies protect the strong and hurt the weak? Why should you write your resignation letter before even starting on the job? How did the sinking of the Titanic save lives? The book spans innovation by trial and error, life decisions, politics, urban planning, war, personal finance, economic systems, and medicine. And throughout, in addition to the street wisdom of Fat Tony of Brooklyn, the voices and recipes of ancient wisdom, from Roman, Greek, Semitic, and medieval sources, are loud and clear. The first edition of this book, published in 1999, was well-received, but interest in it has surged in recent years. It chronicles an early example of "regime change" that was based on a flawed interpretation of intelligence and proclaimed a success even as its mistakes were becoming clear. Since 1999, a number of documents relating to the CIA's activities in Guatemala have been declassified, and a truth and reconciliation process has unearthed other reports, speeches, and writings that shed more light on the role of the United States. For this edition, the author has selected and annotated twenty-one documents for a new documentary Appendix, including President Clinton's apology to the people of Guatemala.
Silent Spring
Silent Spring: The Classic that Launched the Environmental Movement
Author: Rachel Carson
June 1962
America's Backyard: The United States and Latin America from the Monroe Doctrine to the War on Terror
America's Backyard: The United States and Latin America from the Monroe Doctrine to the War on Terror
Author: Grace Livingstone
September 2009
Rachel Carson's Silent Spring was first published in three serialized excerpts in the New Yorker in June of 1962. The book appeared in September of that year and the outcry that followed its publication forced the banning of DDT and spurred revolutionary changes in the laws affecting our air, land, and water. Carson's passionate concern for the future of our planet reverberated powerfully throughout the world, and her eloquent book was instrumental in launching the environmental movement. It is without question one of the landmark books of the twentieth century. The United States has shaped Latin American history, condemning it to poverty and inequality by intervening to protect the rich and powerful. America's Backyard tells the story of that intervention. Using newly declassified documents, Grace Livingstone reveals the US role in the darkest periods of Latin American history, including Pinochet's coup in Chile, the Contra War in Nicaragua and the death squads in El Salvador. She shows how George W Bush's administration used the War on Terror as a new pretext for intervention; how it tried to destabilise leftwing governments and push back the 'pink tide' washing across the Americas. America's Backyard also includes chapters on drugs, economy and culture. It explains why US drug policy has caused widespread environmental damage yet failed to reduce the supply of cocaine, and it looks at the US economic stake in Latin America and the strategies of the big corporations.
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
Author: John Perkins
Long Walk to Freedom
Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela
Author: Nelson Mandela
March 2008
"Economic hit men," John Perkins writes, "are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. Their tools include fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, and murder." John Perkins should know - he was an economic hit man. His job was to convince countries that are strategically important to the U.S. - from Indonesia to Panama - to accept enormous loans for infrastructure development, and to make sure that the lucrative projects were contracted to U. S. corporations. Saddled with huge debts, these countries came under the control of the United States government, World Bank and other U.S. - dominated aid agencies that acted like loan sharks-dictating repayment terms and bullying foreign governments into submission. Nelson Mandela is one of the great moral and political leaders of our time: an international hero whose lifelong dedication to the fight against racial oppression in South Africa won him the Nobel Peace Prize and the presidency of his country. Since his triumphant release in 1990 from more than a quarter-century of imprisonment, Mandela has been at the center of the most compelling and inspiring political drama in the world. As president of the African National Congress and head of South Africa's antiapartheid movement, he was instrumental in moving the nation toward multiracial government and majority rule. He is revered everywhere as a vital force in the fight for human rights and racial equality.
Gangster Warlords
Gangster Warlords: Drug Dollars, Killing Fields, and the New Politics of Latin America
Author: Ioan Grillo
February 2016
Darkness at Noon
Darkness at Noon: A Totalitarian Ideology Masquerading as an Instrument of Deliverance
Author: Arthur Koestler
March 1940
In a ranch south of Texas, the man known as The Executioner dumps five hundred body parts in metal barrels. In Brazil's biggest city, a mysterious prisoner orders hit-men to gun down forty-one police officers and prison guards in two days. In southern Mexico, a meth maker is venerated as a saint while enforcing Old Testament justice on his enemies. A new kind of criminal kingpin has arisen: part CEO, part terrorist, and part rock star, unleashing guerrilla attacks, strong-arming governments, and taking over much of the world's trade in narcotics, guns, and humans. What they do affects you now--from the gas in your car, to the gold in your jewelry, to the tens of thousands of Latin Americans calling for refugee status in the U.S. Gangster Warlords is the first definitive account of the crime wars now wracking Central and South America and the Caribbean, regions largely abandoned by the U.S. after the Cold War. Author of the critically acclaimed El Narco, Ioan Grillo has covered Latin America since 2001 and gained access to every level of the cartel chain of command in what he calls the new battlefields of the Americas. Moving between militia-controlled ghettos and the halls of top policy-makers, Grillo provides a disturbing new understanding of a war that has spiraled out of control--one that people across the political spectrum need to confront now. Darkness at Noon (from the German: Sonnenfinsternis) is a novel by the Hungarian-born British novelist Arthur Koestler, first published in 1940. His best-known work tells the tale of Rubashov, a Bolshevik 1917 revolutionary who is cast out, imprisoned and tried for treason by the Soviet government he'd helped create. Darkness at Noon stands as an unequaled fictional portrayal of the nightmare politics of our time. Its hero is an aging revolutionary, imprisoned and psychologically tortured by the Party to which he has dedicated his life. As the pressure to confess preposterous crimes increases, he relives a career that embodies the terrible ironies and human betrayals of a totalitarian movement masking itself as an instrument of deliverance. Almost unbearably vivid in its depiction of one man's solitary agony, it asks questions about ends and means that have relevance not only for the past but for the perilous present. It is - as the Times Literary Supplement has declared - "A remarkable book, a grimly fascinating interpretation of the logic of the Russian Revolution, indeed of all revolutionary dictatorships, and at the same time a tense and subtly intellectualized drama."
Before the Dawn
Before the Dawn: An Autobiography
Author: Gerry Adams
November 2015
Moshe Dayan
Moshe Dayan
Author: Martin van Creveld
February 2004
The autobiography of the man at the heart of Irish Republican politics. Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams offers his own unique, intimate account of the early years of his career, from his childhood in working-class Belfast to the more turbulent years of social activism that followed. An engaging and revealing self-portrait. Born in West Belfast in 1948 into a family with close ties to both the trade union and republican movements, his childhood, despite its material poverty, he has described in glowing and humorous terms. For many years his voice was banned from radio and television by both the British and Irish governments, while commentators and politicians condemned him and all he stood for. But through those years Brandon published a succession of books which made an important contribution to an understanding of the true circumstances of life and politics in the north of Ireland. In his autobiography, Before the Dawn, Gerry Adams brings a unique perspective to the years of conflict, insurrection and bitter struggle which ensued when peaceful political agitation was met with hysterical reaction and the sectarian tinderbox of Britain's last colony erupted. From the pogroms of 1969 to the hunger strikes of 1981, from the streets of West Belfast to the cages of Long Kesh, his powerful memoir is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand modern Ireland. Martin van Creveld, author of the critically acclaimed Men, Women, and War, turns his attention to one of the most significant figures of the 20th century. With his distinctive eye patch, Israeli military commander Moshe Dayan looked every part the fearsome warrior, yet he was far more. This unflinching biography paints a complete portrait of Dayan the military man and statesman. Starting with his early days in the Haganah, a group of underground Jewish fighters, the biography follows Dyan's career as a highly decorated star pilot; as the leader of the Israeli forces during the 1967 Six Day War and the October 1973 war; and as a master diplomat who played an instrumental role in negotiating the historic treaty with Anwar Sadat's Egypt.
American War Machine: Deep Politics, the CIA Global Drug Connection, and the Road to Afghanistan
American War Machine: Deep Politics, the CIA Global Drug Connection, and the Road to Afghanistan
Author: Peter Dale Scott
November 2010
America's Other War: Terrorizing Colombia
America's Other War: Terrorizing Colombia
Author: Doug Stokes
February 2008
This provocative, thoroughly researched book explores the covert aspects of U.S. foreign policy. Prominent political analyst Peter Dale Scott marshals compelling evidence to expose the extensive growth of sanctioned but illicit violence in politics and state affairs, especially when related to America's long-standing involvement with the global drug traffic. Beginning with Thailand in the 1950s, Americans have become inured to the CIA's alliances with drug traffickers (and their bankers) to install and sustain right-wing governments. The pattern has repeated itself in Laos, Vietnam, Italy, Mexico, Thailand, Nigeria, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Panama, Honduras, Turkey, Pakistan, and now Afghanistan - to name only those countries dealt with in this book. Scott shows that the relationship of U.S. intelligence operators and agencies to the global drug traffic, and to other international criminal networks, deserves greater attention in the debate over the U.S. presence in Afghanistan. To date, America's government and policies have done more to foster than to curtail the drug trade. The so-called war on terror, and in particular the war in Afghanistan, constitutes only the latest chapter in this disturbing story. This book maintains that in Colombia the US has long supported a pervasive campaign of state violence directed against both armed insurgents and a wide range of unarmed progressive social forces. While the context may change from one decade to the next, the basic policies remain the same: maintain the pro-US Colombian state, protect US economic interests and preserve strategic access to oil. Colombia is now the third largest recipient of US military aid in the world, and the largest by far in Latin America. Using extensive declassified documents, this book shows that the so-called "war on drugs", and now the new war on terror in Colombia are actually part of a long-term Colombian "war of state terror" that predates the end of the Cold War with US policy contributing directly to the human rights situation in Colombia today.
Dispersing Power: Social Movements as Anti-State Forces
Dispersing Power: Social Movements as Anti-State Forces
Author: Raul Zibechi; Ramor Ryan(trans.)
July 2010
Easter Rising 1916: Birth of the Irish Republic
Easter Rising 1916: Birth of the Irish Republic
Author: Michael McNally; Peter Dennis
March 2007
This, Raul Zibechi's first book translated into English, is an historical analysis of social struggles in Bolivia and the forms of community power instituted by that country's indigenous Aymara. Dispersing Power, like the movements it describes, explores new ways of doing politics beyond the state, gracefully mapping the "how" of revolution, offering valuable lessons to activists and new theoretical frameworks for understanding how social movements can and do operate independently of state-centered models for social change. "Zibechi goes to Bolivia to learn. Like us, he goes with questions, questions that stretch far beyond the borders of Bolivia. How do we change the world and create a different one? How do we get rid of capitalism? How do we create a society based on dignity? What is the role of the state and what are the possibilities of changing society through anti-state movements?... the most important practical and theoretical questions that have risen from the struggles in Latin America and the world in the last fifteen years or so.... The book is beautiful, exciting, stimulating.... Do read it and also give it your friends."John Holloway, from the Foreword When the outbreak of World War I delayed home rule for Ireland, a faction of Irish nationalists decided to take direct action. On Easter Monday 1916, a rebellion was launched from the steps of the Dublin General Post Office and the existence of an Irish Republic proclaimed. The British response was a military one and they drove the rebels back in violent street fighting until they surrendered on 29 April. The leaders of the rising were tried by court martial: 15 of them were summarily executed and a further 3,500 'sympathizers' imprisoned. This book covers this important milestone in Anglo-Irish history in detail, thoroughly examining the politics behind the Easter Rising and the tactics employed to counter it.
Blood and Earth
Blood and Earth - Modern Slavery, Ecocide, and the Secret to Saving the World
Author: Kevin Bales
January 2016
The Big Squeeze - Corporations Squeezing Their Employees Dry
Author: Steven Greenhouse
April 2008
For readers of such crusading works of nonfiction as Katherine Boo's Beyond the Beautiful Forevers and Tracy Kidder's Mountains Beyond Mountains comes a powerful and captivating examination of two entwined global crises: environmental destruction and human trafficking-and an inspiring, bold plan for how we can solve them. A leading expert on modern-day slavery, Kevin Bales has traveled to some of the world's most dangerous places documenting and battling human trafficking. In the course of his reporting, Bales began to notice a pattern emerging: Where slavery existed, so did massive, unchecked environmental destruction. But why? Bales set off to find the answer in a fascinating and moving journey that took him into the lives of modern-day slaves and along a supply chain that leads directly to the cellphones in our pockets. Why, in the world's most affluent nation, are so many corporations squeezing their employees dry? In this fresh, carefully researched book, New York Times reporter Steven Greenhouse explores the economic, political, and social trends that are transforming America's workplaces, including the decline of the social contract that created the world's largest middle class and guaranteed job security and good pensions. We meet all kinds of workers—white-collar and blue-collar, high-tech and low-tech, middle-class and low-income—as we see shocking examples of injustice, including employees who are locked in during a hurricane or fired after suffering debilitating, on-the-job injuries.
Wealth and Democracy
Author: Kevin Phillips
June 2002
So Damn Much Money
Author: Robert G. Kaiser
January 2009
For more than thirty years, Kevin Phillips' insight into American politics and economics has helped to make history as well as record it. His bestselling books, including The Emerging Republican Majority (1969) and The Politics of Rich and Poor (1990), have influenced presidential campaigns and changed the way America sees itself.... With a New Foreword In So Damn Much Money , veteran Washington Post editor and correspondent Robert Kaiser gives a detailed account of how the boom in political lobbying since the 1970s has shaped American politics by empowering special interests, undermining effective legislation, and discouraging the country’s best citizens...
Author: Barry C. Lynn
December 2009
On Globalization
Author: Bruno Amoroso
February 2001
"A manifesto for our times."-Thomas Frank, Wall Street Journal. Barry C. Lynn, one of the most original and surprising students of the American economy, paints a genuinely alarming picture: most of our public debates about globalization, competitiveness, creative destruction, and risky finance are nothing more than a cover... The main attempts to explain the radical and intricate changes reshaping the relationship between the economy and society over the last twenty years have run up against the inadequacy of the traditional analytical tools posited on market streamlining and flexibility. The author guides the reader through the conceptual jungle...
Author: John Bowe
September 2007
Dead Ringers
Author: Shehzad Nadeem
February 2011
Most Americans would be shocked to discover that slavery still exists in the United States. Yet most of us buy goods made by people who aren’t paid for their labor–people who are trapped financially, and often physically. In Nobodies , award-winning journalist John Bowe exposes the outsourcing, corporate chicanery... In the Indian outsourcing industry, employees are expected to be "dead ringers" for the more expensive American workers they have replaced--complete with Westernized names, accents, habits, and lifestyles that are organized around a foreign culture in a distant time zone....
It Could Happen Here
Author: Bruce Judson
October 2009
Bait and Switch
Author: Barbara Ehrenreich
September 2005
The severe economic downturn has been blamed on many things: deregulation, derivatives, greedy borrowers, negligent lenders. But could there be a deeper problem that is so severe, so long-lasting, and so dangerous that it makes these problems look like minor swerves in the road? Could we be facing an existential challenge... The bestselling author of Nickel and Dimed goes back undercover to do for America’s ailing middle class what she did for the working poor Barbara Ehrenreich’s Nickel and Dimed explored the lives of low-wage workers. Now, in Bait and Switch, she enters another hidden realm of the economy: the shadowy world of the white-collar unemployed....
Outsourcing America - The True Cost of Shipping Jobs Overseas
Authors: Ron Hira, Anil Hira
April 2008
Your Call Is Important to Us - The Truth About Bullshit
Author: Laura Penny
July 2005
One of the most controversial topics in the news is the outsourcing of American jobs to other countries. Outsourced jobs have extended well beyond the manufacturing sector to include white-collar professionals, particularly in information technology, financial services, and customer service. Outsourcing America reveals just how much outsourcing is taking place, what its impact has been and will continue to be, and what can be done about the loss of jobs. More than an exposé, Outsourcing America shows how offshoring is part of the historical economic shift toward globalism and free trade, and demonstrates its impact on individual lives and communities. Excerpt: "We live in an era of unprecedented bullshit production. The more polite among you might call it poppycock or balderdash or claptrap, but the concept remains the same, and the same coursing stream of crapulence washes over us all, filling our eyes and ears and thoughts with clichés, euphemisms, evasions, and fabulations. Never in history have so many people uttered statements that they know to be untrue. Presidents, priests, politicians, lawyers, reporters, corporate executives, and countless others have taken to saying not what they actually believe, but what they want others to believe — not what is, but what works."
Other People's Money - The Corporate Mugging of America
Author: Nomi Prins
August 2006
Money for Nothing - How CEOs and Boards Enrich Themselves While Bankrupting America
Authors: John Gillespie, David Zweig
January 2010
Critical, independent voices are seldom found within the citadels of international finance. That’s what makes Nomi Prins unique. During fifteen years as an executive at skyscraping banks like Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, and Lehman Brothers, Prins never lost her ability to see the broader picture. She walked away from the game in 2002 out of disgust with the burgeoning corporate corruption, just as its magnitude was becoming clear to the public. A Bank of America director questioned the CEO's $76 million pay package in a year when the bank was laying off 12,600 workers and found herself dropped from the board without notice a few months later. According to their employment agreements -- approved by boards -- 96 percent of large company CEOs have guarantees that do not allow them to be fired "for cause" for unsatisfactory performance, which means they can walk away with huge payouts, and 49 percent cannot be fired even for breaking the law by failing in their fiduciary duties to shareholders.
It Takes a Pillage - Behind the Bailouts, Bonuses, and Backroom Deals from Washington to Wall Street
Author: Nomi Prins
September 2009
Can They Do That? - Retaking Our Fundamental Rights in the Workplace
Author: Lewis Maltby
December 2009
A former Wall Street manager turned muckraking journalist gets inside how the banks looted the Treasury, stole the bailout, and continued with business as usual We all watched as packs of former Big Financiers commandeered posts in Washington and lavished trillions in bailouts to "save" big Wall Street firms that used that money for anything and everything except to fill in Main Street's potholes. We all watched as Wall Street heavyweights fought tooth and nail to declaw financial reform and won. Brilliantly lays out the bitter truth: that the American workplace is a dictatorship where workers have few, if any, rights." -Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Nickel and Dimed An expose of the shocking ways that companies invade employees' privacy and restrict their freedom. An expose of the shocking ways that companies invade employees' privacy and restrict their freedom. Is it legal for your employer to fire you for writing a letter to the editor? Or for putting the "wrong" candidate's bumper sticker on your car? If you answered no, prepare to be shocked. Americans assume that their basic rights, such as privacy and freedom of speech, remain in force when they go to work.
Case for the Living Wage
Author: Jerold Waltman
November 2007
The Road to Sustainability
Authors: F.M. Pulselli, S. Bastinanoni, N. Marchettini, E. Tiezzi
March 2008
This well-documented brief demonstrates that both poverty and excessive economic inequality are inimical to the maintenance of a healthy republic, and notes that providing a living wage is not only fair, but is superior to any other public policy such as cash transfers (or the Earned Income Tax Credit) in the effort to fight poverty.... Comprehensively written - and accompanied with numerous charts, graphs, and case examples - The Road to Sustainability provides a solid introduction and argument for beginning to build a sustainable future. We need to understand sustainability not only in terms of product development or natural resource use, but also...
Exiles in Eden - Life Among the Ruins of Florida's Great Recession
Author: Paul Reyes
August 2010
Revolution, Rebellion, Resistance - The Power of Story
Author: Eric Selbin
January 2010
An on-the-ground, intimate tour of the human toll of the nation's foreclosure crisis. While working with his father's small company that "trashes out"— enters and empties—foreclosed homes in Florida, Paul Reyes wrote Exiles in Eden, a hard-hitting, personal, and poetic portrayal of his own family and the people and communities affected by the foreclosure crisis. Why do revolutions happen? Decades of social science research have brought us little closer to understanding where, when and amongst whom they occur.In this groundbreaking book, Eric Selbin argues that we need to look beyond the economic, political and social structural conditions to the thoughts and feelings of the people who make revolutions. In particular, he argues, we need to understand the stories people relay and rework of past injustices and struggles as they struggle in the present towards a better future.
Fast Boat to China - Corporate Flight and the Consequences of Free Trade; Lessons from Shanghai
Author: Andrew Ross
April 2006
Hostile Takeover - How Big Business Bought Our Government and How We Can Take It Back
Author: David Sirota
April 2006
Most Americans today are aware that jobs are being outsourced to China, India, and other nations at an alarming rate. From factory jobs to white-collar, high-tech positions, the exporting of labor is one of the most controversial issues in America.Yet few people know much about the other end — about the people who are actually working these jobs and how their own lives have been throw into tumult by these new economic forces. Andrew Ross spent a year in China, interviewing local employees and their managers in Taiwan, Shanghai, and the far western provinces. In this engaging and informative book, he shows how the Chinese workforce has inherited many of the same worries as American workers, such as job instability, long hours, and awareness of their own expendability. Do you ever wonder if there’s a connection between the corruption scandals in the news and the steady decline in the quality of life for millions of Americans? Do you ever wonder what corporations get for the millions of dollars they pour into the American political system? Do you ever think the government has been hijacked by forces hostile to average Americans? Do you ever want to fight back? Millions of Americans lack health care and millions more struggle to afford it. Politicians claim they care, then pass legislation that just sends more cash to the HMOs. Wages have been stagnant for thirty years, even as corporate profits skyrocket. Politicians say they want to fix the problem and then pass bills written by lobbyists that drive wages even lower and punish those crushed by debt.
Making Sweatshops - The Globalization of the U.S. Apparel Industry
Author: Ellen Israel Rosen
January 2002
The China Price - The True Cost of Chinese Competitive Advantage
Author: Alexandra Harney
March 2008
The only comprehensive historical analysis of the globalization of the U.S. apparel industry, this book focuses on the reemergence of sweatshops in the United States and the growth of new ones abroad. Ellen Israel Rosen, who has spent more than a decade investigating the problems of America's domestic apparel workers, now probes the shifts in trade policy and global economics that have spawned momentous changes in the international apparel and textile trade. Making Sweatshops asks whether the process of globalization can be promoted in ways that blend industrialization and economic development in both poor and rich countries with concerns for social and economic justice—especially for the women who toil in the industry's low-wage sites around the world. In this landmark work of investigative reporting, former Financial Times correspondent Alexandra Harney uncovers a story of immense significance to us all: how China's factory economy gains a competitive edge by selling out its workers, environment, and future. Harney's firsthand reporting brings us face-to-face with a world in which intense pricing pressure from Western companies combines with ubiquitous corruption and a lack of transparency to exact a staggering toll in human misery and environmental damage. This eye-opening expose offers, for the first time, an intimate look at the defining business story of our time.
The Global Auction - The Broken Promises of Education, Jobs, and Incomes
Authors: Phillip Brown, Hugh Lauder, David Ashtom
October 2010
The Big Ripoff - How Big Business and Big Government Steal Your Money
Author: Timothy P. Carney
October 2006
For decades, the idea that more education will lead to greater individual and national prosperity has been a cornerstone of developed economies. Indeed, it is almost universally believed that college diplomas give Americans and Europeans a competitive advantage in the global knowledge wars.Challenging this conventional wisdom, The Global Auction forces us to reconsider our deeply held and mistaken views about how the global economy really works and how to thrive in it. Drawing on cutting-edge research based on a major international study, the authors show that the competition for good, middle-class jobs is now a worldwide competition--an auction for cut-priced brainpower--fueled by an explosion of higher education across the world. "Exposes the dirty little secret of American politics: how big businesses work with statist politicians to diminish the prosperity and freedom of consumers, taxpayers, and entrepreneurs. Carney employs top-notch writing ability, passion for liberty, and understanding of economics to demolish the myth that big business is a foe of big government. Everyone who seeks to understand who really benefits from big government should read this book, as should anyone who still believes that the interventionist state benefits the average person." - Congressman Ron Paul U.S. House of Representatives, 14th District of Texas
Democracy Incorporated - Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism
Author: Sheldon S. Wolin
January 2009
The Endless Crisis
The Endless Crisis - How Monopoly-Finance Capital Produces Stagnation and Upheaval
Authors: Robert W. McChesney, John Bellamy Foster
September 2012
Democracy is struggling in America--by now this statement is almost cliché. But what if the country is no longer a democracy at all? In Democracy Incorporated, Sheldon Wolin considers the unthinkable: has America unwittingly morphed into a new and strange kind of political hybrid, one where economic and state powers are conjoined and virtually unbridled? Can the nation check its descent into what the author terms "inverted totalitarianism"? Wolin portrays a country where citizens are politically uninterested and submissive--and where elites are eager to keep them that way. At best the nation has become a "managed democracy" where the public is shepherded, not sovereign. At worst it is a place where corporate power no longer answers to state controls. The days of boom and bubble are over, and the time has come to understand the long-term economic reality. Although the Great Recession officially ended in June 2009, hopes for a new phase of rapid economic expansion were quickly dashed. Instead, growth has been slow, unemployment has remained high, wages and benefits have seen little improvement, poverty has increased, and the trend toward more inequality of incomes and wealth has continued.
Democracy at Work - A Cure for Capitalism
Democracy at Work - A Cure for Capitalism
Author: Richard D. Wolff
October 2012
Occupy the Economy - Challenging Capitalism
Occupy the Economy - Challenging Capitalism
Authors: Richard D. Wolff, David Barsamian
May 2012
Capitalism as a system has spawned deepening economic crisis alongside its bought-and-paid-for political establishment. Neither serves the needs of our society. Whether it is secure, well-paid, and meaningful jobs or a sustainable relationship with the natural environment that we depend on, our society is not delivering the results people need and deserve. Richard Wolff, David Barsamian probes the root causes of the current crisis, its unjust social costs, and what can and should be done to turn things around. They reach back to the 1970s when the capitalist system itself shifted, ending the century-old pattern of rising wages for Americans and thereby enabling the top 1% to become ultra-rich at the expense of the 99%. Since then, economic injustice has become chronic and further corrupted politics.
Monopoly Capital
Monopoly Capital
Authors: Paul A. Baran, Paul Sweezy
January 1966
Labor and Monopoly Capital - The Degradation of Work in the Twentieth Century
Labor and Monopoly Capital - The Degradation of Work in the Twentieth Century
Author: Harry Braverman
December 1998
This landmark text by Paul Baran and Paul Sweezy is a classic of twentieth-century radical thought, a hugely influential book that continues to shape our understanding of modern capitalism. This widely acclaimed book, first published in 1974, was a classic from its first day in print. Written in a direct, inviting way by Harry Braverman, whose years as an industrial worker gave him rich personal insight into work, Labor and Monopoly Capital overturned the reigning ideologies of academic sociology.
Capitalism Hits the Fan
Capitalism Hits the Fan
Author: Richard D. Wolff
September 2012
The ABCs of the Economic Crisis - What Working People Need to Know
The ABCs of the Economic Crisis - What Working People Need to Know
Authors: Fred Magdoff, Michael D. Yates
September 2009
Capitalism Hits the Fan chronicles one economist’s growing alarm and insights as he watched, from 2005 onwards, the economic crisis build, burst, and then change the world. The argument here differs sharply from most other explanations offered by politicians, media commentators, and other academics. Step by step, Professor Wolff shows that deep economic structuresthe relationship of wages to profits, of workers to boards of directors, and of debts to incomeaccount for the crisis. The great change in the US economy since the 1970s, as employers stopped the historic rise in US workers’ real wages, set in motion the events that eventually broke the world economy. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the authors demonstrate that the financial crisis was not some aberration from a normally benign capitalism but rather the normal and even expected outcome of a thoroughly irrational and destructive system. No amount of tinkering with capitalism, whether it be discredited neoliberalism or the return of Keynesianism and a "new" New Deal, can overcome the core contradiction of the system: the daily exploitation and degradation of the majority of the world’s people by a tiny minority of business owners.
A Question of Torture
A Question of Torture - CIA Interrogation, from the Cold War to the War on Terror
Author: Alfred McCoy
April 2007
To Cook a Continent
To Cook a Continent - Destructive Extraction and Climate Crisis in Africa
Author: Nnimmo Bassey
February 2012
A startling exposé of the CIA's development and spread of psychological torture, from the Cold War to Abu Ghraib and beyond In this revelatory account of the CIA's secret, fifty-year effort to develop new forms of torture, historian Alfred W. McCoy uncovers the deep, disturbing roots of recent scandals at Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo. Far from aberrations, as the White House has claimed, A Question of Torture shows that these abuses are the product of a long-standing covert program of interrogation. Arguing that the climate crisis confronting the world today is rooted mainly in the wealthy economies’ abuse of fossil fuels, indigenous forests, and global commercial agriculture, this important book investigates how Africa has been exploited and how Africans should respond for the good of all. As it examines the oil industry in Africa and probes the causes of global warming, this record warns of its insidious impacts and explores false solutions. Demonstrating that the issues around natural resource exploitation, corporate profiteering, and climate change must be considered together if the planet is to be saved, the book suggests how Africa can overcome the crises of environment and global warming.
Who Rules the World?
Who Rules the World?
Author: Noam Chomsky
May 2016
Visions of Freedom
Visions of Freedom - Havana, Washington, Pretoria, and the Struggle for Southern Africa, 1976-1991
Author: Piero Gleijeses
November 2013
The world’s leading intellectual offers a probing examination of the waning American Century, the nature of U.S. policies post-9/11, and the perils of valuing power above democracy and human rights. In an incisive, thorough analysis of the current international situation, Noam Chomsky argues that the United States, through its military-first policies and its unstinting devotion to maintaining a world-spanning empire, is both risking catastrophe and wrecking the global commons. Beyond lay the great prize: South Africa. Piero Gleijeses uses archival sources, particularly from the United States, South Africa, and the closed Cuban archives, to provide an unprecedented international history of this important theater of the late Cold War. These sources all point to one conclusion: by humiliating the United States and defying the Soviet Union, Fidel Castro changed the course of history in southern Africa. It was Cuba's victory in Angola in 1988 that forced Pretoria to set Namibia free and helped break the back of apartheid South Africa. In the words of Nelson Mandela, the Cubans "destroyed the myth of the invincibility of the white oppressor . . . [and] inspired the fighting masses of South Africa."
Ours to Master and to Own
Ours to Master and to Own - Workers' Control from the Commune to the Present
Authors: Dario Azzellini; Immanuel Ness
June 2011
Violent Politics
Violent Politics - A History of Insurgency, Terrorism, and Guerrilla War, from the American Revolution to Iraq
Author: William R. Polk
October 2009
From the dawning of the industrial epoch, wage earners have organized themselves into unions, fought bitter strikes, and gone so far as to challenge the very premises of the system by creating institutions of democratic self-management aimed at controlling production without bosses. With specific examples drawn from every corner of the globe and every period of modern history, this pathbreaking volume comprehensively traces this often underappreciated historical tradition. In the current Middle East, insurgency tactics are used with frequency and increasing success. But guerrilla war-fare is not just the tool of modern-day terrorists. Its roots stretch back to our very own revolution. In Violent Politics, William Polk takes us on a concise, brilliant tour of insurgencies throughout history, starting with the American struggle for independence, when fighters had to battle against both the British and the loyalists, those colonists who sided with the monarchy. Instinctively, in a way they probably wouldn't have described as a coherent strategy, the rebel groups employed the tactics of insurgency.
Someplace Like America
Authors: Dale Maharidge, Bruce Springsteen, Michael S. Williamson
May 2011
Looting Africa
Looting Africa - The Economics of Exploitation
Author: Patrick Bond
February 2008
In Someplace Like America, writer Dale Maharidge and photographer Michael S. Williamson take us to the working-class heart of America, bringing to life—through shoe leather reporting, memoir, vivid stories, stunning photographs, and thoughtful analysis—the deepening crises of poverty and homelessness. Despite the rhetoric, the people of Sub-Saharan Africa are become poorer. From Tony Blair's Africa Commission and the Make Poverty History campaign to the Hong Kong WTO meeting, Africa's gains have been mainly limited to public relations. The central problems remain exploitative debt and financial relationships with the North, phantom aid, unfair trade, distorted investment and the continent's brain/skills drain. Moreover, capitalism in most African countries has witnessed the emergence of excessively powerful ruling elites with incomes derived from financial-parasitical accumulation. Without overstressing the 'mistakes' of such elites, this book contextualises Africa's wealth outflow within a stagnant but volatile world economy.
Witness to the Revolution
Witness to the Revolution
Authors: Clara Bingham
May 2016
Command and Control
Command and Control
Author: Eric Schlosser
September 2013
As the 1960s drew to a close, the United States was coming apart at the seams. From August 1969 to August 1970, the nation witnessed nine thousand protests and eighty-four acts of arson or bombings at schools across the country. It was the year of the My Lai massacre investigation, the Cambodia invasion, Woodstock, and the Moratorium to End the War. The American death toll in Vietnam was approaching fifty thousand, and the ascendant counterculture was challenging nearly every aspect of American society. Witness to the Revolution, Clara Bingham's unique oral history of that tumultuous time, unveils anew that moment when America careened to the brink of a civil war at home, as it fought a long, futile war abroad. Woven together from one hundred original interviews, Witness to the Revolution provides a firsthand narrative of that period of upheaval in the words of those closest to the action-the activists, organizers, radicals, and resisters who manned the barricades of what Students for a Democratic Society leader Tom Hayden called "the Great Refusal." **The documentary Command and Control, directed by Robert Kenner, finds its origins in Eric Schlosser's book and continues to explore the little-known history of the management and safety concerns of America's nuclear aresenal.** The documentary will air on PBS's American Experience on January 10th. A myth-shattering expose of America's nuclear weapons. Famed investigative journalist Eric Schlosser digs deep to uncover secrets about the management of America's nuclear arsenal. A groundbreaking account of accidents, near misses, extraordinary heroism, and technological breakthroughs, Command and Control explores the dilemma that has existed since the dawn of the nuclear age: How do you deploy weapons of mass destruction without being destroyed by them? That question has never been resolved-and Schlosser reveals how the combination of human fallibility and technological complexity still poses a grave risk to mankind. While the harms of global warming increasingly dominate the news, the equally dangerous yet more immediate threat of nuclear weapons has been largely forgotten.
Authors: George Orwell
October 1983
Fahrenheit 451
Fahrenheit 451
Author: Ray Bradbury
November 2011
In 1984, London is a grim city where Big Brother is always watching you and the Thought Police can practically read your mind. Winston is a man in grave danger for the simple reason that his memory still functions. Drawn into a forbidden love affair, Winston finds the courage to join a secret revolutionary organization called The Brotherhood, dedicated to the destruction of the Party. Together with his beloved Julia, he hazards his life in a deadly match against the powers that be. Guy Montag is a fireman. In his world, where television rules and literature is on the brink of extinction, firemen start fires rather than put them out. His job is to destroy the most illegal of commodities, the printed book, along with the houses in which they are hidden. Montag never questions the destruction and ruin his actions produce, returning each day to his bland life and wife, Mildred, who spends all day with her television "family." But then he meets an eccentric young neighbor, Clarisse, who introduces him to a past where people didn't live in fear and to a present where one sees the world through the ideas in books instead of the mindless chatter of television. When Mildred attempts suicide and Clarisse suddenly disappears, Montag begins to question everything he has ever known. He starts hiding books in his home, and when his pilfering is discovered, the fireman has to run for his life.
Middletown - A Study in Modern American Culture
Author: Robert S.Lynd, Helen Merrell Lynd
December 1928
October: The Story of the Russian Revolution
October: The Story of the Russian Revolution
Author: China Mieville
The first of two classic studies that examined the daily life of a typical small american city--in actuality, Muncie, Indiana - in the mid-1920s, using the approach of social anthropology. Of enduring interest to students of sociology, these works inspired an acclaimed six-part television series. On the centenary of the Russian Revolution, China Mieville tells the extraordinary story of this pivotal moment in history. In February of 1917 Russia was a backwards, autocratic monarchy, mired in an unpopular war; by October, after not one but two revolutions, it had become the world's first workers' state, straining to be at the vanguard of global revolution. How did this transformation take place? In a panoramic sweep, stretching from St Petersburg and Moscow to the remotest villages of a sprawling empire, Mieville uncovers the catastrophes, intrigues and inspirations of 1917, in all their passion, drama and strangeness. Intervening in long-standing historical debates, but told with the reader new to the topic especially in mind, here is a breathtaking story of humanity at its greatest and most desperate; of a turning point for civilisation that still resonates loudly today.