Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

By Subject

(Ordered by Date Published)

Purposeful Distraction: The Reality Obfuscation Champaign
Gulag Gates Slamming Shut
Far-Right and Centrists Repackage Capitalist Handout to Rich
Do Not Get Distracted By Snake-Oil Charmers
Doing the Right Thing
Ineffective Orwellian Fear Mongering and Scouring of Conversation Channels
General Population Are "The Expendables"
Capitalism, Immigration, and a Society Geared Towards Failure
To Get to People-First Society We May Need To Use Enemy Bridge
Intellectual Warriors Ready to Do Battle
Focus, Focus, and Focus - Tear the 1% Parasites from Our Backs
An Awakened Humanity Will Not Set Its Sights on Mediocrity
Prisoners of Labor Gulag Are Staging a Prison Breakout
Dead-End Street Called "Self-Annihilation"
Contrivance of Financial Extraction Called Capitalism
We Need a 21st Century People-First Society
Spaceship Earth
Spin-masters Golden Bent Pen Award
Super-Snoopers at the NSA and CIA Need Your Help
This is Our Time, Our History, and Our Destiny
We Are All Walking Dead, Even Our Rulers
"Hate-Speech" and "Fake-News" Attacks on Free Speech - New Orwellian Doublespeak
Earth Dead Planet at the Edge of the Milky Way
Sham US Presidential Election
Nonstop October like Surprises Until 1% Surrenders
Do Not Accept Election Results - Replace Wall Street 1% with Our 99% Society
Expose Everything, Until There Is Nothing Left To Expose
Roadside Bandits of the Corporate Dictatorship Are Unable to Find Their Footing
We All Belong To a Purple Hued Linked, Intertwined, and Interconnected Humanity
Stand Up, Sit Down, or Rise-Up Against Global Corporate Dictatorship
Earth Cannot Sustain This Current Level of Destructive Economic Strip-Mining
More to Come - Still On the Worn Path to Liberty
Glimpses of Freedom Outside of the Corporate Dictatorship
Fight the Instrumentality of 1% Parasitism-Blockade the Democratic National Convention
Real Democracies Represent Their Citizens-They Do Not War With Them in the Streets
Civilizationism is a Democratic Systems-Linked Modern Minimalist Oriented Civilization
99% Unite Under Civilizationist Revolutionary Party or Risk Disjointed Failures
Summary of Our Current State of Affairs and Strategies to Gain Our Freedom From 1%
1% CorpGov Global Economy Failing Fast - So Freedom of Speech Must Die
People's Movement Revolutionary Agenda, Proposals, Laws, and Civilizationist Primer
Capitalist Society is a System of Corruption a Parasitic Excrescence
Goodbye, Next Stop - Societal Self-Destruction
WHO Proclaims Zika Is No Threat - Corporate Dictatorship Cheers
New Civilizationist Party
Movement's Liberty Congress and No Free Ride Features of Civilizationism
On This Planet Everything in Its Entirety Is Yours - Turn This Mess Around
Blockade Elite Power Centers - Ostracize Delegates, Lobbyists, and 1% Powerbrokers
Who Needs Voters in A Rigged Anti-Democratic Process?
Political Party Bosses Handpick Candidates in Autocratic Societies
Dethrone the 1% Parasites, Shadow Government, and Corporate Dictatorships
Vote for Bernie Sanders - Make Way for Real Democracy, Not This Cheap Substitute
Trump and The Establishment Are the Enemies of the General Population
People's Movement Is Resolute to Be Rid of Corporate Dictators
People's Movement Is Not Listening to The Establishment Media Nonsense
Genuine Revolution Is the Only Way to Sack The Establishment
Capitalist Society Is the Problem - Replace It with Real Democracy
Joy Will Be Contagious in a People's Movement Civilizationist Civilization
People's Movement Frees up Income and Wealth to Build an Amazing Civilization
Capitalist Society Is an Evil Exploitative Construct That Cannot Be Reformed
Revolution Removes Impediments and Freedom 'Whitens' the Societal Space
New Civilizationist Society that Benefits Everyone
The Establishment's 'Taker' Society Is a Failed Experiment
Big-Business Hooked Puppets Promote Continued Milking of Ninety-Nine Percenters
By Toppling Executive Dictatorship You Can Stop Being a Passive Observer
Lobbyists Love Vulture Capitalism
Overt Revolution May Be Necessary
Riding the Surf of Purple Waves a Farcical Society and Economy Is Ditched
People's Movement Will Prosecute The Establishment Sociopaths
The Establishment is to Blame for the Blight, Hopelessness, and Violence
Trump's "Establishment" 1% Strip Mining Cronies Are Insane
Why Is It Sacrilegious To Criticize Capitalism and Corporations?
Donald Trump and The Establishment Want Global Police State
Bankster Bad Oil Bets Might Lead to Demise of Casino Capitalism in 2016
People's Movement Fights Ideology of Evil with Virtuous Philosophy
People's Movement Declares No Christmas without Real Income
French Police State Inaugurates Global Lockdown of 1% Gulag
Corporate Media-Machine Decouples Economy from Destabilized Society
The Consequences of the Rigged Society Fabricated By Elite Thieves
People's Movement Purple Ocean Unites Entire 99%
Expulsion of 1% 'Income Strip-Miners' Is a Worldwide Struggle
People's Movement Revolution Unites Citizens across the Entire Ideological Spectrum
Stand With Bernie Sanders - Fight 1% Tyranny
Property of a Tiny Ruling Class
Gradual Transformation from Capitalist Exploitation to 24/7 Freedom
Let's Create a New Society That Is the Guarantor of Our Happiness
Proposed Non-Exploitative Humanized Fully Democratic Economic System
Envisioned New Society is Not Socialist, Communist, or Capitalist
Capitalisms' Inherent Dysfunctionality Degenerates and Destroys - It Must Go
1% Elites Fear Bernie Sanders Pure Democratic Ideals
No More Negotiating With Donald Trump and All the Other Elite 1% Rabble
Today We Crawl Out From the Rut to Look Across Our Limitless Future
Journey into a Future Devoid of Barriers and Constraints
People's Movement Rejects 1% Elite Puppets Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush
Oligarchs Are Attempting to Shatter the Unity of the People's Movement
Pure Bottom-Up Democracy Comprehensively Empowers the Individual
With Every Passing Second We Get Closer To a Bottom-Up Pure Democracy
99% Demands Intellectual Outlets and Professional Opportunities
Support People's Movement Candidates That Coincide with Your Political Philosophy
People's Movement Bridges the Conservative and Liberal Divide
Bystanders Along For the Ride
Spray of Bullets Hit Many Windshields – Global Gulag Has No Favored Serfs
Purple Wave Washes Away Parasitic Society
Democratize Societal Institutions through Use of Technology – Dump Obsolete Rulers
Purple Transports the Parasites Evil Life Stream Skyward
Crown Prince Godlings Create the Train Wrecks of This Planetary Apartheid
People's Movement It Is Time to Tear the Bloodsuckers from Our Trembling Bodies
Let No Barriers Impede Your Evolution
Hostile Bastion of Gross Inequity Struggling To Reach Democratic Stability
Seeds of a Humanity That Is Aware Of Its Interdependency
People's Movement Will Never Permit Our Transformation Into Good Obedient Slaves
People's Movement Unites World's Citizens in Rational Purple Space
People's Movement Purple Tidal Wave Surges Past the Castle Ramparts
By Distracting the Gaze of the Clan You Risk Being Ostracized
The Making of a Labor Slave Planet
Fifth Column of People's Movement Will Not Be Satiated by Feel Good Propaganda
People's Movement Story Evolves
Societal Apartheid Will Not Be Tolerated – Flood the Streets of Every City
Uniting the Planet Is the Central Purpose of The People's Movement
Target the Plutocrats Castles Not Our Fellow Valley-Dwellers
Years Later Someone Asks Who Were These Brave People
Ultra-Capitalism's Bureaucratic Inertia and Shortsightedness Assures its Failure
Condescending Elite Powerbrokers Hold the Keys to This Kingdom of Oppression
The Power to Lay Waste to the Entire Universe
Real Constituents Have Direct Access to Receptive Elected Representatives
Earthly Oligarchic Elites Are Tradition Bound Savages
G20 Nation-State Elite Caretakers Be Forewarned We Will Clean Up This Mess
Uprooting Planetary Aristocracy Requires a Cultural Tidal Wave
Pursue the Relevant Logical Path to Its Conclusion
Nation-State Leaders Meet to Forge Elite Promoted Feudal Global Gulag
Truth is Apolitical
U.S. Democracy Is Not Founded Upon Loyalty to the Democratic and Republican Parties
Get Us off This Road to Nowhere Do Not Elect Democrats and Republicans
Elite Ruled Governments Keep Us Hyped Up on Fear and Perpetually Hopeful
Electorate Walk like Cows to Their Milking Stalls
Reject the Democratic and Republican Lobbyist-Snatched Automatons
Throw Out the Corporate Socialist Legislators
Passion Seekers V85
Worldwide Societal Reformation Can Only Occur When We Cherish Every Contribution
Empower Corporate Producers within Purely Democratic Spheres of Influence
Professionals Are Now Just Wind-Up Production Droids
This Dysfunctional Society Breeds Incompetence and Lack of Confidence
Revolutions Are Not For the Faint-Hearted and Uncommitted
Revolutionary Zeal Is Required – Tyrants Will Only Laugh At Peaceful Protests
Why Is Everything Unraveling?
Break Past Safe Harbor Conformity into Unexplored Intellectual Pathways
Throughout History Bad Leaders Have Infected Human Organizations
Earth Planetary Government Jettisons Election Spending Arms Race
Collectively We Are Shaping Our Own Destiny
We Are Already In Control
Bend Down and Touch Those Rare Roses
People's Movement – What We Stand For
The People's Climate March Emphasizes Our Interconnectivity
Earth Planetary Government Promotes Expansive Economic Growth
Lives Are Electrified With Possibility
Explosive Energy of an Empowered Happy People
Elaboration on the Earth Planetary Government's Three Pillars of Stability
Earth Planetary Parliamentary Session Under Legislative Sequestration
Traumatic Societal Transformation
Planetary Constitutional Convention Gets Underway
Earth Planetary Parliament – 2016 People’s Movement Session
Challenge of Crafting an Equitable Counter-Society
Warning, Warning, Warning - Up Ahead, Societal Insanity
Nation-State Arbitrage Latest Weapon of Corporatist Rulers
Enablers of Economic Criminality Meet in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Not Receiving Decent Wages Is Driving Our Societal Collapse
Momentous Revitalization of the Human Spirit
Fight for Freedom Today
We Will Not Be Fodder for the Rich Pirates
Cold Damp Stone Walls
Leave a Permanent Record to Build Upon
Our Societal Rebellion
People’s Movement Message Surge
Fifth Column Energizes Uprising
Our Shared Journey Under a Purple Sky
Dissolve Political Parties and Outlaw Lobbyists
People’s Movement - Elect a Hero
Blue Planet Is an Aristocracy Not A Meritocracy
Behold, the Taker-Economy Crumbles
Communication Saturation Campaign
Oligarchs Anti-Freedom Crusade
The Last Generation
Final Days of Humanity
Global Economic Apartheid
Jettison Ideological Boundaries
The Scales of Justice Aren’t Balanced
Staggering To the Six-By-Six
Oligarchic Slavers Build New Economic Monstrosity
Big-Brother Oligarchy Punishes Nonconformists
Thought Police Ensure Obedience
Power of PM’s Amorphous Dynamic System
May 15th Deafening Howling Roar
Subterranean Labor Herd
Full-Spectrum Transmission of Earthly Socio-Organizations
Manipulation of Essential Societal Systems Risks Civilization’s Demise
People's Movement May Day
Live to See the Dawn of a Brighter Sunrise
Leaders Should Never Destroy Dignity
Originators of a Better Future
Shipwrecked Wait for Message in a Bottle
A Better World Awaits Our Arousal
Clarion Call of Pure Freedom
Societal Artifacts – Beautiful Technological Marvels
May 12th 2014 – People’s Movement – "Global Fun Day"
Thought Silos a Precursor to Intellectual Stratification
Party with Your Favorite Oligarch
Waiting for the Last Tear
Jungle Food, Bad Government, and Chinese Junk
The People’s Movement Equals Disenfranchised Global Citizens
Slavery Starts with Complacency
Reality Creation Board
Environmental Disaster – A Painful Extinction
Ever-Expanding Economy Behind Castle Walls
Economists Blame Downturn on Weather - White Owl Sightings
Income Starved U.S. Economy Sputters Along In Decline
An Octopus of Kleptocratic Control
Mystical Predestiny - Corporatist Attempt at Pacification
Propagandists Promote Income Inequality
Super Rich Rejoice - Income Starvation Spreads
J.P. Moron, Pink Slime and Spanish Banks
Fed's $76.9 Billion 'Profit'? - U.S. Gave $13.3 Trillion to Banksters
Exorbitant Executive Compensation Perpetuates Declining U.S. Quality of Life
FED's QE Props Up Failed Economy of Bankocracy
Quantitative Easing - Free Cash for Bankers

The following selected essays and short stories were originally published on Structural Economic Issues and Ultra Liberal Planet from 2008 - 2011

(Ordered Alphabetically)

21st Century Elite Doublespeak Dictionary
1933 Lull In Our Demand Starved Depression
A Christmas in Reality
A Clear Unobstructed Playing Field
A Corpulent Society
Acquiring a Rational Economy
Adding More Useless Layers of Complexity
Additional $350 Billion TARP Bailout for Elite
A Deteriorating Country Broadly Smiling
Adoring Crowds Cheer G20 Leaders
A Global Tyranny Transforming Citizens into Serfs
A Government Based Upon Lies
AIG Raids U.S. Treasury - Lobbyists Work Pays Off
All That Babble Distorts the Facts
Americans United Behind a More Equitable Future
A Mixture of Anger and Regret
A New Day in Autumn
Another America - A Business Kingdom
An Un-contemplative Buzz
A People's Revolution for Every CorpGov Puppet State
A Pragmatic Severing Of Orthodoxy
A Proud, Passionate Nation with Grand Dreams
A Rebel Inspired Barrier Free Global Society
A Reflection Turned Into a Painful Present
Are You Better Off Now?
Assured Talkers Offer Assurances
A Sunny Horizonless Destiny
A Sustainable Future for America Built Upon Equality
Attention, Calling the Real Economy - It Must Exist
Autocrats Coming Out of the Woodwork
Banks, Puny U.S. Fiscal Stimulus, and G20 Protests
Big Business Handed Trillions - Single Mother Cries
Blind Acceptance of Unjust Economic Society
Bold, Dramatic, Fiscal Stimulus - Confidence Builder
Breaking Free From Scaly Winged Master
Build Human Imperfection into Societal Structures
Building a Foundation of Understanding
Business Alchemists Believe In Their Infallibility
Business Hypocrites Want Main Street Frugality
Business Pirates Raid Government Treasury
Business Structural Problems
Capitalist Sinners Repent - Work Harder, Desire Less
Caress Us with Lies from a Corrupt System
Cheap Labor World Races Forward
Citizens Sanction Trashing of Democratic Ideals
Cleansing of Thought
Clear Blue Lights
Common Sense Is Mediocre Seek Uncommon Brilliance
Competence and Stature Mustn't Be a Deceptive Illusion
Conformists - Foot Soldiers of the Powerful
Conformists Maintain Economic Terminus Glide Path
Consumer Spending Blip - Economy Still Tanking
Consumption Crisis Resulting From Distorted Economy
Contrived Economic System - Collapse Imminent
CorpGov Emphasizes Education
CorpGov Mob Throws People Rotten Scraps
Corporate Revenue Falls, Profits Rise on Cost Cuts
Corpopolis - Biggest Polluters and Goldman Soakers
Corporatist Empire Ostracizes, Kills Dissenters
Corporatist Pigs Destroy the Global Farm
Corporatist Jails - 'Democratic' and State Capitalism
Credit Decline Exacerbates Deflationary Stage of Income Crisis
Crony Capitalism - Inverted Totalitarianism
Crony Capitalist Society Breeds Good Worker Droids
Crossing the Line
Cruel Necessity Doesn't Change Our Destiny
Crumbling, Neglected, Cheap American Society
Cyclone of Discontent Targeting Globalization Gangsters
Death of the Great Consumption Engine
Deflation Is Nearly Upon Us
Democratize the Twenty-First Century Corporation
Destabilized Socio-System Triggers Oil Rig Disaster
Dirty Secrets Clog Everything
Disenfranchised Young People Fight for Future
Distorted Conceptions
Dreaming of a Donut Shop
Economic and Environmental Struggle Ends Swiftly
Economic Framework Critical To Our Survival
Economic Refugees
Economics Requires Deep Unconstrained Thought
Elegant Power
Elite Global Corporate Lords Found Guilty
Elite Live Off Pain of Poor
Employer's Word is Gold - Worker's Is Dirt
Evil Empire Marches Forward
Fight the Mega Business Beast
Flesh Eating Crony Capitalism
Flesh Eating Mega-Corp Governments
Free the Sleeping Inhabitants from the Feeders
G20 Finance Ministers Support Zombie Economy
Galactic CorpGov - Theft on Epsilon Five
Global Citizens Cast Aside Corporatist Disinformation
Global Economic Fascism Enslaves Workers
Gulf Oil Gusher and Education Spin
Implosion of Ponzi Society - U.S. Empire Falls
I'm So Happy I Should Smile
Income Starvation Killing Global Economy
Individuals Are Awakened In the Oppressed
An Interconnected Community View of Economics
Irrational Optimism Fuels U.S. Durable-Goods Orders Rise
Itsy Bitsy Wages Don't Buy Big Things
Jacked-Up on Fear and Stuffed with Illusion
Laborers Chained to Global Economy
Labor Robots Don't Question
Last Trip to an Eastern Republic Gulag
Lit Path of Blackened Nothing
Lobbyist Rule Must End: Storm the Castle
Lobbyist Scum Squelch Our Vote
Market Drop Signals Imminent Collapse
Message to Our Children
Moon Stuck
More Credit Not Required Just Income
No Nation-State is a Special Economic Player
Oil Spewing, Happy Banks, Lobbyists, and Change?
Oily Commission - Yet Another Report to Shelve
Once Beautiful Planet - Ecologically Dead
One More Cry of Anguish from the Lost Citizens
Our Economic Instability - Top Level Solutions
Our Economy Is Inherently Unstable
Our Nation's Past
Parasitic Crony Capitalism Feeds Off Producers
Passing upon the Rock
Passionate Mastery of a Brilliant Mind
People of the World Fight Corporate Monster
People's Revolution Fights Enemies of the Spirit
People's Revolution Wiping Out 1% Elite Ruled Governments
Perverse Capitalist Schooling Is Ruining Our Children
Pleasure Blue Escape
Polluted Mega Corrupt Dying Planet
Poverty, Crime, and Drugs Eliminated In Equitable Society
Practicality Should Reign Over Mythology
Process Hounds Destroy Innovation
Production Camps Built Upon Tumor of Greed
Products Are the Footprint of a Society
Pure Freedom Unbent By Dogma
Rational Capitalism an Adaptable Complex System
Rational Capitalism Instead of Misinformation and Lies
Reality Tightly Wrapped in Distortion
Reason Eventually Trumps Instinct
Red Glow
Responding to Mr. Warren Buffett's Op-Ed Piece
Responsibility Rests Squarely With Elites
Rip down the Fence of Corporatism
Road from Destruction
Seven Hundred Billion Dollar Bailout - Reverse Robin Hood Effect
Seven Hundred Billion Dollar Bailout Will Create New Credit Sludge
Seven Hundred Billion Dollars to Feed the Supply Side Monster
Shifting the Blame onto Slaves for Failed System
Shrink-Wrapped Belief Systems
Societal Insights - The Tricor Mission
Societal Manipulation by the Few Destroys Civilization
Soviet Style System of Crony Totalitarianism
Speculators and Bonuses Fuel July Home Sales
Spin, Spin Goes the Improving Economy
Stillness on the Horizon
Stockades Encircle Humanity
Surviving after Capitulation
Take to the Streets!
Tax Gorging Lobbyist Run U.S. Government
The Alliance to Defeat Evil
The Brown Prairie Grass Awaits another Storm
The Complacent Acceptors - I
The Complacent Acceptors - II
The Complacent Acceptors - III
The Complacent Acceptors - IV
The Complacent Acceptors - V
The Complacent Acceptors - VI
The Complacent Acceptors - VII
The Complacent Acceptors - VIII
The Complacent Acceptors - IX
The Complacent Acceptors - X
The Complacent Acceptors - XI
The Complacent Acceptors - XII
The Complacent Acceptors - XIII
The Complacent Acceptors - XIV
The Complacent Acceptors - XV
The Dangerous Blue Planet
The Empire and Its Outlands
The Genesis of a Humane World
The Human Toll of Our Economic Death
The 99 Percent
The Economy Is Gasping for Breath
The Greedy Tyrants Playtime
The Iovian Moon Base
The Last Great Depression
The Last Word of Freedom Leaving a Spark of Action
The Magnificent Human Bone Grinder
The Malady of Immorality
The Mind Squeezers of the Future
The Myth of the Rugged Corporate Individual
The New York Times - Elites Pass the Buck
The Pampering and Maintaining of The Worst of Us
The Short Reprieve
The Truncheons of Mega Corporations
The Unquestioning Valley Dwellers
The Vanquished Love Their Corporatist Conquerors
Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom
Twisted Capitalist Religion Is Vanquished
Tyranny Yawns at Daybreak
Tyrants All - Conjoined to Evil
Unemployed in Cheap Labor Hades
Unwinding of Corporate Authoritarianism
U.S. Coffeemaker Sparkling Among Chinese Junk
U.S. and Global Economy Dead On Arrival
U.S. - Punish and Fix Biggest Polluters (BP) Oil Gush
U.S. Separation of Powers - Undermined
Vigilance Is Essential