Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom


Way back in January of 2008 just when the financial meltdown was taking off I started writing on a blog that I called "Structural Economic Issues". Sometime in 2009 I decided that it would be best to have my own website that I named "Ultra-Liberal Planet" that attracted quite the following until shutting it down in 2012. In 2013 after taking some time away from politics I started the website "Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom". I'm the author of Zalon Kingdom, Saldora, Messages to Our Children, essays, and short stories. Not receiving but a paltry amount of money from Amazon for my books I have decided to give free access to Zalon Kingdom, Saldora, Edge of the Universe (hope to finish someday) located at the bottom of the Books tab on this main page.

My full-time day job for the past 22 years has been in technology as a Software Engineer developing and architecting new systems. More recently, my position with Infosys has been strictly devoted to architecting and researching new technologies as a Senior Technology Architect. Working in the technology industry has been very handy because I have been able to build my own websites. By keeping them simple, clean, responsive, and without extras my messages can successfully reach the broadest spectrum of humanity.

If you are part of the People's Movement/Revolution that I have been promoting for many years you will find all of the original ideas on this website. These concepts are presented in there unadulterated form, not watered-down by those attempting to maintain the status-quo Capitalist system of exploitation.